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Sci Fi/Science Fiction Welcome To My Futuristic Word!

Discussion in 'Open RolePlay' started by Otaku Dragon, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. Otaku Dragon

    Otaku Dragon The versatile Writer Member

    Local Time:
    11:42 AM
    In the year 2045 there was a nuclear world war. Many years have passed since that happened. The year is now 3017 and the world has recovered and rebuilt to an extent. Humans have evolved a bit since things returned to peaceful times. There are now 2 races of humans and 3 genders. There are the "clean" humans who are like the people that existed back in 2017 and there is also the mutants who are humans whom were altered by the nuclear radiation. Mutants look very much like their "clean" human counterparts but they have develops various physical and mental anomalies varying from abnormal heights, extra limbs, abnormal hair colors, unusual colors/patterns, hybrid genders and some even have super human abilities. Technology in this world is extremely advance and nearly anything is possible. Many cities are like what you'd imagine in a ultra futuristic world. Flying cars, 3D holograms, teleportation, robot servants, laser weapons, interstellar travel, aliens occasionally visit and many more wonders. Everyone regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality are treated equally by law however there are always conflicts between different social group, nations and even between the "clean" humans and the mutants. Most laws are the same as they have been since before the war but with some changes. There are bioengineered animals that serve all human needs regardless if it's for food, a pet or for entertainment. Many of these animals are hybrids of various animal species that were preserved before the war. An example of one of the many hybrid animals is what is often called a "Paradrake" which is a fusion of parrots and bearded Dragons. They look like feathered dragons from myth/legend but are only the size of a small dog. New plants were made to help feed people and produce more oxygen than normal plants. Thanks to some treaties made with some alien races they do trade with humans and sometimes come to stay among us though not many of them actually do choose to live amongst humans due to the chaotic nature of some humans. Mutants are immune to radiation poisoning though their mutations would be increased if they had prolonged exposure to nuclear radiation. Law inforcement is very effective and criminals rarely last more than a day before they are caught and arrested. There is a female president of the USA and she's well loved by most americans. Time travel is possible though nobody is allowed to actually go to the past in person. Instead small cloaked drones are sent to record events of the past and show people in the future. So far nothing has gone wrong and the past was never altered since the drones were sent back in time to observe things. The only thing that's not possible in this world is immortality. Closest thing to it humans can do is prolong one's lifespan and keep a youthful body until the day you die. The longest most humans can live is over 250 years before they die of natural causes though those who become overweight or do drugs will not live nearly as long.

    In this Rp you can play as whatever kinda character as long as he or she fits with this Rp world. It will be kinda like a slice of life Rp and there can be some smut. Please have your Rp replies be a paragraph or longer. Please NO rape, trolling, god mode or kill someone's character. You may play as a male, female or futanari character. Do not leave people behind if we do make this a group role play. If you have your character with an abnormal size you can either make your character up to 4 times normal size or as small as a doll. Doing larger than average endowments is allowed too. Pm me to do this Rp.
  2. Writenex

    Writenex Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    11:42 AM
    Johnson grabbed hos black leather coat and eased into it leaving the house he got inside a blue car pressing a button the steering wheel twisted clockwise at him, he rode off to meet his partner who he hoped was ready herself. He started to pass up a coffee shop he turned around and heading to the shop to order two coffees.

    He gave a smile and continued his drive seating the coffee holder in the passenger seat.

    A few blocks ahead of him was his partners house where he simply parked the car in between two others. He was sure one belonged to her but he made it a habit to pick her up.

    After arriving at her door he knocked awaiting her answer.

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