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Female x Male Vampirexhuman roleplay!

Discussion in 'Archived Requests' started by Haley Bryann, Mar 26, 2016.

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  1. Haley Bryann

    Haley Bryann Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:27 PM
    I'm looking for someone who can post a reply at least once a day! Minimum of 3 sentences, and you can go as far as you want! I have a character ready to go, and can send you all of her information. I am looking for someone to play the male vampire, as I am only comfortable playing the female. I do enjoy drama and romance and danger. I do not like sex and the scenes involved; it makes me uncomfortable. Other than that, I am comfortable with everything else.

    Friends since 8th grade, flirting from day one, the two entered and left high school together, entering adult world. College, jobs, and the inability to make friends. His secret of being a vampire has been kept from her since they met, and he continues to keep it from her. Too much danger is involved with her knowing. He wouldn't dare put her through it; especially with how out of control he could be sometimes. His love for her grows stronger the more they are together. He has the need to keep her safe and protect her, even if there's no danger. For as long as she's been alive, she's always thought that vampires were a myth; a hoax. Gabriella stood by his side with everything, supporting him. But she never thought she would be involved with someone so dangerous yet caring. Handsome and cunning. She always felt his presence even if he was nowhere to be seen by her eyes. As the days grow longer, and the nights shorter, they spent more time outside throughout the night. To her, he seemed to change, seemed to be more protective of her than before. Seeming to always keep a ready hand by her; more intense, frightening.

    Gabriella was confused by this sudden change. Was it something she could handle? Or would it tear them apart? Even if it did, would she even be able to stay away from him?

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