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General Announcement Updated Image Rules (08/18/2017)

Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Moejy, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Moejy

    Moejy [ The Queen Madness ][ Mrs. Insanity] Silver Sinner

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    12:48 PM
    Image Rules:

    Please read this thread thoroughly. Our current Image Rules have raised concerns from a wide portion of you, and we as a staff have been working on a new set of guidelines to meet you all in the middle. These rules are more detailed and will explain each of the three sections that images on our site fall under. Our goal is to give everyone a good understanding of what we will be looking at as staff. If anyone is unsure or confused by these rules, please contact a staff member and they will be happy to clear up any confusion.


    Avatars are readily visible to everyone on the site. Anyone accessing the site, in public or even at home around children, may want to be in chat without being exposed to explicit or risque imagery. This need is what influenced our decision as a staff for these revised avatar guidelines. All publicly displayed Avatar images must SFW (Safe For Work).

    - First and foremost no selfies will be allowed on GP. This is a measure more for our members protection then anything. If you wish to put selfies somewhere GP has a thread where members can share pictures of themselves.
    -What does GP define as SFW? Images that could be rated G, PG or PG-13 are SFW. Any image that goes beyond a PG-13 rating is NSFW.
    - This means any pictures with visible nipples are NSFW. Nipples must be completed covered, even if they are covered by pasties.
    - NSFW includes pictures of uncovered butts or where a penis or vagina's shape is clearly visible through clothing. Now butt cheeks themselves are not NSFW, as long as there is a thong covering the genital area.
    - Sexually suggestive or images depicting sexual acts are NSFW. This would include images like one where a girl on her knees in front of a man her head positioned in front of his crotch. This would be sexually suggestive and therefore not appropriate for an avatar.
    - Violent gore is also considered to be NSFW. If it depicts a violent act then it is not appropriate for an avatar image. Mild gore, like a vampire with blood running down their chin or a vampire biting the neck of a victim with a trickle of blood would be okay, however, a vampire ripping a throat of their victim would be over the line.
    - Any horror icons or demons stalking people is a not appropriate for avatar images. A demon or horror icon (freddy, jason etc.) by itself in the picture is fine.
    -Kinks such as handcuffs, collars, leashes, etc. are allowed so long as they are not sexual in nature.


    This includes signatures and profiles, along with any media items you would need to search to find by going to a specific page on the site (a thread or messages, etc). Features like signatures can be turned off if you are truly uncomfortable with them. Ask a staff member they will direct you on how to disable this feature.

    -Selfies are not allowed as mentioned in the avatar section.
    - No depiction of sexual acts will be allowed in signatures. Depiction of kinks will be allowed as long as they do not display sexual acts.
    - One GIF per signature.
    - Signature images should be no bigger than 600px in width and 300px in height. If you aren't sure how to resize an image, you can use http://resizeimage.net/ to either crop or resize your image.
    - Gore remains the same as avatars. No depiction of graphically violent actions.
    -NO PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES. While yes, we are an adult writing community and our content is of an 18+ nature, we are not a porn site. If you really want to see pornographic images there are plenty of other sites you can go and visit, keep those images off of GP.​

    *Note* Some or all of these images may be NSFW.

    Show Spoiler

    This would be acceptable as both a signature and an avatar.

    Show Spoiler

    This would not be acceptable as either a signature or an avatar.

    Show Spoiler

    This would be acceptable as both a signature and an avatar.


    First time offense of any of the above rules will result in a friendly reminder from staff. Any offense after may result in a warning point, which will stay on your account for 180 days. Please note that an accumulation of three (3) warning points will automatically make you a candidate to be banned.
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