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Unexpected Connection (pink_silk_glove And Dukejohn)

Discussion in 'Orthodox Archive' started by DukeJohn, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. DukeJohn

    DukeJohn Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM
    It was a usual night at a rough punk club. It generally catered to punk acts, but was big enough in significance to warrant up and coming artists from other genres making appearances there to further their careers. Management had tried to make the place more presentable as it became more mainstream, but there were still signs of the darker elements of the punk community. There were always some skinheads in attendance and despite the efforts of management swastikas could sometimes be seen if one closely examined the chaotic graffiti that adorned the walls. The interior of the whole building was brick, from the walls to the bar. The main area was all in room, with a labyrinth of hallways and dressing rooms behind the main stage for performers.

    One such performer was Graham York from a garage punk band ironically called The Dandies. He played lead guitar and it was he, not the band's singer, who wrote all the songs and provided them with their creative direction. They had released a noisy debut album that proved slightly successful, with a single that received moderate rock radio airplay and reached the low end of the charts. They had also gained a reputation for their antics, which included sometimes brawling with unruly fans in venues such as this and performing obscene publicity stunts. Their second album was upcoming, and was going to feature a more melodic sound and occasional expanded production elements such as piano and horn sections. This was an important venue for them to promote it.

    Graham York was 23 years old. In his youth he'd been arrested on countless misdemeanors and he'd cultivated an "angry young man" reputation for his brooding demeanor. Despite this, he'd studied music theory and was very well read for his age, although few took the time to note this. He had thick, uncombed dark hair, brown eyes and very severe facial features; a sharp jaw and defined cheekbones. Fitting with their name, the group dressed up like preppie school boys despite their loud music; York wore a grey cardigan sweater, white oxford shirt, and dark trousers. Nonetheless, anyone in the building would be able to recognize him as a member of his band; when a more "hardcore" spectator disliked the band's more old-fashioned garage rock sound and threw a glass bottle at the stage, York picked up what was left of the bottle and rifled it back at him, sending it shattered against his face.

    He had been in his dressing room for quite a while following his band's performance and then prepared to leave. He had heard quite a ruckus from the performance area a bit earlier, but was not particularly interested in what had caused it. Probably just another fight.

    When he emerged from his room, the first thing he saw was a pretty brunette crying with her dark hair over her face. He didn't entirely know why, maybe because it was a pretty girl or maybe because he felt bad when he saw her crying, but he went and stood next to her to see what was the matter.

    "How can anyone be crying on a lovely night like this?" he asked sarcastically, in reference to the chaotic nature of the club, as he rested his arm on the wall next to her, propping his head up against it.
  2. pink_silk_glove

    pink_silk_glove Banned Banned

    Local Time:
    2:08 PM
    The Brick House was an intimidating place for Crystal. It was dark and dingy and aptly named. She didn't belong there but her sister assured her that it was a good gig. It was a weekend in a big name New York club on an industry showcase bill. As such, the lineup was eclectic to say the least. They had to follow this raucous act called the Dandies. In fact they were sandwiched between them and some hardcore band called Broken Society and the opening act played electronica. The place was packed and, although generally not afraid of crowds, this bunch caused Crystal a definite bout of nerves. She cowered in the tiny grimy dressing room sipping her vodka tonic. Amber had suggested it when they had first set out on the road together to combat any jitters and it had seemed to work well enough until tonight.

    The two of them were far from home. A christian upbringing in Medford Oregon had proved too much for rebellious Amber. One day she stormed out after a shouting match with Dad. Crystal was the shy one but had always been close to her older sister and so was heartbroken to be left behind. They kept in touch however and a year later Crystal joined her on the road singing folk songs under the name of Petals. Crystal had always taken comfort in music. Mother had all five of her children musically trained. Everyone sang and played a multitude of instruments. Crystal could play piano, guitar, violin, mandolin and various other things with strings.

    Just as the vodka began to kick in, the Dandies finished their loud set and left the stage. A fresh wave of nerves hit her as the punk band hauled their guitars down the hall and past the open doorway, all sweaty in their preppy clothes. It was such an odd look. They made no sense to her at all. Crystal and Amber were on next. They would have to go out in front of that rabble with their acoustic instruments incense and beads.

    "Good evening. We're Petals," Amber announced as she lit two stick s of incense. Then she began to pinch the chords of A-minor, G and F on her guitar. Crystal joined in with a sad lilting melody on the violin. The crowd continued to chatter away as if not even taking notice. The two of them sat on stools in the middle of the stage in front of two mic stands with Amber as always, to her left. Crystal was in her off-white peasant dress colorfully embroidered with small flowers and sashed at the waist while her sister wore a faded denim halter onesie with bellbottom legs. The two of them looked very much alike with dark prominent features and golden-brown eyes on pale skin, long narrow faces and straight waist-length hair simply parted in the middle. Many times they had been asked if they were twins even though Amber was obviously dirty blonde and a couple of inches taller. Crystal put down the violin while her sister began to sing the lead.

    Just a cardboard box
    Welcome to my home
    No windows, no doors, no locks

    Then Crystal softly harmonized to the chorus.

    Something to call my own
    Something to call my own

    The song finished with more violin. The crowd had no reaction. After two more songs it was the same. The audience didn't seem to care but just as Crystal was growing comfortable with the idea that they could just playthe songs and be done someone shouted out.

    "Show us your tits!"

    Then the crowd finally gave a cheer. The irony was not lost on either of them as Amber had little to show and Crystal only a bit more. Amber sensed her sister's discomfort and nodded assuredly, a cue for them to turn their stools a bit more towards each other. They played two more songs with Crystal on mandolin, then two more with the violin without incident. Due to the big bill their set was shortened to just seven songs. Just before they began the sixth there was another random taunt.

    "Get off the stage!"

    "At least we can get off," Amber quipped. She could be sassy that way. Crystal admired her for the feistiness that she could not muster herself. The audience laughed at Amber's witty burn.

    The next song featured two guitars. It was a historical account about a shipwreck that Crystal had written. She in fact had written most of their material. Amber pinch chorded while Crystal fingerpicked along between A and G and the entire song was two-part harmony with Crystal singing the high soft fluttery part.

    South of Ireland, a German torpedo
    dragged a thousand lives into war's undertow

    The chorus shifted to G and then resolved to D-major-seven.

    Crying out to thee, Lusitania
    From the bottom of the sea, Lusitania

    When the song ended there was actually a small smattering of applause. They had gotten the attention of a handful of ears at least. Then the same heckling voice called out.

    "Get off the stage! Make yourself useful and suck my dick!" The taunt was followed by rousing laughter.

    "Yeah, you wish," Amber spat back and took a sip of her own vodka.

    "Not you. The other bitch!"

    The crowd gave rise again. Crystal had never heard of herself spoken of like that before. It was so crude and the thought of a total stranger wanting oral sex from her shocked her. She looked to her sister imploringly not to bate them any further. Then a chant broke out.

    "Bro-ken Society! Bro-ken Society! Bro-ken Society! ..."

    "You like Broken Society?" Amber asked the audience. "You know that their initials are B-S, don't you?"

    This got another rise out of the crowd. The audience was fairly mixed but glancing across the floor the dyed and shaved heads and patched and studded clothing was becoming more prominent. Tattooed forearms raised fists in the air to the chant. Crystal began to tremble. She wasn't used to this. The two of them looked at each other and Amber saw the fright in her timid little sister's eyes. Then relentingly, she stood and took Crystal by the arm then leaned into the microphone.

    "Thank you very much. Good night." Then she helped pack up all the instruments and led Crystal off the stage as the audience booed. The last song would not be played.

    "I'm sorry," Crystal sniffed as they stopped in front of the cruddy hole of a dressing room.

    "Hey, it's not your fault at all," Amber reassured her. "Sometimes it's just like that. It doesn't matter. Fuck them." She leaned the guitar cases against the wall to put her arms around her sister. "You wanna get out of here?" Crystal nodded. "Okay, wait here with the stuff and I'll try to get our money."

    Amber gave her shoulder a final squeeze before heading off down the hall. Looking through the doorway into the dim dressing room Crystal saw that beer had been spilled all over the floor and finding it not terribly inviting she folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the wall next to the guitar cases and hung her head so that her hair would hide her quiet tears.

    "How can anyone be crying on a lovely night like this?"

    Startled, she saw the preppy cardigan and glanced up to to his dark eyes and messy locks, then quickly looked away once more. It was one of the guys from the previous band, whatever their name was, the Dandies? She'd been caught, emotionally exposed. She wiped the back of her hand across her wet cheek.

    "It's okay. I'm fine," she shivered. "Really."
  3. DukeJohn

    DukeJohn Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM
    "You don't look fine" he began quietly. "You're crying." His hand reached out to wipe a stray tear from her cheek. That sort of thing sometimes made people feel a little better.

    She seemed very shy about the whole thing, some people were awfully ashamed to be seen crying in public. Maybe she really did want to be alone. But he thought he would linger at least a few moments more to make sure everything was alright. She did not look like the kind of person to be playing there, but then again neither did he, come to think of it. But she just did not seem to have the aggression. An aggressive person would not look as defeated as she did. He genuinely did not know what had gone on since he'd been in his room, but then recalled hearing a good deal of noise from the performing room as he sat backstage. Uhoh, he hoped she did not run into problems with the crowd.

    "I heard a good deal of noise coming from the main room when I was backstage. Was that when you were playing, what happened? I know the audience here can be rough on acts."

    She seemed quite shaken and the idea of her in a place like this made him feel a bit protective. Graham would not feel comfortable about leaving her unless he saw signs she was feeling better, although obviously if she was intent that he buzz off he would have to leave her alone. Seeing such a pretty, seemingly gentle girl in distress awakened feelings in him. He did not want to "pick her up" like he did groupies but just wanted to make sure she was happier and that no further harm fell to her in the vein of whatever happened before.
  4. pink_silk_glove

    pink_silk_glove Banned Banned

    Local Time:
    2:08 PM
    "You don't look fine. You're crying."

    His hand on cheek startled her. She was not prepared for such physical contact. Crystal gasped sharply and tried to brush his hand away with her own.

    "I know the audience here can be rough on acts."

    So this was a normal occurrence and she had handled it poorly. How much worse could the evening get? Crystal wanted to just pick up the gear and go hide in the van but she couldn't carry all of it herself and it wasn't safe to be trucking down the back alley to the parkade alone. Her diligence in guarding the instruments even kept her from running to the ladies' room. She needed to wait for Amber to get back. Until then she was trapped.

    "Please," she begged. "I'm all right." She gave her head a subtle shake, just enough for her hair to fall forward and hide her face. She was a rabbit without a hole to jump into.

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