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FxF and FxM Totally Revamped Rt! (as Of 7/19/18)

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by SexyKitty, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
    Hello everyone! SexyKitty here, this will be my revamped request thread as I have not edited it since last year. A lot of things have changed and this thread needed a good upgrade so here we go!

    About Me
    I am 22 years old, my real life nickname is Kat so feel free to call me that if you want, and I have been role playing ever since I was a kid really, acting out things and characters with friends. But “officially”, on actual sites, and what not for about 7 years? So I’m very experienced in it. I do make grammatical mistakes, sometimes more than I’d like, but that’s only because I mainly use my phone as it’s what is easiest for me. For the most part though it isn’t bad, and neither is my spelling unless autocorrect decides to give me issues. I just started a new job that requires me to travel every day either locally or out of town so my hours are all over the place. I do try and reply on my way to our sites if I’m not driving, and if my cell signal permits it, during any breaks I may get, if we are dead and just sitting around, and on the way back to our center, if, once again, my cell signal permits it and I’m not driving. Then of course when I’m home I reply as well but when I work I’ve been going to bed about 9 EST because I’m so exhausted and sometimes have super early mornings. When I’m off I can reply multiple times a day, but even when I’m not off I can usually get a few replies out depending on my partners schedule, when they’re around and when they’re replying.

    I do have an f-list for those of you curious about my kinks and the things I am and are not, willing to do when things get hot and heavy, so here is the link for that:

    Writing Style

    • Third Person
    • Length: Depends on what my partner gives. I can go from one small paragraph of only a few sentences, to multiple, long paragraphs or a mix of long and short. I can only write as much as I’m given to work with. Please DO NOT give me one liners. That drives me insane.
    • ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Openings if you have me do them, they tend to be rather long DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by that. Like I mentioned, I give what you give once things are started. Sometimes I’m really inspired and write a lot, and other times not so much. But too often I’ve had people make me start a roleplay because they don’t like too, and then once I stay it they see the length, immediately come back to me and say they don’t think they can keep up with me and no longer wish to continue going forward. This really makes me upset especially if you’re the one that asked me to start in the first place, and if we spent a lot of time talking, and planning our role play only for you to be too scared and back out on me. It’s a huge waste of time.
    • I PREFER more story than smut. If you start a roleplay with me and it becomes mostly smut, then expect to lose my interest because that simply bores me. I’m a creative person, I roleplay to create good stories and have fun, not to get off.
    • I LOVE drama and plot twists, give me those and you’ll keep me around for a long while and may even get multiple roleplays out of me ;)
    • I do both m x f and f x f plots, because I will ONLY play FEMALE characters. So just let me know which you’d like!
    • I do character sheets, but simple ones with names, ages, and then a picture for appearance either anime or realistic. I just ask you let me know what you will use or what you prefer so then we can match each other.
    • I play SUBMISSIVE characters, I will never play a full on dominant character because it’s simply not in my nature. I can have neutral characters if you’d prefer, that can have some dominant moments as well as submissive, but for the most part my characters will be submissive. I don’t have them overly submissive either, my characters can be pretty sassy and have an attitude depending on what’s going on and how I want them to be portrayed.

    Here you will find both basic pairings, and any original ideas I may have. I used to have a lot of original ideas all the time, always having some idea floating around in my head, but sadly, and for whatever reason, I no longer have that ability so it’s only once in a while that I get an idea. The basic pairings, can be talked about and discussed so we can find things we both like and dislike and come up with a story together to play out, as I don’t have any set ideas for them. That’s why they are simply “basic.”

    *I will add these to the partner I prefer to play any time I do these

    Teacher x Student*
    Bad boy x Good girl
    Bully x Bullied*
    Best Friends
    Master x Servant*

    I also would totally be up to doing a my hero academia role play! I’d love to do a romance with either Deku or Todoroki and a female character of my own :)


    The YouTube Life

    This idea will involve a famous youtuber and his or her fan (this idea can be done FxM or FxF) I'm totally cool with you coming up with your own youtuber character to use if you'd like, or *hint, hint, wink, wink* I do love the real life youtuber Markiplier.

    Over the last month or so a long time fan of a famous lets play youtuber has been noticing that the youtuber hasn't been themselves during their videos. The usual happy, go lucky, jokester person their youtuber usually was, seemed to become distant in their videos, not as happy and didn't seem to be enjoying the games they played or the content they were making as much as they usually do. One day, during a livestream the youtuber stops midway and apologizes but says they can't continue and stop the live stream. This leads the fan to grow even more concerned and they reach out via message, even though they know they will most likely never get a response; just to let the youtuber know that they've noticed them acting different lately, and hoped they were okay and that if they needed anything, though it wasn't much, and they weren't special, that they would be there to listen to the youtuber vent and maybe help them with whatever they are going through. The fan leaves their skype information as a way for the youtuber to contact them, wishes them a good day, tells them they hope the youtuber feels better, and then ends the message, sending it before going about their normal day, though they can't stop worrying about their favorite youtuber. To the fans surprise, a couple weeks later they get a notification on their skype, a friend request. Recognizing the name as their favorite youtuber, and in complete shock, the fan accepts the friend request and receives a message from them verifying the fans name and then apologizing for taking so long to get back to them and thanking them for their concern. From here the two could chat, getting to know a little bit more about each other, until a foundation of trust is built and the youtuber comes clean about whats been going on. Their significant other had been constantly questioning everything the youtuber was doing, always questioned certain things said in videos, and just constantly started problems and it was really stressing the youtuber out and making them angry and at a lost for what to do. The fan could try to offer advice and just any help they could give and a relationship could continue to be built between them though they live on opposite sides of the country. They could IM as well as video chat over time and eventually the fan gets enough money to actually go to one of the gaming events where the youtuber is going to be and they could finally meet.

    Theres a lot of things we can play with in this role play and a lot of different ways we can go about things. I think it would be a fun and cute romance story with its fair share of drama and struggles. I'm really craving this now that I've had the idea so let met know if this is something that would interest you and that you would like to do!

    Master x Maid (can be MxF or flipped for FxF)

    Basically, the master is a wealthy man (for one reason or another), well-known, charming. Kind of like Bruce Wayne, or Christian Grey. Who saved a girl (the maid) when he found her on the street, left for dead by her Jack ass of an ex-boyfriend who constantly abused her physically, mentally, and emotionally. She finally broke it off with him, taking the worse beating ever from him, and then was left out in the streets to die. He takes her to the hospital, gets her help, and when she could be her feet again and was fully recovered he was going to send her off on her own but she had no where else to go. So in turn, and as repayment she started working for him as his maid, while doubling as a sort of secretary too. Cleaning, bringing him meals, doing the grocery shopping for the cooks, keeping an eye on him and nursing him back to health when he was sick. All that good stuff. Over the time she worked for him, the maid had developed feelings for him, falling for him. He of course had girlfriends in and off and it always made her jealous and a bit sad but she never did anything about it.

    Where the story would begin, would be a relationship of the master’s, after a long while, maybe a couple of years, and he’s all broken up about it. The maid, who would have been working for him for years at this point, brings him dinner one night, only to find him distraught. He could be visibly sad or upset, or he could be drinking heavily, something he usually didn’t do, something that tips her off that something isn’t right. So she asks him what’s going on and finds out what happened and from there helps him get through the rough break up, being his maid, but also a friend, a confidant. And during the time of him getting over the bad beak up he starts falling for her.

    We can play around with it too throughout the roleplay, maybe bring his ex back which could fuck things up, or complicate them basically making it so he has to make a choice, or anything else. Like I said, I love drama!

    Titanic Idea

    Our characters would be on a trans-Atlantic cruise ship, 18-20 at the time (I’d like an age difference of a year or two) with their families, just a simple, elegant, ride with maybe a club or two on board, fine dining all day long, some bars (we’ll make it based in England so the drinking age allowed is 18 and up on board) and nice big deck to sit out on with a pool on either end going the same path as the Titanic. From Southampton England to New York, New York or vice versa. One character could be from England and the other from America. They met aboard the ship, maybe at a bar or club or even just coming across one another on deck. Strike up a conversation or something and begin to get to know each other over the course of their trip, even begin to fall for one another if not completely, until, at the tail end of the trip a day or two before they were supposed to arrive, the ship collideas with an iceberg just like the titanic and eventually sinks, or maybe collides with another ship in the night that maybe was stopped for the night and didn’t have any power on so they didn’t see it till they were too close and again sinks. Our two younger love birds would be together during the sinking having snuck away from their families to be together and stick by each other during the sinking. But eventually get separated in the chaos and the sinking. The ship took too much damag and sunk far quicker than the staff could get all the life boats out and ready so people end up split in the freezing water and lifeboats. Our characters could get picked up by separate boats or find their families, but neither of them ever knows what happens to each other, if they died, or if they lived, or if they would ever see one another again.

    From there I would have us time skip 10 years later, we could each give a recap of what happens in that time with our characters, and then one day our characters paths collide again. Since there are so many possibilities, we can discuss when and where they find each other again. I also though maybe we can have one or both be in significant relationships, be it married, or engaged or whatever the case may be. Our characters would recognize each other and now have to face the new challenges of reconnecting and eventually falling in Love all over again.

    I will update this over time if I get more ideas, or if I get too many of one pairing (which I doubt will happen) or if I simply just want to tweak things a bit. When I do, I’ll comment about the changes and even add the date it was edited in the title. If you’re interested in role playing with me, may it be one of the pairings, or even if you have an idea yourself and think I’d be a good fit for you, then PM me! (instead of commenting just so I can keep it clean for bumps and edits and what not.) Can’t wait to hear from you! :blinking::)
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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  2. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
  3. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
    Bump! New idea in new color!
  4. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
    Bump! Complete revamp! New original idea added that I am most craving!
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  5. Paul Stand

    Paul Stand Officially GP's Cuddle-Monster! - Lost Soul - ღ Guilty Gold

    Local Time:
    11:32 AM
    Very nice thread Kat. Oh and I love you sis! Just leaving some love ans support for my Sis!
  6. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
  7. Phoenon

    Phoenon Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:32 AM
    She's an amazingly good writer. ^^
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  8. Xfactor78

    Xfactor78 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:32 AM
    Ooo pick me pick me!!:D
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  9. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
  10. SexyKitty

    SexyKitty Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
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