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FxF and FxM Titles Are Hard

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Lilypadms, Jul 13, 2018 at 1:59 PM.

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  1. Lilypadms

    Lilypadms Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:12 PM
    Howdy everybody! I'm Lily, Lilypad, Pads, or HEY YOU!, depending on your mood. I've been rp'ing for about 8 years now, starting in the magical world of tabletop gaming and slowly becoming the internet hermit you see before you. This is my first real spin on a site like this, so I hope I do everything right and find a couple people to have a good time with.

    A few general points about my RP'ing style before I dive into specifics:

    1. I am first and foremost a world enthusiast. I like to RP in a world that feels somewhat fleshed out, and will likely start an RP with a couple days of setting up the stage before we even get into the RP itself. This leads into...
    2. I don't particularly enjoy reality based RPs. Nothing against those that do, but I find any RP that could be done in real life to just be dull. So if that's your bag, probably look elsewhere.
    3. I am also fairly plot focused. I see a lot of people on here giving percent breakdowns, and if I had to do the same, I'm looking for a 70/30 or 60/40 plot/smut ratio at a minimum.
    4. Outside of scenes that require really short exchanges (such as dialogue), I'm likely annoyingly lengthy and wordy. I prefer similarly detailed responses from those I RP with, but it also means that my responses can take a while. I will be forgiving with you to create a well-crafted response, so don't rush it, and please be forgiving with me if I'm unable to instantly get back to you as well.
    5. Lastly, the thing I value MOST in a RP is uniqueness. This ties into points 1 and 2, but I will go along with almost any scenario or any fetish if I think the experience of it is interesting and unique. Let's get weird!
    I don't have specific roles or even specific worlds to offer; I think the fun comes from building these with your partner. Instead, I have some genres I'm generally more interested in, with some basic ideas to pick into:

    Possible Genres (open)

    Sci-Fi: A world set in the far future. This can be harder or softer sci-fi, intergalactic or stuck on Earth, with alien life or without. Personally, I enjoy an off-brand version of something like Star Trek, traveling the galaxy, exploring, and meeting different races and ideas.

    Suggested Scenarios: A) Space Explorers out in the wilds of space; B) A crash-landed alien finds its way living on Earth; C) The first android with self-awareness is built, shenanigans ensues; D) A series of unfortunate events puts the group on the wrong end of the Galactic Police

    Steampunk: A bit dated now, but I still love the aesthetic and general vibe of some Neo-Victorian fun. Gears and brass and rampant industrial corruption together with a possible splash of magic. Usually based in an alternative-reality Europe or America, I'm fine with a more general fantasy world instead of relying only on London and quasi-Londons.

    Suggested Scenarios: E) War brings together two people from the opposite sides of the battlefield; F) The revolution has begun, shenanigans ensues; G) A baron finds love among the lower class; H) Rival engineers discover they have more in common then they thought when a common threat comes to them both

    Lovecraftian/Occult/Noir: Again, perhaps a bit dated, but I also enjoy the combination of the 1920s noir world with an undercurrent of weird. I've always been a fan of things like Hellboy or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (RIP Dark Universe). Just a good mix of classic vibes and undercurrents of creepy and scary.

    Suggested Scenarios: I) A series of missing persons brings a detective to weird town with a weirder history; J) A secret organization protects people from the monsters in the dark. You are that organization; K) A monster goes against the grain and tries to make the world a better place; L) The criminal gangs of Chicago and New York aren't just criminals, they're supernatural criminals. Shenanigans ensues.

    Superhero: I don't think I have to explain too much what this looks like. I don't know if there's a human on Earth, and definitely none on the internet, that doesn't know what a superhero is anymore. But its a fun genre, because it can be light and fluffy or dark and brooding equally easy, which is nice.

    Suggested Scenarios: M) A new team of superheroes is formed to try and stop the rise in maniacal supervillains; N) A romance blooms between a villain and a hero, to the confusion of both sides; O) A villain takes what they want, only to find an unexpected ally in his latest victim; P) A lone heroine battles against an ever-growing and ever-escalating rogues' gallery of villainy.

    If none of those suit you, then my only other option is Q) Ask me to do something else! I'm definitely open to other stories or even other genres. These are just the things I just came off the top of my head, not any sort of exhaustive list. I said at the top that I enjoy unique ideas and unique experiences. Only way I can get those is if you add your own spin onto these basic ideas.

    (As an aside to this section, I much prefer not to play in an established canon universe. I find no pleasure RPing as Ms. Marvel or a random Redshirt. Unless you have a really strong idea in mind, I'd prefer to stretch my creative muscles and create my own.

    To continue with my idea that I value uniqueness, I don't have many hard limits or things I demand MUST be there. Instead, I'll list my things I particularly enjoy, the things I kind of need to be convinced to do, and the (very short) list of things I will not do:

    Yeses Maybes and Nos (open)

    Submission, especially including forced submission
    Generally anything that puts me in a position of being dominated in one way or another

    Light Gore/Bloodplay

    Anything related to pigs or cows

    Alright, I think that's everything (I'm sure someone will come around and yell at me if it isn't). If any of this managed to strike your fancy, or if you have any questions about all of this craziness, feel free to PM and ask. I can handle around 3 people at a time as far deep RPs go, so it will be mostly first come first serve, assuming I get even three responses :p Hopefully we can make something interesting and fun together!

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