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General Announcement Tips For Posting On The Forums

Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by TidalTrick, Sep 14, 2017.

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  1. TidalTrick

    TidalTrick mischief afoot Silver Sinner

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    4:37 PM
    I know, you’re probably thinking “Silly kitty, I know how to use html, and BBC -help located here-, as well as knowing how to type…you don’t need to tell me how to do this!” But I am just here to give you some helpful things to remember while posting on threads and creating your own topics.

    • Remember how back in middle school and sometimes into high school how it was cool to post in forums with your whole post LiKe ThIs? Or even l!k3 th!$? Well we are adults now, and I think we’ve all grown past that, yes? I feel kind of old saying this cause I am older than about half of you, but I never really ever typed like that. Hell, I even try not to use text speak, even in texts, unless I am cutting it close to the max number of characters and then I will go back and edit the message to fit, but that’s another story. So unless you’re actually typing out a text message between characters, try not to use text speak when you’re posting on the forums, it actually makes it harder to read and therefore might not get the attention you thought it might, especially if it’s an important announcement or something.

    • Try to be creative in your typing, and no I don’t mean to have a thesaurus stapled to your hand, you can find ways to use everyday words differently, just by tweaking a phrase or by using another commonly used word in place of it to get your message across. For example, instead of: Her heart began to beat faster. Try this: In her mind she could see the speed of her heart increasing as each moment passed. See? Not only does it sound a little bit better, but you also increase your word count, which helps your partner out so they can play off you better. I’m not saying you should always beef up your posts, but try to make it interesting for the people you’re working with it also helps when you ask their opinion about something you want to post, especially if you’re unsure if it sounds right. And if you’re just stuck on a situation, and you need a little push Arc is the person to go for, he is almost always willing and able to help.

    • In my time writing in forum based and avatar based boards, I’ve seen a lot of pushy people and generally, they don’t get many role plays, and when they do, they just about always get dropped, either from lack of communication or from general loss of interest from their partner. So, remember: Be courteous, don’t demand that someone role play with you, and if they say no, maybe they’re full up, or are too busy to take on more. But when they get free time or one of their other RPs stops, they might come to you first if they remember you’re being nice about being declined.

    • Patience is a virtue. Yes, you’ve heard it time and time before, but seriously, here on GP, patience will get you really far on this site. A lot of our members work, have school and other IRL things that take precipice over their role plays. Most of our members have a journal, or log located here. Be sure to check it regularly once you have RP partners so you can keep up with their lives and bouts of MIA-ness. And if you’ve posted in their request thread, but haven’t heard back, shoot them a PM just in case they don’t check their thread everyday.

    • Another thing about our request threads is that they are specifically designed for our users to choose which gender, role, and situations they prefer. So if someone posts their request thread In the Female Request Section it means that they prefer to role play as. It doesn’t mean that you should ask them to play the opposite role just because you “only play females”. Just remember to be courteous and respect the Original Poster, and their choices and you’ll receive the same respect.

    Regarding Request Threads (Addendum) If you are interested in posting in the Request Section about what kind of plots, and pairings you like, it's much easier to keep track of them and not have to have them deleted/locked if they are all in one thread. This way, you can strike out which plots are taken and add more as needed. Because we don't readily delete threads, (If you would like one deleted PM a Mod). Do not, under any circumstances edit the title or the information box to say "Delete me" or "Please Delete", most staff don't go looking for threads that need to be deleted, we have priorities, and this is not one of them. This isn't Gaia, you don't need multiple threads in the same section (like 4 in the female and three in the male) one per Request Section is more than enough, and it wont clutter the thread so people wont have to wade through seven "taken" threads by one person.

    So, put yourself out there, post in others threads, or PM them if you’re a little shy about a pairing you want to do, we’re all very welcoming, and I don’t think there’s a single member on this site who doesn’t like seeing 1New Message when they log on, I know I do. And as always, have fun~
    - The Admin and Moderators
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