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The Vampire Next Door with fulmetlslakr

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Vampire_Witch_Thing, Nov 4, 2016.

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  1. Vampire_Witch_Thing

    Vampire_Witch_Thing Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:38 AM
    Charlotte watched as he confirmed her concerns. Her heart ached at the idea that the woman who had taught her restraint and perseverance had cheated with a mortal man. It was even worse that her lover had been Sam''s father. Charlotte''s anxiety, however, quieted as Sam reassured her. Charlotte took his hands in hers and kissed them. Her father was going to be on a war path if he knew that Sam was the son of the home wrecker.

    "My feelings for you are unaltered as well, Sam. If my father knew he never spoke of it to me. I don't know why or how they could commit such a crime...but...if the two of them were truly as honorable as we believed they must have had their reasons." She sighed. "I just wish that they had been more honest about it."

    The rest of the day had been spent discussing their new discovery as well as the he'll mouth situation. They needed time think up a way to seal it so as to never have it open again. Charlotte wanted to be sure that they would never have to face the red again. By evening they had gotten nowhere, despite research.

    "Our only other option is to talk to Amy. I will go give her a call. She does kinda owe us one." Charlotte said as she stepped out to make the phone call.

    "Amy!" Charlotte's voice trailed down the hall.

    The moment charlotte was out of sight a knock came at Sam's door. In the door way was a big man wit long black and dark gray hair. He was dressed in a suit, wore a fedora, and wore a pair of thick shades.

    "I hear you have questions, and I have answers." The man's voice was deep, and while he didn't feel threatening his voice still made the body tremble. "I won't talk out hear though. I will give you all the answers you seek outside...don't keep me waiting." The man gestured for Sam to follow as he went down stairs and outside. The man waited patiently under a street light. A grin graced his lips when Sam finally approached. The man neatly removed the hat and shades, revealing an amethyst gaze.

    "Sam Evans. I thought I would never hear the name of Evans again. Pity. You should have never crossed my radar boy." The man started towards him. "Still don't know who I am? I'm Lord King Martell. You shouldn't have messed with my daughter, boy."
  2. fulmetlslakr

    fulmetlslakr Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:38 PM
    When Charlotte’s lips parted from his hands he squeezed hers more tightly.

    “I was nine. My world consisted of school, training and bullies. I wouldn’t have understood. Hell, I’m twenty-one and I still don’t. Honor, duty and respect were the virtues he taught me. It’s...difficult to think kindly of him when he didn’t practice them himself.” he said.

    Sammy thought about it for a moment. His words may have been a bit harsh. He’d made plenty of mistakes in his own life, short as it was. One indiscretion probably shouldn’t erase a lifetime of being an honest man. Aside from that, Thana had been the only lady in Bud’s life Sammy had ever met. Except for that short while, it had always been Bud and Sammy. The old man was probably more than a bit lonely. Sammy wouldn’t except that as an excuse but maybe, in time, he could accept the reasoning behind it.

    They exchanged stories about the others parent. Charlotte had seen Bud in rare form in Germany. Sammy had spared with the old man a few times, but he always felt like Bud was holding back. He’d always wanted to test him at full tilt. The details from Charlotte’s story told Sammy that if Bud were alive today, he probably still wasn’t ready.

    Sammy broke out his notebooks and the three ring binders from the closet when it came research time. Anytime Bud came across some rare texts, they transcribed them and printed them off. Sammy had made collections of his own hand written notes over the years as well. He went through a phase when he was fascinated with the spatial bending aspect of evocation magic. That seemed a good place to start but it lead nowhere. As it turned out, bending two points in space closer together, had little of nothing to do with holding open a portal to another dimension.

    “Ya, call Amy. If her coven’s summoning imps still, they’d have to open a small portal temporarily. Something has to power that rift. She may know how we can cut the power on a much larger scale so to speak.” Sammy suggested.

    As Charlotte stepped away Sam answered the door. A large man on the other side promised answers. Charlotte was still talking to Amy. It was against his better judgment, but Sammy stepped out to meet him. At this point he take suggestions from the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa, so long as it got the hellmouth closed. Sammy approached him under the street light.

    “I need to know how to close a hellmouth.” Sammy said.

    That’s when he noticed the man’s eyes.

    Purple. Like Charlo-Oh God!

    "Sam Evans. I thought I would never hear the name of Evans again. Pity. You should have never crossed my radar boy." The man started towards him. "Still don't know who I am? I'm Lord King Martell. You shouldn't have messed with my daughter, boy." “I don’t mess with Charlotte sir, I care about her.” Sammy said. Martell either didn’t notice his words, or didn’t care about them. Sammy wondered where he heard the name Evans in the first place. He wasn’t about to spill about Bud and Thana. That would only make these things worse. Instead he stepped back a put a hand up.

    “I’m not interested in this sir. I don’t want to be at odds with Charlotte’s family. I care about her very much. And she care for me as well.” Sammy explained. “You think I’d let the son of the man who ruined my eternal marriage anywhere near my family.” Martell hissed. Shit. “I was adopted. And I only found out about that today. I had no idea. I was only nine when I met Thana-” “YOU WILL NOT SPEAK HER NAME!” Martell bellowed. “OK. You’re angry. And you probably should be. What Bud did was wrong, and now he’s dead. Pancreatic cancer nine months ago. I was a nine year old boy when this whole thing-”. Martell’s left hand shot forward in an open handed thrust. Sammy pushed Martell’s wrist to his right with his left hand and moved his head to the left. He avoided the blow but just, only to find Martell’s right hand on his shoulder. Sammy placed his right palm on the back of Martell’s right hand. Cinders. Martell grunted and quickly retracted his both hands. He’s faster than Charlotte is. “What did you think was going to happen? I’d follow you down here. You’d give me that Lord King Martell line. Then I’d just fall to my knees and die while you took your vengeance against a dead man out on me?” Sammy asked. How an old miserable wretch such as this had ever had a hand in conceiving let alone raising a woman as wonderful as Charlotte, he’d never know. If this was what Thana had been married to, it was little wonder she’d wound up in Bud’s bed. He held back the curses that were on the tip of his tongue. At this moment he had nothing but contempt for Martell Albecuse. The predator at the edge of his mind begged for release. Sammy denied him. Regardless of how he felt about Martell, he was still Charlotte’s father. “I expected you a mage like your father. You’re an elemental adept.” Martell spat. “I was adopted. And I’m full of surprises.” Sammy said in a matter of fact tone. The smell of cologne entered his nostrils when he heard foot falls behind him and he said, “You ware too much perfume Maxie. You get in the middle of this and I swear to God I’ll drop you like a bad habit on new years eve, in the middle of rehab.” Max remained silent but shuffled forward. Martell had removed his jacket. He handed it to Max and an eye blink later Martell was on him again. One heavy kick was all he delivered. Sammy crossed his arms and put up a barrier. Reality distortions rippled through the air as most of his barrier gave way. Sammy scooted along the ground on the balls of his feet. It was unlike anything he’d ever seen or felt before. One being shouldn’t possess that much strength while exerting that much speed at the same time. If Sammy’s own abilities bent reality to a degree, Martell’s broke it in half and left it in the trash. Sammy reinforced his barrier and waited. He could turn his speed disadvantage into Martell’s disadvantage. He could make that much force work in his favor. Come on you son of a bitch. I’m waiting for ya. It was right there, but barely. Just on the edge of his eyesight. It looked like Martell flinched a moment before his speed moved beyond what his eyes could keep track of. He saw Martell flinch. Sammy took a quick step back and put a voltaic palm out in front of him while he reinforced his barrier around his hand and wrist. It worked...almost. Martell managed to stop himself just shy of the electricity that arced off of Sammy’s hand. Sammy spun in a sweep kick that Martell easily lept to avoid. Sammy snapped back upright and slammed his foot to the ground. The ancient vampire was fast, but nobody and nothing could out run gravity. Martell was still in the air when the wind from his gale force strike came up and pushed him further vertically. Sammy lashed out with another gale force that pushed Martell backwards. But not before the old man landed a blow. Sammy’s barrier fell away completely when Martell hit him in the jaw. One of Sammy’s back teeth dislodged. He spat it on the ground at Martell’s feet. “I’ve a dead grandmother that hits harder than that.” he said. He could hear Charlotte’s voice calling form the distance. He couldn’t make out what she was saying but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Martell either. Sammy remembered her words. Martell wouldn’t be after his life. He trusted Charlotte. He believed she didn’t think her father would take his life. It was Martell’s intentions he didn’t trust. However close they were, whatever bond they shared, Charlotte couldn’t know what was in Martell’s heart or mind. Bud had proven that to him today, despite being nine month in the grave. Sammy kept his fists ready as he waited. Sammy hated waiting.
  3. Vampire_Witch_Thing

    Vampire_Witch_Thing Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:38 AM
    "Thanks so much, Amy!" Charlotte said excitedly. "I'll grab Sam and we'll head over right away to get info. I appreciate your help with this so much. Huh? U-uh I would have to talk about that to- heh you tease. bye for now."

    Charlotte left her apartment and walked over to Sam's. She knocked a couple of times before pushing in. It was a moment before she retreated out of the apartment. Her nostrils burned with that familiar scent. If her lover was out with him there was incredible danger. Charlotte hurried down stairs to see the fight between her lover and her father.

    Martell smirked at Sammy as he spat out a tooth. The kid had spunk and power, even so he wasn't about to let another mortal interfere with his family's lives, especially not another Evans. He lost his wife, the love of his life to one, he wouldn't lose his daughter too! He shook out the hand used to punch Sam. His purple gaze was fierce and angry. The man moved forward slowly, but stopped as Charlotte's voice came drifting to them. His amethyst gaze softened for a moment, reminding Sam of the look Charlotte would give him when she was voicing fondness.

    "Sam!?" Charlotte was running up. "Dad, what the hel-" Charlotte's eyes went wide before consciousness left her and her body fell limply into Martell's arms.

    Martell had rushed forward and struck her pressure points, knocking her unconscious. He lifted her, that tender look still in his eyes as he turned and handed her to Max. Martell then turned back to Sam. Max stood there solemnly, turning to head towards one of the family cars. Martell sighed and shook out his hand again. He strode up and socked Sam again. Martell didn't want to kill the boy, but he wasn't about to let him have Charlotte either.

    "I will leave you with your life, fine. But never make contact with Charlotte again. She is engaged to be married to one more deserving and powerful than you. What future can she possibly have with you? She will out live you. Do you not see how futile your little existence is?" He paused, his brow twitching in annoyance. He waved for Max to leave. "You would defy me still and seek to retrieve her? You're more fool than I thought. "

    From his inner wolf Martell summoned claws and his purple eyes turned gold. Martell rushed Sam, slashing at him. He would keep the young man at bay while Max drove off. He snarled, his strength seemed to increase although his speed went down. However, Martell was still faster than any mortal. It seemed also that his attacks became more ferocious almost with an intent to seriously draw blood.
  4. fulmetlslakr

    fulmetlslakr Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:38 PM
    Sammy kept his fists infront of him when he heard Charlotte arrive. He could see her in his peripheral vision but his focus never left Martell. For everything they'd accomplished, compromised on, worked thorugh and over came Martell seemed intent on tearing it down.

    Who we choose to love is up to us, not you.

    He was glad to see her come to his side. As much as it wounded his pride, he couldn't take Martell by himself. Even if could somehow manage to take Martell down, one or both of them wouldn't make it out alive. Regardless of how this played out, Sammy would find no victory here.

    "Hey." he said weakly as Charlotte arrived.

    He saw Martell flinch. This time he stepped forward wtih a voltaic palm. He caught only air for his effort. When Martell snapped back into his vision he was holding an unconscious Charlotte in his arms. Sammy's eyes darted to his right for just a moment. She'd been right there not an eyeblink before. He refocused on Martell just in time for the large man's fist to impact his face. There was a cut above his left eye. Sammy quickly polymodified a slope of skin to keep the blood from running into his eyes. His eye sight was too important to be hindered in this conflict.

    "I will leave you with your life, fine. But never make contact with Charlotte again. She is engaged to be married to one more deserving and powerful than you. What future can she possibly have with you? She willout live you. Do you not see how futile your little existence is?" Martell asked.

    Sammy stood shakely and said, "Funny she didn't say anything to me about it. If I were a betting man I'd wadger it's news to her too and I didn't see no ring. I'll find her. I'll always find Charlotte. Even if I have to tear this whole damn planet apart one grain of sand at a time. And if I don't. Nothing lasts forever your majesty. Not even the sun. And when that day comes, so help me God, there won't be a hell in this universe deep enough to hide you from me."

    "You would defy me still and seek to retrieve her? You're more fool than I thought." Martell observed.

    "I'd need to be accountable to you to be defiant. You don't have shit me old man." Sammy spat.

    Of course that wasn't true. Martell had Sammy out matched in every way. Size, speed, strength, experience, age, wisdom; every angle of the pendulum was swinging in Martell's favor. He even had the woman he loved held captive. Sammy couldn't let go of hope. His love for Charlotte and the hope he'd be reunited with her once this was over was the only thing that willed him to stand. Martell's heavy blows had taken more of a toll than he'd realized. When Martell's claws came out Sammy knew his life was in danger, only he didn't have enough strength left to set the predator lose. If he'd went full tilt at Martell from the beginning, he might have had a chance. He'd fight Martell to the last. If death came for him it might be better than a life absent from Charlotte. He'd at least make good on his promise. He'd put himself thorough sever training in the afterlife and when Martell Alebcuse finally died, Sammy would see him suffer, as he had suffered.

    Sammy saw him flench and instantly knew what came next. Light-blades sparked as they parried claws. The one in his left hand drew a line across Martell's cheek.

    "I told you I was full of sur-"

    A blow to Sammy's back forced the air out of his lungs. Strikes to both sides of his jaw came in rapid succession. A heavy fist impacted his nose and broke it in a single shot. That one had taken his eyesight for a moment. Not that it mattered. Martell was moving so fast Sammy couldn't keep up. A chop to the side of the neck robbed him of his eyesight a moment longer and prevent him from moving. One last knee lift to his solar plexus stripped him of his light-blades entirely and sent him into the air. Darkness took Sammy before he hit the ground.

    A woman's voice over an intercom forced his eyes open. He was in a hospital bed. A gray mist was rising from his skin.

    "We gave you a mist of the styx potion and bribed a few doctors we know. I couldn't risk Martell finding you here. You shouldn't get up yet. And one day you and I are going to have a long conversation about secrets and your pure blood girlfriend, but not today." Benjamin said.

    Sammy looked around and saw Benny setting in a chair near his bed. Another man was fast asleep on the couch that sat under the window. He looked familiar. Benjamin's words stung him a little. Black Rise knew about Charlotte. He'd have to get her out of the city, if he could find her in time that is. Sammy felt sore, but not injured like he should be.

    "I've lied my ass off to keep her off the radar Sam, but after that stunt her daddy just pulled with you I'm starting to run out of bad excueses and explinations for you injuries." Benjamin siad.

    "I have to find her Benny. Now! Before it's too late. Martell's going to marry her off some douche-"

    "You're not finding anything right now. At least not until Allen wakes up and hits you with a little more restoration. You were nearly dead when we found you. Besides, you're friends are on the job."

    "My friends?"

    "Ya, your friends. The sisterhood. Darnell and Seema. Jake and his crew. Some tiny imp named Chloie. Half you Women Studies class. A bunch of sorority girls have staged a fake scavenger hunt across the city while they look for Charlotte. Most of em don't know who she really is, but we're calling all cars here baby. The things you and Charlotte have accomplished in this city have earned you more friends than you think Sam. You two have touched a lot of lives and saved many more. We'll find her but you need to be ready when they do."

    Sammy did his best to hold them back, but a few tears got away from him.

    "Thanks Benny. I love her more than words. I don't know what I do without her. But Martell..."

    "What about him?"

    "He's...so fast and so strong and so much more-"

    "Shut up. Bigger, stronger faster has nothing to do with it. Your problem is focus. I watched the whole thing through divination. You had nothing but contempt for Martell the entire time. I'm not saying he didn't earn it. I'm saying you let it rule every action you took. Emotions are good to have. It make you human and gives you something to fight for. Martell has them, but they don't rule him. He doesn't want his daughter to be involved a mortal. That's what he fought for. But he pushed that aside and focused on you. You focused on how much you hate him and how much you love Charlotte. When you see him again, he's not going to be very happy about it. If you can't figure out how to focus on him, he's going to kill you. The task at hand is incapacitation. You don't need to kill him. Truth be told, I need him to live. His death would create a power vaccume in Europe that couldn't be filled fast enough. Get in, get the girl and get out. That's what we're fightin for here." Benjamin explained.

    Sammy hung on every word he said. Benny was right. Martell wasn't an unstoppable judgernaut, just a damned tough one. And Charlotte wasn't a helpless lamb either. If he knew her at all, she'd have plenty to say once she woke up and I love you daddy probably wouldn't be the first thing on her mind. Sammy sat up in his bed feeling a bit renewed. Benjamin came to him with a hospital cup and a straw.

    "You're dehydrated. Drink something." Benjamin said.

    Sammy's lips pull in the straw. It was some kind of juice but it was aweful.

    "Good lord Benny, what the hell is that swill?" Sammy asked.

    "Sleep draught. I told you, you're not ready yet."

    Darkness took Sammy once again.
  5. Vampire_Witch_Thing

    Vampire_Witch_Thing Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:38 AM
    Angel's feet pounded the hospital halls. His long dark hair was a waving streak behind him. Damien wasn't far behind him. It was only moments before they burst into the hospital room. His grey eyes looked annoyed as he watched Sam lose consciousness. Of all people he was the one who knew best where Charlotte would be. He straightened and eyes the men in the room. Damien looked a bit nervous and kept close to Angel. In a moment little Hannah came bouncing in behind him.

    "Where Samsam?" she asked, unafraid of the men in the room.

    "He's out." Angel said solemnly, still out of breath. "Amy told me something happened, I figured out the rest. I imagine you 'work' with Sam?" He asked, leading his friends around to Sam's bed side. "I might know where Charlotte will be or at least I have a hunch. It won't be in this little town. Charlotte's mother bought property out near Memphis some years ago. I'll bet that's where they're headin."

    "Charchar say she like Samsam lots and lots! I don't want Sam sad or hurt. It would make Char sad!"

    "Please, we want to help!" Damien pleaded.

    Charlotte sat up. The room was dark. Stone walls stood around her as she lay on a queen bed. There were heavy purple velvet curtains trimmed in black and gold embroidery. She recognized the room with a start. After Thana had passed Martell turned the quaint little moduler home into a lavish castle. He needed something to help him feel more at home in the states. Charlotte climbed out of bed to find herself in one of her night gowns. Her eyes rolled. She moved to the closet and changed into the only thing there, a purple and black silk gown. It wasn't long before her feet padded the alabaster stairs and carried her into the throne room. Her father sat patiently on a throne, reading the paper.

    "Where is Sam!? What did you do to my Sam!?" Charlotte hissed.

    "Good to see you're up. Your manners haven't improved." he said, putting down the paper. "Don't worry about that pretty little boy you've been pining after. He's been dealt with. You won't be seeing him again."

    Charlotte stood rigidly. "What do you mean by that?"

    "Don't fret. He's still alive, most likely. Kali, come forth, boy."

    As her father spoke a young man entered the throne room. He wore a black peasant top tucked into black pants. His skin was the color of overly creamed coffee and his hair was long and cherry black. His golden eyes pierced her very being, freezing her where she stood. His gaze looked her up and down slowly, with a grin that sickened her to her core. She didn't know the young man, but she already disliked him.

    "M'Lady." he said with a bow. "I am Prince Kali, a pureblood vampire such as your self."

    Charlotte flinched. "What?"

    "He is the only other one like you." Her father stated boldly. "It's time you spent time with your own kind."

    "How come you never told me about him or maybe the fact that I can bring about the world's end!?"

    "He told you nothing only to protect you." Kali interrupted. "When I was young, some time after your existence, I was locked in the mouth to prevent me from causing the prophecy to happen. Hunters imprisoned me. I'm sure you have plenty of questions. I would gladly answer them all to the best of my ability."

    "Perhaps another time." Charlotte said. "Where is Sam? I need to get back to him." with that Charlotte started heading out. In that moment blue chains appeared about her wrists and ankles. "What- what the hell?"

    "You won't be leaving anytime soon. Those cuffs react to a magical barrier around the palace. You can not leave here." Martell laughed. "Go, talk. We can discuss other arrangements and things later."
  6. fulmetlslakr

    fulmetlslakr Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:38 PM
    A wand dropped into Benjamin's hand as he heard heavy foot steps from the hall way. He sat hospital cup full of sleep daught down as he scooped up a hand full of ice cubes and hurrled them at Allen. The sleeping man sat bolt upright wand at the ready. Benjamin stepped between the door and Sam as two men came into the room.

    "You picked the wrong room on the wrong day boys..."

    Benjamin stopped talking and hid his wand when a small child came in behind them. He studied her for just a moment. One pointy ear stuck out from a tuff of hair over her ear. He listened as Angel and Damien spoke.

    "Wokr's an accurate description." he said as he studied Angel.

    "I know who you are."

    Benjamin's eyes left Angel and turned to Damien.

    "But I don't know you. Stay here. If they're in Memphis I have phone calls and arrangements to make. Allen, if they do anything stupid, you know what to do. "

    Benjamin walked past them out of the hospital room.

    Sammy opened his eyes slowly and saw a familiar face with long back hair drapped over the sides.

    "Allen Harrell. I haven't seen you since Morristown. Where the hell have you been." Sammy asked

    Allen helped him set up on the side of the bed and he said, "Bud knowingly got himself involved with a married woman. It put him and you at un-necessary risk. Case in point, look at how we all ended up here."

    Sammy nodded, "Ya. I know. Kinda wish I didn't".

    The blankets besisde Sammy rustled just a moment as a tiny half-demon found her way to the surface.

    "We gonna bring aunt char home samsam?" she asked

    "Yea. That's the plan. But until then, I think Damien's buying ice cream." Sammy gave a stern look to Angel and Damien.

    Hannah hoped off the bed and followed Damien. He closed the door on his way out. Little ears didn't need to hear what he had to say next.

    "Several years ago, a hunter came calling in Germany. He was looking for Charlotte's life, only he didin't take it. He helped smuggle you, Charlotte and Thana out of the country and into the states. After that, he started sleeping with Thana. That hunter's name was Clarence. Clarence Evans. Most people called him Bud. I called him pop." Sammy said to Angel.

    He paused a moment to let that sink in then he said, "I was nine the first time Thana came to the house. Martell knows about all of this. Damn near killed me for his pound of flesh. That's all beside the point. He took her by force. Knocked her out cold when she stood by my side. He said she was engaged to somebody else. This all sounds like a load of medevil bullshit to me. I can't have that Angel. I have to bring her home and I can't do it alone. If Martell or I have to kill the other in the process, so be it, but Charlotte can't live like a pretty song bird trapped in a cage. You know it and I know it. Regardless of what happens to me, you have to get her out safely." Sammy explained.

    The warm light of rejuvination washed over Sammy. When he looked down at his bare chest, all the scars he'd aquired from stitching himself up years ago were gone. Allen really was the best rejuvination mage this side of the Mississippi river. The door to his room opened. Damien, Hannah and Benjamin came back inside.

    "Samsam, what's ek-store-chun." Hannah asked.

    "Extortion's a bad thing. Where did you hear that Hannah?" Sammy asked.

    Hannah scowled at Benjamin, "You ah bad man Benny."

    Benjamin smiled, "I know. But I know where Charlotte is. And by means of extortion, Martell's not the only one with access to a private jet now. We need to move."

    Once they were in the air, Sammy took a look around.

    Nice digs.

    They all might be in jail if they lived to see the end of this joy ride, but they'd travel in style before hand. Sammy disappeared in the bedroom. He shook his head as he sat on the bed.

    How rich do you have to be to need...

    He immideately stood off the bed realizing this one probably wasn't for sleeping. He sat on the floor and did the only other thing he could do. Meditation. He was desperate to find that focus Benjamin had talked about. He remembered what it felt like, but that was back before Bud got sick. Eighteen year old Sammy felt like three lifetimes ago, yet it was only about four years ago. He'd be twenty-two before too long. If he didn't find it soon, he might not live to see tomorrow. The door opened and shut as Angel walked in. Sammy stood and placed and hand on his shoulder. Angel flinched.

    "It's not like that. What you did was shitty. And it hurt me. But if we don't get Charlotte home none of it's going to matter. I asked you to have a drink with me because I knew Charlotte thought the world of you. And if she and I were going to be a lasting thing, I knew you'd always be a part of her life. If I'd know how you felt about her before hand, I'd have left it alone. I didn't mean to throw the relationship between Charlotte and I up your face. I'm sorry I hit you." he said.

    The flight had been rather quick. The car ride and the trek on foot were not. Benjamin looked worse for ware for it. They were in the middle of nowhere or at least it flet like it. Off in the distance was a stone building. A castle?

    Really? How much money does this asshole have?

    Sammy felt strange. Something just beyond the edge of his senses made his face tingle.

    "What is that Benny?"

    "Some kind of ward or barrier. Could be to keep us out or to keep someone in. We need to find which kinda and how far around or underneath it goes." Benjamin said.

    Sammy turned to Angel, "My major discipline is elemental. If it doesn't go all the way under the foundation, I can seperate the earth and dig us a way in. What are we looking at here?"
  7. Vampire_Witch_Thing

    Vampire_Witch_Thing Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:38 AM
    Angel stood rigidly when Sam adressed him. His pointy ears twitched slightly. Of course Charlotte was priority. Nothing would stop Angel from making certain she got home, safe and happy. It was what Thana would have wanted. Angel knew about Thana and Bud. He had been the first to figure it out and even questioned Thana about it. However, he chose not to tell Martell. Perhaps that's why he reported small details to Martell so loyaly. Guilt.

    "So Charlotte knows about the affair..." there was a pause. "I have never been made aware of an engagement. Martell must have made this arrangement recently. I promise you, Sam, Charlotte will have her freedom."

    Angel laughed at Hannah and Benjamin'sexchange. "Oh, Hannah dear, he isn't so bad if he's doing it to save aunt Char."

    "So it's OK to do bad if it's for someone you wove?"

    "Uhhhh let's bookmark this for now." He chuckled.

    Angel had managed to convince Damien to remain behind and watch after Hannah. He was surprised by the jet they procured. It certainly was impressive. As everyone settled in and Sam went towards the back he took a deep breath. An apology to Sam was long overdue.

    When he entered the room he found Sam on the ground meditating. Angel was about to clear his throat to get Sam''s attention when the adept stood and laid a hand on his shoulder. Angel flinched at the touch.

    "It's not like that. What you did was shitty. And it hurt me. But if we don't get Charlotte home none of it's going to matter. I asked you to have a drink with me because I knew Charlotte thought the world of you. And if she and I were going to be a lasting thing, I knew you'd always be a part of her life. If I'd know how you felt about her before hand, I'd have left it alone. I didn't mean to throw the relationship between Charlotte and I up your face. I'm sorry I hit you." Sam said.

    Angel sighed and gave him a weak smile. "Thanks, Sam. I needed to hear that. I want you to know that I'm sorry for what I said. I was in a really low place...it's a little painful knowing both the women I adore were in love with you...are in love with you. Thats no excuse though. I'm sorry sam. I promise, I won't come between you and Char again."

    When they reached the barrier Angel was impressed. Martell was certainly pissed if he went so far as to set this up. His grey gaze flitted between all the speakers before settling on Sam. Perhaps he could still repair things with Charlotte's lover. He nodded briskly.

    "There is some foundation underneath, but I know of a secret entrance. It will be the only weak spot in barrier...but if we get in I'm not sure we will be getting out again."

    He led the group around to a cluster of trees. He filtered through plants and bushes until he found a metal door. He grabbed the bas and pulled hard enough the the metal goaded in complaint.

    "Come on..." he growled before the bars finally yelped and broke, sending the half demon sprawling into the bushes. Angel crawled back and reached in, fishing around for a handle. A small chingk echoed around them as he pulled open the door. "Great. We're in. Remember, just follow the tunnel straight."

    "I can do that, really? I didn't know we could shape shift too." Charlotte exclaimed. She was buying her time while trying to figure out her escape, but Kali was really knowledgeable.

    "Yes. The animal that best depicts who you are at your core is the animal you become. Just like the other vampires. The only difference is the beasts we become are beasts of power. We aren't like the others, Charlotte. We have potential. Your father, my parents, they were limited by greed and self preservation. But you and i, we can do anything." He took her hand. "Our offspring can do anything."

    Charlotte pulled away quickly. She stood and backed away from the garden table. "Nope. That's not happening ever." Charlotte said boldly. "Im in love with someone else. I'm willing to give up immortality for him."

    The indoor night garden was dimly lit, even so a mortal could see amusement on Kali's face. "Mortality would not become you." Kali rose calmly. "If you become mortal you will always be a target to them. If he gets your blood he will be free. But you and i, together, can destroy him. Like I said, you and I can do anything."

    Charlothe walked away to admire some moon flowers. A soft whisper went through the air and before she knew it Kali was behind her with his arms around her shoulders. Her amethyst eyes widened. His lips pressed close to her ear, she could feel his breath.

    "Besides, a mortal can never experience a shadow jump with you like I can. Can you imagine? Feeling your lover in every possible way, even their shadows."

    Charlottesville yaked away. "You're insane." She hissed. "I would die and raise him before I let you have me."

    "Charlotte, don't be so venomous. I have waited for you my whole life. I have loved you from the moment I saw you. Please. Hear me out."

    A shiver ran though her as she turned to run away. Her purple Victorian dress fluttered as she fled. She shadows whispered again and she ran face first into him. She growled in frustration before melting into the shadows. The shadows whispered, and for the first time ever she could see someone moving beside her through the purple mist. He smiled. She raced ahead. Before she knew it her flight had become a race and a show of their abilities. She learned that they not only moved through shadows, but could control forms that sprang from the shadows. There was so much to learn from him. Although she would not marry him she would at least make him an ally. Before she knew it she was actually enjoying time with him, learning their abilities and sharing some battle strategy. Even so, she longed for Sam.
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    Sammy made sure Allen and Benjamin stayed behind. Benny was a large man who just made quite a trek on foot and Allen. He knew some evocation but had never been much of a warrior. When Charlotte and Angel got out of this place he wanted Allen in once piece to repair whatever damage might be inflicted along the way. He followed Angel and watched carefully through poly-modified eyes. Being caught unawares, outside would be the death of them all.

    The large metal door groaned and opened a little. Enough for Sammy to grip the frame and heave backwards to open it the rest of the way. Angel stepped inside then turned to Sammy. He stepped back a moment when he noticed Sammy’s eyes.

    “It looks unnerving I’m sure but it’s necessary. We need to split up to cover more ground. If you find them first, Martell may not suspect anything’s wrong. If I find them first, just follow the noise.” he said.

    Sammy padded quietly along the stone walls. The place looked to have no electricity. Only cobble stone and torches with the occasional banner with the Albecuse family arms embroidered on them. Martell was obscenely rich. With wealth often came vanity. Sammy could use that, maybe. He stopped cold when he heard foot falls that were not his own. Two people moving down the corridor. Sammy pressed himself against the wall and shimmied upwards with aracnoid hands. He was well above the torchlight when Max and Charlotte’s other body guard walked underneath him. Sammy didn’t dare breathe until he could no longer hear them walking. He needed to find Charlotte fast.

    Martell continued to read the paper. Charlotte and Kali began to talk moved out into the gardens. Just as he’d planned. The home he’d built for himself had none of the modern distractions she was used to and she couldn’t leave. She’d get used to her new life with Kali soon enough. Thana’s absence over the past decade had taken it’s toll on him. Kali’s early release couldn’t have come at better time. He built this place for them. He held every hope they fill this castle with his grandchildren. Offspring without the need for mortality. It would be a glorious for his family. Movement caught his attention as they returned. Both shadow jumped back into the main hall. They were smiling at one another as they talked. A grin crossed his lips. Charlotte met his eyes and scowled. He wasn’t surprised. Nothing was ever that easy and her feeling for that hunter wouldn’t have faded that fast. Martell started to turn back to his paper when the double heavy oak doors buckled for a moment. Something was wrong. He’d instructed Max not to disturb them unless it was necessary. All three of them turned towards the doors as a cylinder of light pierced the left door on the left side and swept through the heavy iron hinges in a single stroke.

    One gale force kick sent the left door flying away. Sammy strode into the room. His staff long light-blade rested across his shoulders with his arms draped over it on either side. He heart beat was steady as he calmed himself with a breathing technique. There were three of them. He caught sight of Charlotte.

    “Are you OK?” he asked.

    All three wore looks of shock at the sight of him. Wide purple eyes met blue as she nodded. She didn’t seem to have any words for him. He hadn’t expected her to. The young man next to her stepped in between them. His eyes flashed gold and the look of disdain on his face seemed all too familiar. Were it not for his darker skin tone, he might have been a smaller version of Martell.

    “Calm your tits junior. I’ll deal with you in a minute.” he said.

    Sammy turned his focus to Martell. The large man was on his feet in an instant. His hands balled into fists and his eyes flashed gold at the sight of him. Martell strode down from his throne onto the main floor. Sammy breathed and kept his cool.

    “Surprised? You should be. Hell, I am. Well, only a little. In the modern era, it’s hard to keep a good adept down.” he mocked.

    Of all the sins he could commit, Wrath was the one Sammy was prone to the most. Martell was a different animal. The king could be wrathful, but there was more to it. They way he introduced himself as lord king. And the way he spoke of Sammy pitiful existence. Even this castle he’d built in a country that recognized no king. Martell was a creature of vanity. Sammy saw Martell flinch. Blue eyes blinked and raptor eyes opened.

    I can still see you scumbag.

    As it turned out, when Angel left Sammy in the cabin on the plane alone, he found that focus and balance that had been missing in his life for those years. Sammy had been operating on rage and instinct. No one single act had returned what he needed. It was the need to find the woman he loved and to see her safe. He let go of the rage felt toward Bud for helping to create part of this situation by treding on another man’s marriage. Burying the hatchet with Angel pushed him a bit further back to center. Recognizing the anger he felt toward Martell was justified but not calling for the king’s head on a stick had helped seal the deal. He found he could do a lot with his new found focus. Negative energy had to be shaped by force, but positive energy could be shaped with thought. He called for those killer instincts from the predator just beyond his thoughts. Only it didn’t take over...it obeyed.

    The light blade split in the middle, coiled around his wrists and fell lose to his sides. They cracked and lashed out at Martell when he was close. Sammy spun when Martell came for his back flank forcing the king back to his front. Sammy moved his fists in circular motion around one another. The whips spun rapidly at his sides in two arcs in front of him. He pressed forward and Martell was forced back. Again the king used his speed to get to Sammy’s back flank. The whip in his left hand grew straight and solid. Sammy placed the blade over his back and knelt to make his target area smaller. Martell’s blow stopped short, unwilling to sacrifice his hand. Sammy spun with a sweep kick and brought the whip around forcing Martell to jump. The wind from a gale force kick sent Martell in a back flip away from Sammy. The kings shirt and jacket fell away into ribbons. Martell’s skin remaind unbroken but the tattered cloth spoke volumes of how close Sammy had came. Martell looked good and riled up. It was time to play to his vanity.

    “I can do this all damn night and you could be naked by the end. Or we can settle it in one go. Joust me. One tilt. If I lose, I’ll bend the knee. You’d be my king. My life would be yours to command. If I win, Charlotte goes free. Free to live and love as she chooses.” he offered.

    Martell circled him and put some distance between them. At this distance and with his speed if Martell connected, it’d be over before Sammy realized he’d been hit. He focused and he waited. Sammy didn’t hate waiting as much as he did the day before. The moment Martell moved, Sammy slammed his heels into the floor. The gale force from his feet launched him into the air, not with great height but with great speed. He turned the light-blade facing down in his right hand as the whip in his left faded away. He could see Charlotte in the corner of his eyes. Sammy took his love for her and held that feeling in his chest. Martell was nearly on him. Sammy took hold of his anger for the king and pushed it into the pit of his stomach. The dying word of Constance Overbay replayed in his mind. When it came down to the wire, he’d have to hold them both tightly. Thank you Connie. For everything. Martell threw an open handed thrust at Sammy. It cut the should of his shirt but not his skin. Sammy held out for the last possible moment. When his feet came over his head, he lost sight of Charlotte and stabbed both hands forward.


    Positive energy and Negative energy, two elements never meant to occupy the same space at the same time audibly reacted as the came together. The tips of both blades met as they pierced Martell’s right shoulder from behind. His ball and socket joint broken in multiple places, the arm fell limp at his side.


    The shock wave echoed through the main hall as it followed down Martell’s leg. The king went to a knee as he leg went numb and he grunted loudly.


    Sammy landed and spun around. Martell would either recognize this victory or he wouldn’t. Regardless, killing her father in front of her was no option at all. And there was the other a-class vampire to consider as well. Charlotte had stepped out from behind him. Sammy could see her clearly. He’d wasted months with her. He couldn’t waste any more.

    “I love you Charlotte Albecuse. I always have. And regardless of what happens next, I always will.” Sammy confessed.
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    Charlotte's eyes widened when she saw the burst of light. She knee instantly who was on the other side of that door. Her heart nearly leaped out her mouth when she saw him. Her Sam had come for her. She almost felt like a princess in a fairytale.

    "Sam." She said with a dmile. Her smile turned to a scowl when Kali moved in front of her to stand between them. "You can'take keep me from my Sam." She growled.

    “Calm your tits junior. I’ll deal with you in a minute.” Sam said to Kali.

    Charlotte's smiled at that. There was a fierceness to her lover. She watched him push past to her father and their fight began.

    Kali came close to her and rested a hand on her shoulder. He watched with her, realizing this was the man with whom he had to compete. His golden eyes swatches them fight and watched as Charlotte flunched everytime Sam was hit or avoided a blow. Before anything even started he lost, and he was growing painfully aware of it. Charlotte lurched forward when Sam suggested the joust. Kali tightened his grip on her shoulder to hold her in place. When she looked at him he shook his head slowly.

    "You think you can defeat me an a game as old as me? You truly are a fool. I look forward to you bowing before me." Martell jeered.

    "He has to do this, Charlotte. He has to prove himself to you, your father, and to me. I'm not keen on losing my love to a boy. I will respect the challenge of a man, however. "

    The joust proved impressive. It was hard even on the pure bloods to keep their eyes on it. Charlotte had never seen him movery with such resolve. It was incredible. When her father crumpled in defeat she smiled knowingly. Her father was vane, proud, and hot headed. But even so he was fair. He was often at war with his darker nature, trying to be the man Than a wanted him to be. Now was one of those moments that he could be that man.

    Max came in dragging Angel, but dropped the half demon when he saw his king in defeat. There was a long pause, everyone's eyes were on Sam. Even Martell waited with bated breath to see what the boy would say next. He winced at Sam''s words as he spoke.

    “I love you Charlotte Albecuse. I always have. And regardless of what happens next, I always will.” Sammyconfessed.

    Charlotte's eyes filled with tears as a smile as bright as day crossed her face. Kali lifted his hand off her shoulder and bowed his head. There was nothing he could do to stop her now. Charlotte raced forwaRd to him. She nearly tackled him as her arms wrapped around his waist, knocking him off balance a bit. Her hands quickly began to search him for injuries.

    "Are you hurt anywhere? Are you ok-" she threw her arms around his neck before he could even answer. Her tears dripped down slowly. As she broke from this kiss she pressed her forehead to his. "Oh Sam, I love you too. Mortal or not, you have my heart eternally."

    Martell rose to his feet, shaking. "That is wnough. I am still here, and I demand some respect." He barked. Max hurried over and offered the battered king his wrist. Martell took it and drank deeply for a moment before speaking again. "You win. You may take her, if she wants...and it seems she does. I may not like you, Samuel Evans, but damn it I respect you. But if you ever hurt her, I swear-"

    "I will be there." Kali said boldly. "If you screw up, hurt her, or make her sad I will be there to take her from you. You may have one for now. But hearts can change. I will wait patiently for that." Kali said boldly.

    "Sam, let's go home." Charlotte said, nuzzling Sam''s shiulder.
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    Benjamin sat on the ground and rested against a tree. His feet and his back were killing him. When it came time for the return trip, he’d invoke a spatial bend back to the van. He also meant to call dibs on the cabin on the private jet regardless of what might have taken place there in the past. Allen sat down beside him and folded his legs.

    “Sam will be OK. You saw his future. One that can’t be avoided.” Allen said.

    Benjamin looked at Allen skeptically, “Holding the heart of the purest blood. He loves that girl. And to hear him tell it, she loves him too. If that’s the case then what I saw when I broke the fulcrum has already come to pass. I’ve been able to practice divination since I was a young man Allen. Not even I can see the future. No one can. Everything’s riding on them. Whatever happens now is up to Sam and Charlotte.”

    “Have you even seen the Princess Bride?” Allen asked

    Benjamin nodded and smiled. He silently hoped Sam did in fact have a miracle up his sleeve.

    Sammy suddenly realized how time could very well be working against him here. He’d found a needle in a haystack without the magnet, infiltrated a castle, rescued a princess and brought a king to his knees. There only so many miracles, acts of heroism and impossible feats one man or even a group of people could cram into a single day. And he could only flex so much magic in a twenty-four hour period. His eye returned to their normal blue and he let both blades fall away. Holding opposing elements, even for a short moment, was more taxing than he’d realized. He didn’t have much magic left to flex if he had any at all. He stood tall regardless. Bud had made him read the art of war multiple times as a teenager. A moment ago, he’d been strong, so he feigned weakness. Not that he was weak, he’d feign strength.

    Max walked and dropped Angel. Sammy felt foolish for a moment. When Martell had commanded him to take Charlotte to the car, back at the apartments, Max hesitated for a moment. Sammy had made a threat against just moments before. Max was a man of very few words. Sammy nodded to him and Max nodded in return. The acknowledgment from Max was more than he’d ever dared to hope for.

    Sammy thought he might fall over when Charlotte collided with him. She grabbed him around the waste as he caught his balance. She began to look him over. He parted the leather and the cloth over his left shoulder. The jacket and shirt were ruined but he was otherwise unharmed. When she was satisfied he was uninjured she kissed him. It had barely been a day but he’d missed her terribly.

    "Oh Sam, I love you too. Mortal or not, you have my heart eternally."

    “You talk too much sometimes.”

    Sammy’s arms came around her as his lips met her. Only this time, after knowing she loved him too, it felt like all of him was being poured into all of her. He thought his heart might explode. When they parted Martell bellowed and Kali made his threats.

    “Don’t hold your breath junior. Charlotte’s not some trophy to be carted off like a prize. She’s a woman, free to love who she chooses, and she chooses me. If you think I’d ever take her for granted, then more the fool you.” Sammy said.

    He laced his finger with Charlotte’s and turned to her father. Sammy could have struck Martell dead while he was down. Just like Martell could’ve struck him dead at the apartment or even now, after he’d fed and with Sammy in a weakened state. Contempt and anger gave way to mutual respect, but Sammy had every intention on addressing the elephant in the room.

    “Thank you your majesty. You’ve my respect as well. I will honor and cherish Charlotte always. And should the need ever arise, I’d lay down my own life to save hers. My father wronged you. If I knew why or knew how to make since of it, I’d tell you, but I don’t. I was just a child when it happened. Everything Clarence Evans taught me as a boy contradicts his actions in this matter. Nothing I could say could ever make up for what he did. Your wife and your daughter are two of the kindest most loving people I’ve ever been blessed enough to know. Please accept my condolences for that loss. This world is a lesser place without Thana. She was the best of us.” he said.

    Sammy wanted to say more. More than anything he wanted to tell them of the Bud he’d know growing up. That wouldn’t serve here. Defending the man who’d trespassed upon his family might escalate matters. He didn’t fancy himself a knight, but humility would be his greatest lesson here. In time, he hoped to return to Martell and asked for Charlotte’s hand. But that would have to wait for another day.

    "Sam, let's go home." Charlotte said

    Outside the castle, the five of them met up. Sims lurched forward, but stopped when Spencer layed a heavy hand on his shoulder.

    “That’s him. The young one. He killed my brothers.” Sims complained.

    Spencer let go of his shoulder, “And if you run over there and go HAM on the five of them, he’ll kill you too. Wait, watch and follow. Hunt them like you would any other prey. Strike when they are isolated from one another. You can have your vengeance but only if you’re smart about it.”
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    Martell's brow furrowed and he looked pained at the mention of his wife. A single tear dripped out of his eye and down his face. He brushed it away hastily but the tears came more rapidly when Charlotte broke from Sam to hug him. The larger man's strong arms fastened around her as he cried quietly. She'd grown up. He thought if she had married someone more like them she was less likely to leave him. He didn't want to lose her too. But he already did. He was pushing her away with the same arm he was trying to pull her close with. He sighed and steadied himself.

    "Samuel Evans, I will never forgive the wrong that your father has done to me. But that has nothing to do with you. Charlotte is the last thing I have, and I don't wish to lose her. So...I will be checking on you my self every now and then." Charlotte smiled. This was the first time since her mother's passing that she'd seen the man she called father behave so gently. When Thana was alive he behaved this warmly all the time.

    Kali strode up and smiled at Charllotte. "If ever you change your mind, I will be waiting. But don't think I've given up just yet." he said with a wink.

    "If you intend to be on friendly terms with me I suggest you stop chasing me." Charlotte snapped. "I would appreciate if you respected me and Sam."

    Kali's eyes widened for a moment before he bowed respectfully. "As you wish, your highness."

    Charlotte and Angel led Sam out of the castle towards where Benny and Allen waited. Thankfully the sun had set and so the sun was little of an issue. Charlotte held tightly to Sam's hand. Angel walked with them, texting Damien to check in on Hannah and relay the details of what had occurred. It was nice that they all seemed to have some kind of victory here. Angel patted both Charlotte and Sam on the shoulder.

    "So Sam, what's next?" Angel asked earnestly. "We have a hell mouth to seal, a new pure blood to worry about that has the hots for Char, and I don't think that Martell is going to be this merciful or forgiving for long."

    "Whatever comes next, I'm sure we can face it together." Charlotte said confidently.
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    The sun had set when they left the castle. Sammy hoped Angel was wrong about Martell. Duels fought between men such as them ended without death or grievous injury every other lifetime maybe. He smelled the night air, painfully aware of where he was and of the fact they weren’t likely alone. A cold chill ran up his spine as the hair on his neck stood on end.

    “I promise whatever comes next we will face it together. But not here. Memphis is home to worse things than hellmouth’s and king’s with an ax to grind. We need to move.” he said urgently.

    Benjamin invoked a spatial bend back to the van. Sammy eyed the bend cautiously as it closed, then ushered everyone into the van. He sat next to Charlotte on plane ride home. Exhaustion; physical, mental and emotional took hold at some point. Sammy woke before the plane landed. He seat belt was unbuckled and Charlotte arms had him wrapped tightly behind. He took hold of her hands and leaned back into her. She was with him. She was safe. Damn the rest.

    They stayed in a safe house for a couple days until Benjamin could wards drawn on, in and outside of their apartments. Sammy and Charlotte got their course work caught up just in time. Final exams were just around the corner. There was research to be done as well. Sammy left that to the capable hands of Benjamin, Allen and the sisterhood. He asked Charlotte to do the same, although he was sure she’d tap her contacts anyway. That was fine. So long as she kept her distance from Black Rise. If they’d sent Bud after all those years ago, they’d send someone else if they knew where she was.

    The week before final exams Sammy received a letter from Connie. He flopped on his couch and rubbed his face before he opened it. Posthumous were never easy to read. He’d received two in his lifetime. That was two too many. Her letter explained everything. About her skill at divination. The life, the children and the future she’d seen with him. Her less than honorable approach at regaining that possible future. And how she’d broken the fulcrum of her own death. He showed the letter to Charlotte. Connie had came to Charlotte and confessed the divination’s of Sam’s future with her. She hadn’t known about Connie’s death however.

    “That was a heavy burden she put on you Charlotte. You were right to keep her confidence.” he said.

    Sammy showed the letter to Angel too.

    “It’s hard to make sense out of something like this. Pop never practiced divination. He said if it was reliable, there would be crystal ball shops on every corner of Wall Street and Las Vegas. I didn’t know any of this until I read the letter. I thought you deserved to see this. Also consider how things went down in the cave with the alpha. If Connie hadn’t done what she did, you and I would both be dead. Charlotte too probably. And her grandfather might be lose. It doesn’t make it any easier, but when Connie died, she saved the world Angel.”

    Not long after Sammy sat down to write a letter of his own, to Martell. He encouraged the king to come visit soon and often. And that a new relationship for his daughter didn’t have mean another loss for him. He gave the letter to Max to insure it’s delivery. Martell did visit. Sammy caught sight of him once, but was usually left to his own devices when Martell came around. He hoped that would change in time, but for now it was fine. Sammy didn’t image his presence was very comforting for his majesty. The arrangements of daddy/daughter dates didn’t hinder them or start any fight. The only thing they honestly didn’t agree on was which apartment to move into once their leases were up after next semester. Charlotte thought his was bare enough to sort of make the place their own. Sammy though they should move into hers. It was already decorated, it was cozier and hers had a hell of a lot more stuff to move.

    When summer arrived, Charlotte spent time traveling with Martell. She texted, called or skyped him everyday. He missed her terribly, but she did return for one week every month. Sammy worked a normal shift at Red Eagle five days a week. In the evening he trained. Seema’s uncle Mojinder visited for the summer. He had the opportunity to train with another elemental adept. His skills did not measure up quite as well as he’d thought. Sammy learned a lot form Uncle Moe. Positive energy could be shaped into more than just staves, whips and blades. The old adept had other advise for him as well.

    “We do what we must out of necessity Samuel, but you should try and refrain from holding negative energy whenever possible. It is bad karma.”

    Most of his training involved sparing with Seema, in weretiger. She was nearly seven feet tall when shifted and much stronger than she looked. It was her facial expressions he enjoyed the most. Her features seemed overly exaggerated at times. The way her large eyes reacted when her brow furrowed and the way her ears fell flat against the side of her head when she slumped her shoulders. It was adorable, but he kept that to himself. To do otherwise would have earned him an extra large paw print up side the head. Mojinder instructed the three of them; Sammy Seema and Darnell in northern shaolin kung-fu. It helped Sammy with the way he handled positive energy shaped weapons. More than that, it had been Connie’s chosen style. He practiced it to honor her sacrifice.

    Summer was nearly over. Sammy had worked overtime whenever it had been offered. He managed to get his hands on an old 2012 Nissan Maxima. It needed a little body work but not as much as Angel’s Camero and the engine was in good shape. The new semester would begin in a week. Sammy drove to the airport to pick up Charlotte.
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    Charlottesville reluctantly spent the summer with her father and Kali in Romania. Angel, however, remained home to search for the medallion. Damien had tried to help make connections with the Red Coven but to no avail. It seemed as thoigh they juat vanished. Over the summer Damien moved in with Hannah and Angel, becoming another parent figure to the small half demon. When Angel read the lether he couldn't help but get teary eyed. Thank fully Damien had been there to ease that pain. The two of them were more obviously a couple than anyone else Sam or Charlotte had been in contact with.

    While Charlottesville did not appreciate the constant flirting on Kali''s part she did appreciate the lessons in how to use her power. She learned how to make shadow constructs, control them, move through them, and so much more. She was still learning about herself and what beast of power she could transform into. To Charlotte's annoyance Kali could turn into a sort of basilisk. The condition of his power, however, was that he needed to be around a large body of water. Charlottesville also took the time to brush up on her martial arts with her dad. It was a great way to bond. It even seemed ato times that the man before Thana''s death was coming back to life.

    Sam had left a long lasting effect on him. While Martell would never admit it, he was growing to even like Sam. That didn't stop him from trying to convince Charlottesville Kali was a better option.

    "You could have children without having to be mortal." He insisted. "I want grandchildren."

    "Hmmm...you want grandchildren huh? Well Sam and I were going to wait but I guess I could go mortal now and reproduce with him. That would be fun." Charlotte respode brashly.

    "What? No. You don't...no. no. Forget it."

    Needless to say the topic had not been brought up again. The summer could not end fast enough. It was aroundone six in the evening when the plane landed with Charlotte and Kali on board. He decided at the last minute that he would enroll in their school. The idea made Charlotte sick. jowever, When They Were On The Plane Kali could not contain himself. He opened the flap to one of the windows b in excitement, forgetting the sun would be out. He then got a severe sunburn as he hissed, squealed, and shut it again. Charlotte, who was bundled so that all that one would see was her eyes, laughed at his blunder. After baggage claim Charlotte didn't hesitate to run for Sam. Her amethyst eyes teared up a bit as she dropped everything and launched into his arms.

    "Sam, I miseed you so much!" She exclaimed.

    "Please you just saw him a month ago..." kali grumbled as he walked up behind them. "I swear, you twould are so clingy."

    "Of course we are, I'm his." Charlotte said, shooting him an evil look over her shoulder."Sorry I didn't Skype last night. They wouldn't let me don't on the plane." Charlotte then went on to tell him about the different things that she learned and how badly she wanted to show him. All the while Kali was applying aloe veranda to his burns.
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    "Sam, I miseed you so much!" She exclaimed.

    Sammy wrapped his arms around her tightly as he kissed her.

    "I missed you too. Home didn't feel like home without you. But I stayed busy." he said.

    "Please you just saw him a month ago..." kali grumbled as he walked up behind them. "I swear, you twould are so clingy."

    Sammy looked past Charlotte as he heard a voice he never wanted to hear again.

    "And you brought a friend." he said dryly.


    Sammy like Kali about as much as fire like water. They were opposing elements. Kali had made it know he wanted Charlotte. Even after Charlotte had made it know she was uninterested in Kali. Sammy held no illusions as to why the pure blood was here. There seemed to be a line forming of men interested in keeping him and Charlotte apart. Angel, Martell and Kali. The latter two had collaborated in that effort. It was enough to make even the most confident of men paranoid. Charlotte made it know to him once again that she and Sammy had lay claim to one antoher. Sammy resolved never to let Kali see him sweat.

    "Can I give you a lift somewhere?" Sammy asked.

    "Martell helped me secure an apartment in the same building as the two of you. Just drop me off near the office so I can pick up my keys." Kali said.

    Sammy drove but remained quiet with Kali in the back seat. He didn't know how much personal information Kali had on him. The less he knew about him, the better it'd make him feel. When they arrived, Kali seemed content to settle into his apartment alone. Sammy was thankful for that. Charlotte ushered him up to his apartment. If it hadn't been a month since he'd seen her he might have objected. He still though moving into her apartment was the better option.

    A battle lost but not the war.

    Later that evening Charlotte remained in bed while she registered for classes. Sammy examined his newest marks in the bathroom mirror while he listened to the evening news on the television. Movement form the corner of his eye drew his attention. His shadow grew longer and coiled around him like a serpent. Sammy smiled and walked out of the bathroom back into the bedroom. He looked at Charlotte skeptically as she smiled back at him.

    "Isn't using my own shadow against me kind of like cheating?" he asked.

    Charlotte shrugged as she watched him. It was almost like she expected him to find a way out of this. Sammy lined his legs and arms with positive energy and formed them into spikes. They pierced his shadow and it returned to normal.

    "So's that." she said.

    Charlotte told him about bonding and training over the summer. They both elaborated on their summer events. There was only so much information that was safe to share over text, phone and skype. He wanted to see what manner of spirit beast she'd choose. It fasinated him. His eyes roamed about her as she spoke. He'd missed her more than he'd realized. Sammy had been finding it difficult getting to sleep when he was in bed alone. Training himself to the point of exhaustion helped but only a little.

    "I sleep better when I know you're beside me." he said.

    It seemed a rather awkward thing to say, but he wanted her to know. Their attention was drawn away from their conversation by a report on the news. Two college students had been missing for three days. Sammy didn't recgonize their names, but when they played footage from a vigil being held for them, he'd recgonize the bobbed haircut of the woman in the middle anywhere. Two woman, probably witches, from Amy's sorority had been missing. That was never good. If somebody had a problem with witches, the sisterhood wasn't likely to take it laying down. They needed details. Sammy looked knowingly to Charlotte.

    "Call Amy. I'll get hold of Benny. We need to put whatever this is down before it becomes a real shit show." he said.
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    Kali solemnly got the keys to his fully furnished apartment. It was quaint, too quaint. The apartment was painfully smaller than his preferred living space. He kept reminding himself that he was doing this for Charlotte. Of course that reminder came loud and clear when he heard a bit of racket upstairs. Judging by the sounds he knew very well who it was.

    "I think I'm ready to curl back up in the hell mouth...." he muttered in frustration as he flopped onto the couch. "A hunter is my rival. I can't even fully wrap my head around it, even now. I shouldn't even have a rival!" He sighed. "I shouldn't even have a Charlotte. What was Martell thinking?"

    Charlotte barely touched her phone as it began ringing. It was Angel. No doubt he saw what was on TV too. She answered quickly.

    "Yeah I just saw the news. Have you contacted Amy? No I'm about to myself. No doubt she's ready to nail heads to the wall. Yeah. Ok. Don't do anything dangerous before consulting me first. No I'm not mommying you, I'm sistering you. So don't be an ass. Keep Damien's nose clean too. I mean it. Ok. Good night." She hung up and rapidly dialed Amy. "Hey Amy, how are you. Yeah, I know. I saw the news. Any leads? They were imp collecting. Got anything else? In the North Grove...yeah I'm familiar with it. Yeah. I think you should put business on hold for now. Alright. Bye."

    Charlotte turned to Sam and quickly poured the information in your him. "So all that they have is that the girls were summoning imps in the North Grove. That's a clearing in the woods to the North of the He'll Mouth. It's within the required distance from the mouth but maybe we should still check for recent activity. What do you think?"

    Charlotte sighed and flopped backwards into the bed. She admired for a moment, the handy work of her teeth and tongue all over his body. It would have been nice to spend the evening just going round after round with him. That wasn't going to happen now. Her mind spiraled off into their new dilemma. Most of her research would have to be done at night. The medallion still had not been recovered. She'd managed to scrape by just wearing layers and keeping a parasol and shades handy, but that would hardly fly in battle. What a fine mess they were in and it wasn't even her first day back.

    "It's as if trouble just follows me."
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    Benjamin watched as satellite images swept across the plasma screen. Lots of tiny specs were moving out away from the hellmouth. He tapped a folder full of documents against his leg as he gave Paul an annoyed look. He didn’t think Paul was the man’s real name. The thick German accent had been his first clue. He’d been kicking information up to Paul for the past few months. It had been suggested to Benjamin that it was in his best interest to do so. Like so many in black rise, Paul had friends but no real power of his own. Benjamin despised being jerked around by toothless mutts.

    “Explain this again?” Benjamin asked.

    “Extra dimensional string fragments being expelled from their point of origin.” Paul said.

    “Let’s pretend I don’t have a PhD in particle physics and know nothing about string theory. Bottom line it for me.”

    “When a hellmouth expels physical matter, extra dimensional string fragments flood the area and pulse outward from the point of origin. They move around the globe and come back together at the point of origin before dissipating.”

    “So something came out of the hellmouth. There was physical evidence that when we entered the cave.”

    “You miss the point entirely. String fragments from the hell dimension will serve as a beacon. All manner of supernatural beings and phenomenon will follow the string fragments back to the point of origin or close to it. Conscious of their actions or not.”

    Benjamin pushed his fingers into his eyes. In other words, the city had incoming. It was about to get a lot more crowded here. Benjamin walked over and dropped the folder on Paul’s desk. He needed to know what came out of that hellmouth. All the documents he had were redacted to point uselessness. He tapped an accusing finger on top of the folder.

    “You want my help Paul? Get me copies of the unblemished originals. I’m responsible for things on the street level around here. I need to know.” Benjamin demanded.

    “The unredacted portions of these could still prove useful to you.” Paul said.

    “Ya. I could wipe my ass with them. That’d prove useful.” Benjamin said dryly.

    Benjamin turned to leave. He waved dismissive hand to his side when Paul called after him. A young woman handed his cell phone to him after he exited the clean room. Sam had been trying to reach him for the past several minutes.

    “Benny I just was the news. Tell me this wasn’t us.” Sammy said.

    Benjamin denied any activity on behalf of Black Rise in the abduction. Sammy believed him. While Charlotte had been away, a couple of late nights at a coffee shop had put a certain amount of trust between the two of them. Even more so than the trip to Memphis had. Benny knew who and what Charlotte was. He’d kept her presence hidden from Black Rise, at great personal risk to himself.

    Benny had dedicated liquid resources to the sisterhood to help fund a research effort to closing the hellmouth. There was common interest there. If they could seal the hellmouth, the sisterhood could return to imp summoning within the city limits. All of Benny’s mobile assets had confirmed no involvement with missing witches.

    “They have no impact, no idea. Black Rise has an arrangement with the sisterhood. They’re off limits to every hunter in the city. No movement from the red coven and no reports of other covens moving in since little red ridding hood went dark.” Sammy told Charlotte as he hung up the phone.

    Sammy grabbed a should bag after he got dressed and said, “We live in a hellmouth city. Trouble doesn’t follow you.”

    Sammy’s eye roamed from her ankles to her face where he met her eye contact.

    “But if it did, I wouldn’t blame it.” he said with a wink.

    He pulled the bag out of his trunk when they arrived near the grove. Charlotte weaved her way through the shadows up ahead. Sammy held a barrier around him as he walked. Neither had any idea what or who they might be walking into. Polymorphed eyes scanned the area ahead of him. He caught tiny glimpses of Charlotte as he walked the rest of the way. He saw the summoning circle they used. Charlotte stepped out of the shadows near it to get a closer look. His heart thundered when heard movement. Two common and one brimstone imp escaped further into the treeline. He used claws to climb a nearby tree and rested on one of the large branches. His raptor like eyes caught the shape of something vaguely humanoid in the distance. Sammy’s nose and mouth grew long into a wolf’s muzzle as he sniffed the air in that direction. He couldn’t be sure. Charlotte would know. He climbed down and walked to her.

    Charlotte dashed through the shadows ahead of him again as he walked toward where the shape was laying. She’d returned to him just long enough to confirm that she had smelt blood. He found her standing over a body. A man’s body. It didn’t mean Amy’s sisters were alive however. Sammy pulled a black light and two pairs out latex gloves out of the shoulder bag. A hold had been burned through the center of his chest. Doubtless it was wand fire that killed him. Boot prints and wide tire tracks were faint. Whoever the dead man was, he had friends with a four wheel drive vehicle, who were partial to witch hunting. Charlotte drew his attention to a stamp on the corpse’s hand. If he hadn’t had the black light they might not have seen it. Sammy sort of wished he hadn’t seen it. The stamp was from a night club in the city. The kind you had to be supernatural or at least be able to see past the vale to get into. Sammy knew of it. It was a place he tried to avoid. Only now he couldn’t because lives hung in the balance.

    “Let’s go. I can at least buy you a drink.” he said.
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    Charlotte moved through the shadows with Sam close by, exploring the Grove. Her heart raced at the scent of blood. At first she feared it would be a witch, but relief filled her when she saw a man instead. The man had a hole burned clean through him. That was a unique sight. Charlotte couldn't help but wonder how things went down. She was surprised and honored when she saw Sam start playing detective. Even after being toget her almost a year he still surprised her. She loved that.

    "Yeah, we might as well look into it. I know one of the bar tenders anyways." She said.

    When they eneed the club there was that familiar "fwomp fwomp" sound that came with every club. The lights were dim with the occasional flash of a bright blue strobe light. She then saw the bar. It was nearly dead center the club with neon blue lit up bar stools and trim around the bar edge. The bar tender was a redhead with amber eyes and pointed ears, a succubus.

    "Let me introduce you to Ash." Charlotte said as she led them to the demon with orangey red hair.

    "Evenin, Char. Who's this handsome laddy?" She said with a thick Irish accent. "Ken I have'em?"

    "Ash, this is Sam, my boy friend. I'm afraid he's off the menu." Charlotte said sternly.

    "Too bad, we could've had a lot'o fun. Anyways, I'm Ashling, you can call me Ash. What brings ya into m'bar? When yar round, Char, can't be any'thin good."

    "Maybe we could talk more privately? I'm sure you've got a free room." Charlotte suggested.

    Ash sighed and waved over to one of the other bartender's on duty. "Ay, bring a coupl'a shots to Room eight. W'AR gonna bloody need'em." She then motione for them to follow her to the back. They entered a sound proof room that overlooked the dance floor. "A'right. Let yar lips start flappin. Haven't used this room since yar paps last visit with the mob this side the warld."

    Kali watched Charlotte and Sam downwind and at a safe distance. He didn't have much else to do. Even though it hurt to see her so happy and in love with Sam, at least he was close. As they left the body on the Grove he approached to do his own investigating. He examined the man's wound curiously. He followed in the shadows behind them, waiting a bit before entering the club. He entered in time to watchelp them get led away to a sound proof room. Frustration gripped him. If he used the shadow ability to get in Charlotte would notice him and kill him for sure. He sighed. This would likely be the end of his own investigation.

    Kali was on his way out when he noticed two me at the bar watching the room. He paused. They had water and nothing else. This place was a supernatural hot spot, and most came here to drink and 'socialize'. Something seemed off. He strode briskly to the bar to keep an eye on them. Whatever Charlotte and Sam were up to, let them get themselves killed. He figured that saving Sam might buy him some good graces and make him look like a hero. Women liked heroes after all, didn't they?
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    Sammy had never ranked demons in order of favorite to least, but Succubi and Incubi would be pretty low in the list. They let their junk make decisions for them more than any sixteen year old boy had ever thought possible. He carefully reached over and squeezed Charlotte’s hand when Ash asked if she could have him. That surprised him a little. He shifted uncomfortably for a moment until Charlotte spoke. One of the floor panels behind the bar raised and shift to the side. A half-human/half-snake girl slithered up from the floor. She had a small wooden box full of liquor bottles wrapped up in her coils. When she drew herself up next to the bar, she came up nearly eye to eye with Sammy and smiled at him.

    “Well, hello there.” she said.

    “Uh, Hello.” Sammy said uncomfortably.

    He moved quickly to catch up to Charlotte and Ash. They were approached by a half-demon. He stood a full head taller than Sammy.

    “Hey Ash. Hi gorgeous.” he said to them.

    “Bye.” Sammy said firmly when he caught up.

    He took Charlotte’s hand and whispered to her, “This is why I avoid clubs. Nobody really thinks when their brains around here.”

    Sammy took a seat. The room as sound proof but the door remained open while they waited for drinks to arrive. The window in room overlooked the dance floor. Sammy surveyed the club. The Lamia girl was looking up at them. Sammy averted his gaze. He thought he heard Ash say something earlier about Martell meeting with the mafia in here. So long as he never had to be involved with that business, Sammy really didn’t want to know.

    Sounds like a job for Benny. That’s all above my pay grade.

    A shot glass was placed in front of him. Sammy left it where it was. A clear head was best. He waited for the door to close.

    “Three members of the sisterhood are missing. I’ve reason to believe the people responsible are you using this club as a hunting ground.” he said.

    “You should probably check with that pack’o Black Rise bastards crawling around the city.” Ash suggested as she drank her shot.

    “I got a reliable source that says Black Rise is indisposed with another matter. And if they were involved, none of this would be on the news. Do you recognize any of these girls?” He asked.

    Sammy pulled up the local news website on his smart phone. He showed the pictures of the missing girls to Ash.

    “I don’t know these three personally, but I know the sisterhood. They come in after their summoning work sometimes. The half-demon lads buy em drinks. They take one of the home now and again.” Ash recalled.

    “They ever go home with anybody else?” Sammy asked.

    “You mean besides me?”

    Sammy looked annoyed and asked, “Anybody new that travels in group? Any harassment complaints from your regulars? Any gossip of a new coven in town?”

    Ash eyed the full shot glass in front of Sammy and remained silent. Sammy tilted it back and turned the empty glass over on the table. Ash reached over to the trey and placed two more shots on the table. Sammy drank another and turned it over. Ash looked at him then to the third shot.

    “You asked three questions handsome.” she said.

    Sammy drank the third one. Ash began to reach for the trey again.

    “Don’t push it Ash.” Sammy said darkly.

    She smiled at him, “I think this one might be a keeper Char. No new covens. And no harassment, but there’s small band’o human boys who started coming in here. They ask a few questions’o people. Curiosity they call it. Seems they haven’t seen through the vale for too long. They never start any trouble though. They’ll get tossed out on their arce the moment they do.”

    It was more information than he came in with. That would have to do for now. One human seeing through the vale for the first time and asking questions was harmless enough. A group of them traveling together was more than he was comfortable with. She made some small talk with Charlotte for a little while. Seems they hadn’t seen each other for a while. When they stood to leave the room, Charlotte walked in front of him. Sammy’s eyes raked over her form. He wanted to touch her. Sammy pushed his fingers into his eyes and noted the funny feeling in his face. The alcohol; he wasn’t drunk, but it affected him more than he wanted it to. When they got down stairs, he pulled Charlotte into a dark corner.

    “Sam!” she lightly scolded but didn’t put up much resistance either.

    He pulled the Odin’s sight prism from his pocket and handed it to her.

    “I need you to dive through the shadows and see who show up blue. Please be careful. If anybody spots you, they’ll be none too happy to see that crystal. I need to know who the humans are in here. I have a hunch.” he explained.

    Charlotte seemed to blink from existence. Sammy mingled through the crowd, but avoided the bar and the dance floor. He’d been hit on twice since they arrived. He didn’t care to have it happen a third time. It felt weird for anybody except for Charlotte to pay that kind of attention to him. Sammy had never been the most social of creatures. He stopped cold when the Lamia girl from the bar slithered by toward a back room with a cigarette in hand. She either didn’t see him or avoided looking at him. He was grateful either way. The smell of smoke filled his nose. Then a ticking sound and loud thump. Sammy pushed the door open and peaked inside. Two men were dragging her out into the back alley. One of them had a taser in hand.

    “Hey!” Sammy yelled and took off after them.

    His barrier sprang forth when he arrived in the street outside. That’s when he saw the gun. Sammy triple reinforced his barrier in the front and put up his hands.

    Bang! Bang!

    He felt two slugs impact his right hand that was in front of his face. The barrier gave way after absorbing the lion’s share of the gunshot force. That was going to leave a mark for certain, but he didn’t think his hand was broken. One gale force kick disarmed the gunman, another sent him sprawling to the ground. He looked to the lamia girl to see if she was OK. She was struggling against the man with a taser. Her eyes were glowing yellow as she met Sammy’s eye contact. He froze where he stood. When he tried to dash forward, his arms and legs refused to respond. Her gaze held him paralyzed. Sammy never saw the man behind him with the two by four. The man with the taser shocked the lamia girl in the back of the neck. Her gaze release him. He felt the impact from behind a second before his vision went dark. The rev of the engine was all that could be heard as the truck speep away. One lamia and one adept lay unconscious in the truck bed.
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    Charlotte had hoped the shots were getting to him a bit when he pulled her into the corner. However, work came first. She kissed his cheek, still hoping for more alone time later as she jumped into the shadows. To her alarm Sammy was gone when she returned. However, her eyes caught a familiar figure disappearing out the back door. It was Kali. When Charlotte was out to confront him he was chasing down a truck.

    "What's going on?" She barked, chasing after him.

    "Samuel is in that truck!" He exclaimed, still hoof in it.

    "What!?" Charlotte screamed as she gave chase.

    Unfortunately the two couldn't keep up, not even as they shadow jumped. Her heart fell as the truck began disappearing. There was no hesitation. She had to get help. Kali followed her as she went for the car, punching a number into her phone.

    "Who are you calling?" Kali asked in concern.

    "One if Sam's friends. We need help. Things have just gotten too heavy for us." Charlotte answered as she unlocked the car. "Hey, Ben was it? This is Charlotte. Sams in trouble." Charlotte handed the phone to Kali as she floored the car into action. She was chasing the truck even now.

    "And then they threw him in the trunk." Kali relayed the story before gibing the license plates. "We're gaining in pursuit. Gee, Char, slow down! You'll never catch them."

    "Watch me." Charlotte said her purple eyes turning red with ferocity.
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    Benjamin slapped yet another redacted and useless document down on his desk. He's brought them to his home for further reading. He'd gone twelve rounds with Paul over the originals. He found him tiresome. It was as if the originals held the secrets to transmuting gold from thin air. The buzz of his cell phone shook him from his thoughts.

    What now?

    Charlotte? What kind of trouble? Slow down." he said urgently.

    Noise like bumping and scraping came from the phone. It was a man's voice this time. He identified him self and Kal. Benjamin was already pulling out burner cell phones, a small bowl and a bottle of distilled water as Kal explained the predicment.

    "She needs to pull over or at least slow down. Because if you're in an accident, I can't explain how...never mind. Pull the emergency break if you have to. Just don't get arrested. If you're in cudosty I can't help you or Sam. If they wanted him dead, he would be. I can find his location, but you two are hot on their tails, they'll never stop. And if Sam's knocked out in a truck bed, he likely won't survive an accident. Make. Her. Listen. OK. Hold the line." he instructed.

    Benjamin poured some of the distelled water into the bowl. Energy flowed from his center to the index finger of his right hand. He knew who he was searching for. Using someone's name to locate them would suffice, but using their true name worked better.

    "Show yourself to me, Samuel George McGlothlin" Benjamin said as his right index finger lightly brushed the surface of the water.

    He could see Sam laying in a truck bed. It was a teal green Chevorlet Silverado. A female lamia lay beside him. Benjamin watched the road and tree limbs pass by, then one white road sign.

    "Kal! Sam's still in the truck bed. They're driving north on route seven. It's a teal green Chevorlet. I can keep watching but-No. There are more lives to be considered than just Sam's. He was looking into some missing girls and there's a lamia girl with him. Five lives hang in the balance. If you find them, you need to wait. I can get a tac team up withthin the hour." Benjamin explained.

    He was already dialing the fire team leader on his burner phone. Benjamin prayed he could get them operational before Charlotte went in fangs blazing. A group of half-cocked, misguided and dismembered hunters was the last thing he needed to clean up. That would leave a paper trail for sure. Paul liked paper trails, almost as much as he liked the idea of capturing the purest blood. Charlotte and Kal, whoever he was, could be in for some serious trouble.

    Sammy opened his eyes and regretted it a moment later. His head hurt and his wrists were killing him. He looked down to find heavy iron circulets clamped to his wrists, only the chains were missing.

    I know a king who'd like your style whoever you are.

    He was in a room, with wooden walls and a wooden door. A square was cut out toward the top with steel mesh placed over it. He walked to the door cautiously. The floor was dirt and didn't make any noise as he crept up and peaked out the squre cut out. The lamia girl was in the room across from him, but she was still out. Sammy flexed voltaic into his palm and struck the door. Nothing. He examined the chainless shackles more closely. There were runes carved into them. Sammy couldn't read runes. They weren't necessarily magic per se but if a carver used the right materials and symbols, runes held a power all their own. Most people among the supernatural community counted rune carving among the lost arts.

    "None of that's gonna help you in here witch. We've bound you." a young man said as he crossed his field of view.

    "Strictly speaking, I'm not a witch." Sammy said.

    "Bullshit! All sorcery is witchcraft. We'll clense you with the other three. And you'll burn with them too. Or are you going to tell me they're not witches either." he said.

    It wasn't confirmation, but it was likely the other girls were still alive, for now. Cleansing, whatever it was didn't sound pleasent, or very survivable. Being burned at the stake definately wasn't. Not so long as he was null shackled anyhow.

    "No. The other three you have are witches. If they're still alive, it's not too late. You can let us go. I know some people who can help you." Sammy said.

    "I don't need your help witch!" he yelled.

    "You saw something. Logic couldn't explain it. Science couldn't explain it. So you kept quiet about it, until you saw it or something like it again. You spent sometime wondering if you were going crazy. But when you saw it a second time you knew supernatural things were real. How am I doing so?" Sammy asked.

    The man looked thoughtful for just a moment when a voice called to him from down the hall.

    "Jeremiah! Don't talk to him. He'll put a spell on you." the voice yelled.

    The man disappeared from view. Sammy surveyed his situation. The wall were solid and the door was thick. He might could've dug thorugh the dirt floor, but he had a feeling time was on his side. Charlotte was no doubt looking for him but he couldn't guarantee she could find him here. Sammy looked up. The cealing had seen better days. It was as good a place as any to start. The makeshift holding cell was rather narrow. Sammy pressed his palms to one wall and his feet against the other. It was slow going but he could get to the cealing eventually.

    Kal had disconnected the line, but the tactical team was ready and he had a dman good idea where Sam was. Benjamin lost sight of truck in the bowl and had frantically looked for Sam again. There was only one spot on route seven where his scrying eyes couldn't see. It was rare, but sometimes anit-divination objects could work in favor of the diviner. They were lucky. Benjamin called Kal as he headed out the door.

    "Hold tight, I think I have him." he said.

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