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Female x Male The University Forever Changed(closed For Gradstudent12632 And Xerintha)

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Gradstudent12632, Feb 5, 2018.

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  1. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    It was a hot humid August day, the sound of bugs humming and chirping filled the air. Ben streached and looked over at the clock on the wall and unfortunately it was time to get up. He grumbled and got his 6'3 frame out of bed, streaching again and rubbing his eyes. It was far to hot in the dorms to get much sleep, not to mention the fact that he was up late getting ready for the start of the semester. He had the entire hall decorated and all doors labled with the names of the students who would soon reside in them. On top of 14 returning residents he has another 30 new timers which meant a lot of work getting ready for them. Ben started a pot of coffee and stumbled towards the showers, groggely throwing a towel over his shoulder as he went.

    By the time the shower was over he was his usual chipper self. He quickly got dressed throwing on a cotton undershirt, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of sneakers before heading down stairs and joining his fellow RA's outside.

    "Morning Mary" He said greeting one of them as he sat down. "Ready for another exciting school year?"

    "No...its far to hot out to be excited for much of anything other than a dip in the pool later. I might make that a floor event"

    Ben laughed whole hardheartedly and started getting things ready for the students that would be arriving soon. After about 15 minutes he spotted a woman with dark skin holding a map and looking frazzled and lost.

    "Excuse me" he said to Mary who just nodded and took a long pull of a glass of ice water she had next to her.

    Approaching the young lady Ben reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. "Excuse me, you seem a little lost, do you need help finding your way around? I'm Ben Harkins, one of the Resident Advisers here. "
  2. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all, but it was too late to do anything about it now. Not only was she here with no way to get home but this school was the one she’d chosen over the ones her parents wanted her to attend. Weeks of heated arguments over this dream of hers had finally exploded when financial aid had notified her that she was getting several scholarships and grants that would pay for nearly all of it. It was her winning card but, as much as Shrynna’s parents liked the money they’d save, they hated the fact that she wasn’t going to one of the more prestigious Dark Elven schools.

    The girl snorted and turned her back on the now distant Mercedes and studied the building that would be her home for the next few years. Other students trickled toward it and most had family and too much luggage with them. Leaning against her leg was a stuffed backpack and a single suitcase. Not a lot but she had the credit card that had been her parents’ only accession to this whole thing and that would help her purchase anything else she might need.

    Nerves roller coasted in her belly and she smoothed back long dark hair laced with dark purple as she hoisted her pack over one shoulder and rolled the bag behind her. Suddenly unsure of herself, the elf looked at the crinkled map then let out a low moan of exasperation. They’d dropped her off in the wrong spot. It took a minute to figure out where she was supposed to be and she set out to make the long hot trek toward the correct dorm.

    By the time she arrived, she had hair sticking to her forehead and all she wanted was a cold drink and a fan or, better yet, air conditioning. Stopping at the juncture between two buildings that had the same number she frowned and looked at the map again. One of these had to be building B but she was not seeing the distinctive marker.

    "Excuse me, you seem a little lost, do you need help finding your way around? I'm Ben Harkins, one of the Resident Advisers here.”

    Shrynna spun and blinked up at the tall man who’d seemed to have appeared from thin air. It took a minute for her to gather her heat addled thoughts and comprehend that he was the perfect person to ask. “Uh, yeah. Hi. I’m supposed to be in the dorms at…” she paused and glanced at the wrinkled map. “…25400 Huton Circle. Building B?” She looked up at him again and reached to scrape the hair from her forehead. “Oh! That was rude. Pleasure to meet you, Ben. I’m Shrynna.”
  3. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Ben looks down at the overwhelmed student before him and smiles warmly. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief and hands it to her. "Here, wipe your brow and I'll show you the way. That's actually my building so your in luck I know right where that is...I think" he says teasingly trying to interject a little humor into the situation. He picks up on her tension and wants to ease the mood a little bit.

    "So, new on campus I believe since I don't remember seeing you around and I think I would have...What floor are you on? I'm an RA on third floor." He turns and starts walking back toward the building. The sun breaks out from behind a cloud and the wind stops for a moment and the heat is stunning. "We sure have fine weather to move heavy suitcases and stuff up three flights of stairs with out any A/C...I'm sorry to tell you that the air conditioning is broken...they assured me yesterday that it would be fixed by this morning but as of yet it hasn't been. But you packed light so we shouldn't die of heat stroke getting up there...and I know mouth to mouth if you feel faint" he says again teasingly. "It gets easier from her I promise, once you get settled in here you won't even remember how nervous you are right now."

    He looked down at her once more, looking her over carefully and thoughtfully.

    "Dark elf right? Despite what those other schools I'm sure your parents wanted you to go to tell you, Estoria University is a great place with a diverse group of students including more of your kind then you would think. There is even entire clubs dedicated to just Dark Elves...though I'm not a huge fan...keeping me from joining and all. I mean can you imagine not wanting to hang out with all this" he says motioning to himself jokingly.
  4. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Relief flooded the small dark elf and her cheeks flushed when Ben offered her a handkerchief. She had to stuff the map in a back pocket of her jeans to free up a hand and reached for it with a grateful tip of her head. “Thanks. I’ll get it cleaned and return it.” That he was being so chatty meant she didn’t have to talk to much and she hurried along after him, wiping her face as she went. At 5’2” she was significantly shorter than he was and, even though her legs were long in proportion to her frame, she still had to walk faster and lengthen her strides to keep up. His light and easy mood went a long way toward calming hers and coaxing out the excitement she’d been feeling for the past week or so.

    She was really here at EU and a gleeful smile tickled at full dark lips and made her dark purple eyes gleam. That marvelous little dance her insides was doing nearly had her prancing on tip toes. Somehow, she refrained from doing so. After all, this was a grown-up place so she had to act like the adult she wanted to be. Laughter from the entrance to building A caught her attention and she peeked past Ben to watch a group of students playing some sort of game with a small white ball. Others slammed doors to cars and shouts and greetings from those seeing each other again after a long summer made her wonder if that would be her next year. Friends had been almost non-existent for her but maybe that would change here where she wasn’t living under the intimidating shadow of her family.

    Ben’s silence pulled her attention back to him and she blinked at the smile and quizzical look he was giving her. Wiping her face again, she frantically searched to remember what it was he’d been asking and saying and then flushed again. “Oh, yes, this is my first year here. Any university really. You’re right that my parents wanted me to go to some other place but EU has what I want.” She paused and shifted the pack on her shoulder. “I’m not sure about joining any clubs though. It’s not really my thing.” There was, of course, the fact that they’d probably shun her even if she tried but she kept that part to herself.

    Wait. Did you say third floor? That’s my floor!” She couldn’t help but flash a smile at him and it brightened her entire being. “I’m guessing that means you’re my RA, right?” The smile wavered at the thought that there would be no A/C and she groaned. “No A/C? I don’t even have a fan. I’ll have to add that to my list of things I need. Along with books and supplies and whatever else my room might need.” What she needed was a cold shower. The thought made her laugh softly as it came right on the heels of his comment about people wanting to hang out with him. A cough covered it and she canted her head to study him. “I’m not sure I’d want to belong to anything that wouldn’t allow everyone to be honest. It’s a little to stuck up for me.”
  5. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Ben laughed at her exuberance about being on third floor. "Yes I'll be your RA? You said your name was Shrynna, right?" he pauses thinking over the list of names that he's put on doors recently. "I think your in 308 with Sierra, she's...well you'll see when you meet her. She's nice don't worry she's just a little...eccentric."

    He stopped at the table he was sitting at before and introduced her to Mary.

    "Mary this is Shrynna, Shy, can I call you shy, Shy this is Mary. She's an RA on 4th floor." He started shuffling through some keys looking for hers. "But we all know who has the better floor" he added teasingly.

    With his attention approaching him he didn't notice the man appraoching him from behind. A large shadow falling over Shrynna, Mary, and him. And then there was a very large arm wrapped around his waist and he was hoisted up off the ground and pressed to a very large muscular chest by a Minotaur. "BEN!!!" the large creature shouted out, drool dripping from his snout like mouth. "Ready for another semester?" He asked cheerfully as he still held Ben tightly to him.

    "Hi....Gore...yes...I'm...ready...can you...maybe...loosen...the grip...or even...better...put me down...I can't...breathe...."

    "Oh sorry...I forgot..." Gore put him down and then excitedly wagged his short stubby tail as he saw Mary. "MARY come give Gore a hug."

    "Oh no you don't you flee bitten bull" she said as she got up and started running away from Gore who ran after her in hot persuit..

    Ben turned to Shrynna and rubbing his ribs and taking a few deep breaths said "That's gore...he's...well gore. You'll get to know him very well because he's your neighbor across the hall. Just a word of warning you might want to get some ear plugs I know your kind have sensitive hearing and he has a deviated septum so snores...loudly..." He went back to shuffeling through keys pulling her's and Gores from the pile. "Okay I have your key, do you want me taking you up to your room? Gore should tire out in this heat soon so Mary will be back to man the table. Or do you want some time to settle in on your own. Sierra isn't here yet, that I know of, and you should have the room to yourself."

    Off in the distance can be heard a loud "Got ya, come here for that hug" and a loud scream of agony.
  6. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Every second she was here things got more and more real and the smile on Shrynna’s face grew. She had a room. 308, 308, 308, and a roommate. The roommate thing worried her and she hoped Sierra turned out to be nice. Eccentric she could handle so long as the nice was there too. She barely managed to refrain from laughing at Ben’s choice of nicknames for her. People had been calling her that all her life and, she supposed, it fit well enough. “Shy’s okay” The too soft words made her wince and gave proof to the just how apropos-pro the name was.

    Still clutching the now soaked handkerchief, the small dark elf smiled and tipped her head in greeting to Mary. “Hello, nice to…” Whatever it was she was going to say got lost when someone grabbed Ben and hoisted him. Spinning in place, Shrynna dropped the fabric and lifted a hand dancing with magic. She stared up at the minotaur and fish-mouthed when she realized he was being friendly. Well, in his own way. Wincing again, she snapped her fist closed and took a step back as the spell dissipated.

    Watching the trio banter back and forth and then Mary race off with Gore right on her heels bubbled another laugh from somewhere deep within her. Yes, she was definitely going to like this place. “Ear plugs, got it. I’ll add that to my list of stuff I need.” Attention returning to Ben, she smiled up at him, the delight shining in her eyes, and went up on her tip toes when he pulled out the key to her room.

    The offer of help to get her settled in had her chewing on her bottom lip and she looked from her bag to him then to the doors to the building. “Um, I don’t want to take up all your time but can you show me where it is? I won’t be a bother much longer. I promise!” The girl flushed again and her grin turned sheepish. She could almost hear her mother’s exasperated sigh at just how polite she was being. Unlike most of her kind, Shrynna never bought into the idea that they were somehow so much better than anyone else.
  7. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    "Wait here a moment then and when Gore comes back with Mary we can go up and I'll show you around." Ben walked around the table to the cooler and took out a bottle of water. "Water?" He offered.

    While they waited for Gore to come back he sat down in a chair and helped a few more students check in, but none of them where on his floor. The students generally ignored Shrynna and made their way quickly in hopes of getting out of the heat. He never warned them about the air conditioning being broken. Eventually Gore reappeared with Mary thrown over his sholder, laying limp, having given up the struggle.

    "Okay gore you can put me down now" she says in a defeated monotone voice. She then said to Ben "Make sure he showers some time soon Ben...he wreaks."

    "Hey I can't help it...I'm a growing boy with active sweat glands and hormones" Gore says defensively as he sets Mary down.

    Ben, impressed that he knew that many words, looked over at Mary. Her hair was a mess, her hair was flush and she was clearly very irritated. "Can you hold down the fort, I need to give Shrynna the tour." Turning to Gore he held out a key "Here you go Gore, now don't loose this one, remember is 25 dollers if I have to make you another key."

    "Yes Ben I remember" he says taking the key in between his fingers. The key was dwarfed by his massive hairy hands. "If you want I can show Shrynna around so you can stay out here with Mrs. Mary."

    "No its okay I need to get out of this heat. But you can tag along if you want."

    "Yay!!! Oh and pleased to meat you Shrynna" he said as he opened his arms wide for a hug. Ben cleared his throat and Gore looked at him for a moment and then just extended his hand out for a hand shake instead.
  8. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    “Ok, sure. And yes please. Water sounds great!” Shrynna curled her fingers around the key to the next steps in her life and licked her lips when she realized just how thirst she was. Shrugging one shoulder to adjust her pack, she reached for the bottle and smiled up at Ben. “Thank you for being so kind too. I know it’s your job and all but still.” She twisted the cap off and easily downed half the bottle. It didn’t do much about the heat but it did make it a tad easier to bear.

    The moments of watching Ben interact with the other students and seeing who was going to be living in the building with her were intriguing and wanted nothing more than to take out her sketchbook and start drawing. Having others see her working and her work wasn’t something with which she was comfortable, however, so she contented herself with memorizing several faces and activities. She supposed she should be offended that everyone ignored her but, in reality, it was a relief. It meant no one knew her or cared that she was a dark elf. That tickled another smile and she relaxed enough to listen more closely to Ben as he greeted the students and checked them in. Curiosity set in and she eventually noticed that he’d not mentioned anything about the air conditioning nor did he offer to help any of them get moved in. She’d have to ask him about that later if she could remember.

    Before long Gore and Mary returned and Shrynna blinked in surprise at how disheveled the other girl looked. Standing, she retrieved a bottle of water and offered it to Mary. “You look like you could use this.” Thankfully, Gore didn’t try to crush her new friend again. She glanced over at the two men, the fact that Gore was only wearing a loin cloth elicited another deep blush, and nibbled at her lip when she thought it was going to be the minotaur that would show her around.

    When he turned toward her, her eyes widened, and she backed up one step then another when he opened his arms. Granted he seemed nice enough but she really didn’t want to get crushed much less by a half-naked male. Shrynna exhaled the breath she hadn’t known she was holding when Ben saved her from the hug of doom and quickly reached out to shake Gore’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Gore. You’re the first…” she trailed off there and looked down at where his hand neatly devoured her own. Yeah, making him angry was not a good idea at all.
  9. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Mary looked at Shrynna and plew some stray hairs out of her face. "Thanks...you didn't happen to put some rum in it did y...oh never mind" she says taking the water bottle and dumping the water over herself trying to wash off some of the bull sweat. "Thanks" she says to Shryanna and offers her the first smile of the day. "Nope...didn't help..."

    "The first Gore she's ever met" Ben finished Shrynna's sentence for her.

    "Pleased to meet you" Gore said in return. He desperately wanted to hug her but refrained as Ben had explained to him many time that it wasn't appropriate to do that with the students uninvited.

    "Well Mary I trust you to hold down the fort while we're gone, three of yours showed up while you were out romping with Gore but I gave them their keys and sent them on their way. They're all returning anyway so I'm sure they knew where they were going. Yesica had a new piercing...that wasn't really approperate for school so you might need to have a chat with her about covering it up..."

    With that he turned on his two students and waved them forward "Come on lets get this show on the road."

    Ben opened the doors and held them open for Gore who had to duck to get his horns to clear the frame and Shrynna. "Welcome to Huton Hall B" he exclaimed once they were in the large foyer. To the right was a desk with several mail slots and to the left was a seating area with various sized chairs and tables and such that was set up to be a study area. It had a tv in it as well though that was off for the time being. "Each of you will be assigned a mail box where you can recieve mail, anything to large to fit in your box will be left at the desk and you will have to sign for it. Your room key also opens your mail box and the front door to the hall so I suggest you don't loose your key. We also have a security guard posted at the desk after 9 PM who will check ID's of everyone who enters so remember to keep your id on you if you are going to be out past 9. Its not that big of a deal for residents though because there is a master list of all people who live in the hall behind the desk."

    "He's really nice his name is Altune and he's a Au Ra. They have nifty horns but not as cool as mine" Gore says waving his head back and forth showing off his horns.

    "Yeah...anyway...on the other side is one of our study lounges. Students can hang out there and study or watch tv as long as it doesn't bother anyone. It's open all night for students to use but again Altune is on duty after 9 so we ask that students keep it down as to not disturb him from his...work."

    "He sleeps on the job alot" Gore chimes in.

    "Yes he does" Ben says with a laugh "But when your 110 and an institution you get away with things like that I guess. Anyway follow me and I'll take you to your rooms. On the way up we'll pass second floor, which is identical to ours so I won't be stopping to show you anything on it."

    Ben makes his way into the building and to the right at the end of the foyer and then heads up the stairs. Gore offers to take Shrynna's suit case and backpack for her since he doesn't have anything with him.
  10. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Shrynna couldn’t help but snicker at Mary’s request for rum and her smile widened at the friendly grin on the other female’s face. It helped her relax a little more. She just shook her head then carefully extracted her hand from Gore’s grip. Shooting Ben a grateful look, she smiled up at the minotaur and nodded. “Yes, you’re definitely the first Gore I’ve ever met.” What was it with this guy and hugging anyway? She didn’t want to end up smelling worse then she suspected she already did so she backed up and turned to retrieve her pack.

    Eager to see the dorm and get out of the sun at least, she squeaked in excitement and drug her suitcase after her as the small group made their way inside. The girl took it all in and nodded as Ben showed her where the mailboxes were, explained about the guards and needing to keep her ID on her, and Gore blurted what it was the Au Ra really did while he was on duty. She couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t make a lot of noise anyway. I mean, I like music as much as anyone but I’m used to keeping the volume down.”

    When the trio neared the stairs, Shrynna groaned at the prospect of lugging her stuff up there then let out a quick “Thank you!” when Gore offered to take it up for her. He grinned at her and she returned it easily. Once you started getting to know him, he really wasn’t all that bad. Though she had to agree with Mary; he desperately needed to take a shower or six.

    It took three or four steps up before her attention returned to Ben and she found herself looking at one of the better views of the day. She stared for a minute as he climbed the stairs in front of her then blushed hard and ripped her gaze away. The third floor couldn’t get there fast enough!
  11. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Ben made his way up the stairs and held the door open for his two students. The top of the door had been pushed up to allow Gore and other students like him access to the floor easily. It eerily quiet on the floor, a rarity once school is in session. The floor it self was pretty standard. To the left of the stairwell was a small hallway with the bathroom at the end of it and Ben's room. The hallway continued to the right of the stairs and had rooms on either side of it one right across from another. All the doors had two name tags on them stating who lived in each room. The floor in the hall was carpeted and the walls between the doors were white. About midway down the hall there was a cork board that had all sorts of information pinned to it.

    "Don't mind the silence, it will go away by the end of the day, just not many students here yet." Ben says and then makes his way to Shrynna's room. "This is where you're room is Shy, I'm on the opposite side and like 4 doors down that way if you ever need anything my door is always open." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his master key. "I also have a master key if you ever get locked out, the first time I let you in its free, its 5 dollars for every subsequent lock out."

    Ben unlocks the door and opens it. The room is small with two very narrow closet, a desk in each closet, a dresser on each side of the room, a set of twin sized bunk beds with mattresses folded in half sitting on metal frames, a window that looks the area where student check in for the dorm is going, and a small mini refrigerator that sits next to the bed and under the window.The entire room is about 10'x10'. White cinder block walls and blue carpet complete the room.

    Ben walks over to the window and opens it hoping a breeze will help kill the heat in the room. "I know it isn't much but it will feel like home. You and Sierra can unbunk the beds if you want to give you more privacy and feel free to move the desks out of the closet, there just there for storage right now. Also feel free to furnish this how ever you want beyond whats already here we just ask that you keep all existing furniture in here. "

    As he was speaking the air conditioning came back to life, blowing cool refreshing air into the hot stifling room. "Oh thank god!" Ben exclaimed and then leaned over to close the window.

    "Want me to show you the bathroom or do you think you can figure that out on your own, its right at the end of the hall. Its coed so be prepared for that."

    "Do you want to come see my room Shy" Gore asked excitedly. "I get a room to myself because I'm so big."
  12. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    This place couldn’t be more different from what Shrynna knew and she loved it. While it was nice and clean, albiet hot, it wasn’t lush and rich either. For once in her life she wouldn’t have to spend every waking minute being reminded of what a failure she was or how nothing she had was truly hers. This was truly hers and the small dark elf couldn’t help but let out several soft squeaks of delight at first the communal areas then the room that would be hers; well hers and Sierra’s but who was counting? Clutching at her key, she watched as her RA opened the door and made a mental note to never lose the key. Well, maybe once….

    Following Ben into the room, she let her fingers roam over the desk in her closet, the rails of her bed, the top of her dresser and then up the pane of her new window to the world. Given that the room was so small, she stood rather close to the first person to show her real kindness in a long time. Today was a day of firsts it seemed and Shrynna grinned and looked up at Ben. Sweat rolled down the back of her neck and when the air conditioning kicked in, she groaned, closed her eyes, and tilted her face up toward the blessedly cool air. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything so good!”

    Blinking, she laughed shot a smile over to Gore and then up at Ben again when he offered to show her the bathrooms. “Wait. What?” Co-ed bathrooms too? She knew this floor was co-ed but hadn’t expected the bathroom to be as well. “You mean girls and boys will be in there at the same time?” That horrible flush took her face again. She really had to get over that. “I’d like to see them, yeah.”

    Gore’s enthusiasm helped her forget at least a little bit of her anxiety about the bathroom and she nodded at him. “Sure. After we see where the bathrooms are? Ben, you said your room is down there too? I want to make sure I know where to go if I need something.” What she might need, she had no idea but she was more than certain there would be something. Her eyes roamed the room, finally seeing things she’d been to excited to notice before. Sheets. Hangers. Maybe a better pillow. This impending shopping trip was getting bigger by the minute. “Like if I need to know where the buses are or if someone can take me shopping….”
  13. Gradstudent12632

    Gradstudent12632 Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    "Sure thing I can show you the bathroom. And yeah they take some getting used to...especially with big Gore around" Ben says and then makes his way out of the room.

    "I'll leave your stuff here Shy" Gore says as he threw the suitcase and backpack in the closet for now. He had to turn sideways to fit out of the door frame. Looking across the hall you see the entrance to his door has been widened and his room actually had french doors on it.

    Making his way down the hall Ben pointed out his room "This is my room and when I'm around and not occupied with another student or...something else...the door is always open. Just come on in, no need to knock or anything." Ben's door was covered in posters of famous mathematicians and inspirational quotes from them. He made his way to the bath room and opened the door. Inside was blue tile on the floor and pink tile on the walls. There were 5 sinks and 10 stalls what each had a toilet in them and then next to the stalls were 5 urinals that stretched from floor to almost the ceiling to accommodate students of various heights. The stalls were also various widths. Cut out of the right wall was a walkway about 4 feet across with a shower curtain across it. Ben pulled that back so Shrynna could see the showers. There were 6 of them with detachable shower heads and soap dishes and hooks for hanging toiletry bags in each shower stall.

    "I suggest you were shoes in the shower, I know it sounds strange but communal showers get filthy fast and while we make every effort to keep them clean...you'll want shower shoes."

    "Unless you have hoofs like me and don't have toes" Gore interjected.

    Ben turned toward Gore and said "Why don't you test to see if those showers are working there gore, I'll even let you borrow a few of my towles and my soap if you want"

    Gore lifted his arm and made a face "Yeah...I just might have to do that. Excuse me Mrs Shry..." he tried to say Shrynna's first name but couldn't get it out "Shy...can we postpone your coming over until I finish up in here? Give me like 5 minutes"

    "Make that an hour" Ben said and Gore made a face at him. "Don't make me get in there with you again Gore..."Ben threatened.

    "Okay okay...I'll see you in an hour Shy. You can straighten things up in your room if you want while you wait." Gore said and then headed toward the shower. He had the good grace to close the curtain on one of the stalls before peeling of his loin cloth and hanging it on one of the exterior hooks.

    "Well that was easy" Ben said "It used to take 5 of us to drag him into the shower...glad we impressed some mannors into him. Talk about being bull headed..." Ben said and then laughed at his own joke. "Bull headed...get it? Never mind...why don't we give him some privacy. I'm going to go run and bring him some towles so he doesn't try coming out of there naked and dripping wet and I think I still have a loin cloth of his laying around in my room...otherwise I think I have an extra sheet that might work."
  14. Xerintha

    Xerintha Active Member Courier

    Local Time:
    1:48 PM
    Shrynna cringed when her stuff was tossed into the closet. Oh, the laptop and drawing tablet were secured so well that they wouldn’t get damaged but it still made her worry. If she had to replace them, she’d hear from her parents for sure! Just to sooth herself, she adjusted both the pack and the suitcase so they wouldn’t somehow end up on the floor then glanced over at Gore’s room. It shouldn’t have but the fact that the school had made alterations to accommodate his large size was a pleasant surprise. Hurrying to catch up, she followed Ben and Gore down the hall and nodded as Ben told her of his open door policy. The ‘something else’ part flew right over her head at least for now. Later when she thought back on it, it might be a different story. Peeking into Ben’s room, she studied the posters and quotes on his door. Lifting one hand, she ran her fingers lightly over a few of them then shot him a wide grin. “You like math too? I’m thinking of either double majoring or taking a minor in it.”

    It was a conversation she’d love to have but exploring the bathroom situation seemed a little more important. Just inside the door, she stopped and her mouth dropped at the sight of the urinals and the showers. This was going to take some thought about the best times to be in here. A bathrobe and shower shoes got added to her mental list of things to buy. A short burst of laughter bubbled at Gore’s comment about feet, or hooves rather. “I can see where hooves might be better.” The girl leaned past the curtain to get a better look at the shower stalls and let out a breath of relief that it wasn’t just a bunch of showerheads sticking out of the wall. It was bad enough dealing with that in a girl’s locker room much less in a co-ed bathroom.

    Ben’s suggestion of a shower for Gore reminded her nose quite sharply about why such he’d even mentioned it. It really should have been an order. When the minotaur lifted his arm, she nearly choked and coughed to cover it. “Definitely an hour. Maybe two. Eeep!” Shrynna hopped backward and spun when the large male stepped into the shower area. Given what she’d seen and heard so far, she wouldn’t put it past him to just drop that loin cloth right there but he’d actually pulled the curtain before doing so. It was a relief and she moved to follow Ben again.

    “F..five? It’s really that hard to get him to shower?” She kept the question at a low whisper so as not to offend Gore should he be able to hear it. Ben’s joke made her choke again but this time it was from the unexpectedness of it. Coughing, she laughed and patted her chest while she tried to regain her breath. “I..I get it! And I’m sure not staying in here. Besides, I want to read more of those papers on your door.” Two steps before they got to his room, she halted and blinked. “Wait. You keep an extra loincloth for him? I’m almost afraid to ask why!”
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    "Well I have to get back to check in but feel free to hang out here and read the papers on my door or get settled into your room." Ben said and then shuddered at her question. "Don't ask...its a complicated answer that I try not to think about." He escorted her out of the bathroom and headed to his room, taking a key out and opening the door. It was already feeling cooler inside the building which was a relief.

    "Excuse the mess but come on in just going to grab that loin cloth for him. You can hang out in here if you want as well, but I'm going to be busy for hours yet. But why don't I take you into town when I'm done so you can get some shopping done? If you want I'm sure Gore can help you get your books and schedule and all that figured out but if not I can help with that to when I get back. We might even make a floor event of it and do everyone at once, saves time that way and it gets you to know some of your floor mates."

    Just then there is a knock on the open door. In the doorway stands a tall thin female high elf. To her right stands a gaunt white male figure. Its kind of hard to get a good look at him because he has bags strewn every which way acorss his body and is holding suit cases in both hands. "Excuse me Ben, I thought I would pop in and say hi...but I see your busy" the woman says.

    Ben smiles a small smile as he turns to face the woman and male. "Hi Sierra, no I'm not particularly busy I'm just showing your new roommate the ropes."

    "Oh on the first day of the semester, I see your not wasting any time" Sierra says coldly.

    Ben flushes bright red "No...not...anyway...Sierra this is your roommate Shrynna, Shrynna this is Sierra. I'll leave you two to get better acquainted I need to get back down stairs"

    Sierra pops the gum she had been chewing and then turns on her heals and walks away with out even saying a word. The man follows her, struggling to walk under the weight of all the stuff.

    "Well...see that you are going to be best of friends." Ben says. A moment later you hear the door to your room slam shut. Ben sighs and looks over at Shrynna "Have...fun"
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    Shrynna grinned at the offer of shopping and nodded. “I can wait, and thank you, I look forward to it.” Gore helping her get her books was a much better idea with him cleaned than smelling like a corpse and it would give her a chance to get to know her floormate a bit better. She had to admit she was curious about him and was already planning to draw a portrait of him. Going with everyone, however, was a daunting prospect, but she nodded again and tried to hide the small worry about it.

    Ears picking up the sound of someone approaching was enough warning to have Shrynna turning to see the knock on the door. She blinked at the elf and her companion then took a couple steps back to give them room. Given she seemed to know Ben, she had to be a returning student and Shrynna opened her mouth to say hello then went still. Sierra? Was this the girl who was to be her roommate? Of course, her comment about Ben not wasting time shocked her. Embarrassment made her cheeks flame; indignation made her frown. “Ben’s been nothing but nice to me!” The words came out a lot angrier sounding than she’d intended and she crossed her arms as Sierra popped her gum and headed toward the room. Shaking her head, Shrynna looked back up at Ben. “Is it too late to ask about getting a different roommate?” She was very glad she’d remembered to bring her key and ID with her because she wouldn’t put it past Sierra to have locked the door after slamming it.

    Reaching up to smooth back the drying strands of black and purple hair she thanked whatever god was listening for the return of the air conditioner. “I’ll ask Gore if he wants to go with a group to get books or if he’d rather just go now.” Her face softened with a grateful smile. “I know I’ve said it a few times, Ben, but really, thank you for being so nice to me. I really appreciate it.”
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    Ben laughed out loud at Shrynna's request to get a new roommate. "Unfortunately we aren't able to switch rooms until the first week of school is over unless something drastic happens. We like to give our students a time to use their problem solving skills to try to work through any issues they might be having before we reassign anyone. But if things don't work out I have a few others that I can put you with, so give it a week and then I'll see what I can do. And it's my pleasure to help you." Ben said and then excused himself as he had to get back to orientation. Ben ran into the bathroom real quick and replaced Gores loin cloth.

    "Fresh one on the hook buddy" He called out to Gore.

    "Thanks! That Shy seems nice" Said Gore

    "Yeah, but look I can't talk I need to get going, I'll see you around." Ben says before leaving.

    An hour passes and in that hour the floor starts to come alive. The sound of students returning fills the air and excited screams echo through the hall. Several people of different races eagerly make their through the hall and to their rooms. Eventually Gore comes to find Shrynna, smelling much better and wearing the fresh loin cloth that Ben brought him. Even his horns looked cleaner, which seemed like a rather large task to accomplish. As Gore approached he smiled a wide toothy smile at Shrynna.

    "I just need to grab my book bag and we can go get our books and schedules and I can show you around since Ben is busy, that is if you still want to go?" Gore said looking eagerly at Shrynna.
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    Problem solving skills. Shrynna couldn’t help but shift her weight uncomfortably at those words. Those had never been her strong suit but they were something she really needed to gain. Now was as good a time as any. When Ben headed to the bathroom, Shrynna crept down the hall toward her room where she stood and stared at the door as she gathered up the courage to face Sierra. Taking a deep breath, she put on a smile and opened the door.

    “Get out.” Sierra’s command made Shrynna actually back up and begin closing the door. She stopped and frowned. This was her room too after all and she sucked in a breath and stepped in. The elf stood slowly and turned, hands on her hips, to glare at the smaller dark elf. “What did I just say? Get out! I’m busy in here.” She, or rather, her servant had been. The bunks were separated, and the desks had been placed at the ends of the beds. Shrynna’s things had been tossed onto what was obviously her bed and with no regard for their contents. It was the sight of Sierra’s clothes hanging in both closets that helped Shrynna find her tongue.

    “Yes. Well. Hello to you too.” Moving to the bed, she righted her things and looked around at all the knick-knacks and a myriad of other objects and appliances her roommate had brought with her. She glanced at the closet again and frowned. “I may not have a lot of things yet but that is my closet and I’ll need the space.”

    Sierra sighed in exasperation and no small amount of irritation. “By rights I should have a single but they saddled me with you so you’ll just have to make do.” Pointing at a crate of books, she sniffed and then gestured toward the shelves she’d added near the window. “If you’re going to stay then make yourself useful and put those books up.” Not waiting to see if Shrynna would do it, Sierra sat at her desk and resumed applying make-up. “Of all the roommates they could have given me, I had to get a damn dark elf.”

    Shrynna opened her mouth to say something, noticed the look on the servant’s face and shut it again. Not everything could be perfect and having this roommate definitely wasn’t. Hopefully things would get better. She felt bad for the servant having to deal with this and, after unpacking her own backpack, set to work helping put the books up. It did give her something to do and seemed to satisfy the elf.

    An hour had gone by before she knew it and she jumped when Gore appeared in the doorway. Sierra’s shrieks for him to get out and didn’t he know it was rude to just go into someone’s room made Shrynna snatch up her pack and hurry out into the hall. “Sorry about that.” She murmured and smiled up at the minotaur. “I still want to go! Did you want to see if others wanted to head out with us or just go now?” Walking with him back to his room, she sniffed the air then laughed. “You do clean up nicely and you smell a lot better now too. I’ve never seen horns gleam like that either!”
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    Gore, being used to Sierra's shrieks was un-phased by the high elf and waited for Shrynna inside the doorway.

    "Welcome back to you to Sierra" he said politely. "I hope you have a good semester, I feel like I'm going to be seeing a lot of you this semester being that I'm friends with your roommate."

    Sierra gawked at Shrynna who was quickly trying to leave the room. "First your a dark elf, and now your friends with....THAT" she put heavy emphasis on the last word.

    "At least I have the manors to act civilly towards all different races even the haughty high elfs." Gore replied before shutting the door behind Shrynna. Gore then turned towards her and smiled "I'm glad you want to go with me, and sure there is someone I'd like to bring with if that's okay. She's kind of an outcast like me so we tend to stick together, I think she's here now..." his words trailed off as he looked around the hall.

    Just then a gnome with bright pink hair with purple streaks comes out of the 314 and comes running up to gore and plasters herself against his leg. "GORE" she cries out in excited glee. "I'm so glad your back for another year of fun" she says practically shaking with excitement. "She's right you smell great by the way" she says licking him on the back of the leg playfully "Don't taste half bad either" she said.

    Gore looks down and laughs as the gnome licks him. "Hey I told you before I'm your friend not food" Gore then looks over at the probably very confused Shrynna and gives her a sheepish grin. "Shy this is Snick, snick this is Shy, she's one of the new students around here and sadly she rooms with Sierra so we're going to have to look out for her."

    Snick releases her grip on Gores leg and walks over to Shrynna and offers her a hand to shake. "Its a pleasure to meet you...hmm" her eyes narrow a bit "Dark elf?" she asks inquisically? "Rather short for a dark elf but...probably means you don't have the regal attitude either."
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    Shrynna cringed at Sierra’s reaction and jab and gave Gore an apologetic look. He handled the situation with a lot more tact than she expected, and her shoulders released some of the tension she’d been holding there. Shutting the door quickly, she stepped out into the hall with the minotaur and nodded. “Oh no problem. I haven’t had much chance to figure out where everything is yet and I’d rather not do it alone.” Besides, who’d really bother her much if she was with the imposing figure with horns, but she kept that part to herself. At his mention of another friend, Shrynna grinned eagerly and nodded a second time. “Sure! I’d love to meet your friend.”

    She didn’t have long to wait before the gnome came dashing out. The sight of her hair alone made the dark elf blink and she clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh when Snick actually licked Gore’s leg. Licked it! A small snicker escaped anyway and that turned into a louder laugh at the idea that the tiny gnome could wish to eat the minotaur or that he’d let her. Eyes sparkling, she leaned down, though in truth it wasn’t that far, and shook her hand.

    “Shrynna,” she corrected “but Shy’s fine too. I’m used to it. Pleasure to meet you too, Snick.” Shrynna had to blink at the comment about her being short coming from a gnome, but she grinned and shrugged. “I know, I’m shorter than almost everyone I know. You’d be surprised how much people look down on you for that.” There she stopped and blinked, dark face flushing darker. “Uh, but maybe you do? Shit that was bad. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything. I love your hair too. Maybe I could do mine some other color.” The words rushed out of her mouth as she tried to cover up her faux pas though she did cringe at the regal part. That was one of the things she was used to being scolded about but she really hated the airs her family put on and just couldn’t find it in her to be like that.

    “What room are you in, Snick? Oh, wait. 314 right? I’m really not this ditzy you know.”

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