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The Retriever [ephemeral X Wingedfingertips]

Discussion in 'Orthodox Archive' started by Ephemeral, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Ephemeral

    Ephemeral Dreamweaver Member

    Local Time:
    9:37 PM
    Bio and historical background (open)
    Name: Wei Peng Li
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Chinese-American
    Race: Nano-enhanced human
    Setting: Cyberpunk, dystopian SciFi

    Being born and raised in China until the age of 14, Wei's parents moved to USA where he studied at a private school and he became fluent in several languages, with English being one of them. When Wei turned 20, he chose to return to China and thanks to his father's social connections with important members of the Tiger Syndicate, was able to begin to work at the military branch called the Roaring Dragons, a special ops task forces.

    Extremely brilliant, Wei was able to use his skill in strategy and execution in order to climb the military ranks within the Roaring Dragons until he, at the age of 25, landed more of a leadership position of managing his own task force for the very first time. Being highly ambitious, Wei wanted to impress his leaders and labeled his team the Hungry Dogs, a reference to how his primary objective was to track down and retrieve information that would pose potential danger to the existence of the Syndicate.

    The Tiger Syndicate

    Privately run crime syndicate consisting of several multinational Asian companies and top members of the yakuza. Has significant political influence and controls the majority of the east Asian continent, either directly or indirectly.

    The surveillance room was silent sans the gentle susurration of computer fans and the occasional keyboard tap. Having stared at the computer screen for so long, Wei reached for his head to rub his eyes several times before returning to read the text in front of him again. The action report was long and complicated and he had to finish his analysis by midnight but at this rate he was unsure whether he would make it in time. Not wanting to let more seconds go to waste, he sighed as he thought about how much work there was left to do, and as soon as he did, the door suddenly burst open. Startled, he knocked over his coffee cup and he watched how the cold liquid spread across the desk, leaving dark stains on his important paperwork.

    "For Christ's sake, don't you know how to fucking knock before you enter?!" Wei yelled in an agitated tone while turning his computer chair around so he could face the culprit that dared to disrupt him when he was so busy. At the entrance stood Cheng, one of the newly recruited errand boys.
    "Wei Peng Li, sir!" Cheng exclaimed while giving Wei the honors from where he stood. "I am sorry, sir, but the general demands that you see him immediately!" he finished while giving Wei an apologetic look which reminded Wei more of a wounded puppy than a soon-to-be elite soldier. Regretting his harsh words, Wei waved for Cheng to return to the leave the room.
    "Tell the general that I'll be there in a minute!" he responded and spun around to close the important files that were open on his screen.
    "Sir, yes, sir!" Cheng noted and quickly left with a door slam. Wei let out a groan as he finalized his work and locked his computer screen.

    Before leaving, Wei scanned the mess on his desk again but there was no time to deal with that now. In fact, he began to feel somewhat anxious over that the general had demanded to see him in person, and the very thought that he may have done something wrong made knot form within his stomach. The general was known to be very harsh and with impossible standards, and while Wei had worked very hard the past few years he's been employed at the Roaring Dragons, the lingering feeling that someone would always do something better than him would not leave. Having heard horror stories of what happens to those that mess up their operations really badly, Wei sincerely hoped he was not one of them.

    When Wei had finally reached the general's office, he felt dizzy and weak in his knees. He anxiously wet his lips once before giving the door a good knock and entered the room. In front of him sat the general, now an old man, behind his desk.
    "Wei, please have a seat," he urged Wei and pointed towards a chair situated opposite of the general's desk. The chair gave off a loud creak as Wei pulled it out before sitting down.
    "Sir, you asked for me?" he asked, trying to prevent his voice from cracking.
    "Please, have a look at the report in front of you," the general responded and pushed a plastic folder filled to the brim with photos and assorted paperwork, across the desk. Now somewhat curious, feeling relieved that the general did not seem to be mad, Wei took the folder from the general and opened it.

    The first page was pinned with the picture of a beautiful Asian woman, and next to it he could read the name Kia Tanaka in bold letters. Skimming the first portions of the report, it seemed that Kia Tanaka was an extremely talented child prodigy, having achieved two doctorate degrees at the age of 21, her current age, and was now working for the Consensus Republic with some very important but top secret research.
    "Do you understand what I want you to do?" the general asked Wei as he looked up from having finished the report.
    "No, sir, please explain," Wei said, feeling legitimately confused. This operation seemed way out of his typical tasks and he could not understand why he was shown this kind of information.
    "What I want you to do," the general explained, "Is to handpick a number of men to form your own task force, track this down woman down for us and bring her back to one of our prison facilities for questioning. I will give you all the necessary resources in order to complete your task to but remember: she must be brought back alive," the general finished, placing extra emphasis on his wording towards the end.
    "Sir, yes, sir," Wei nodded towards the general.
    "You're dismissed, and take that with you," the general responded while waving towards the report and Wei got up and placed the folder under his arm and left the office.


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