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Male x Female The Kingdom Of Lost Hearts

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by The Corrupt Fable, May 16, 2017.

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  1. The Corrupt Fable

    The Corrupt Fable The Ever Hopeless Romantic Member

    Local Time:
    1:25 AM
    Do you want to leave?


    Do you want to find something new?

    I...think so...

    Which do you prefer? A sword, a shield, a wand?


    Through the open door is the key to all

    Risa awoke that day in a flutter. Her sheets had somehow managed to end up on the floor in a jumbled mess and her body was sprawled on her bed like some sort of ragdoll. She could feel her sweat-drenched shirt press against her skin and peel from the bedding as she rose. Another horrible dream.

    She'd been having the dreams the past couple of days. Always a strangely soothing voice calling out nonsense. It didn't feel like a bad dream per say, but every time she found herself waking complete chaos. As if she'd been fighting the dreams away in her sleep.

    Oh well, that didn't matter to her now. No, the only that mattered was getting the party ready for her best friend, her only friend, Rama. Tomorrow was his birthday, finally going to be eighteen to match Risa. They planned to leave the island on that day.

    Yes, the island. A small, dismal place filled with nothing but empty treehouses and sand. Parents were non-existent, just a concept learned long ago for no purpose. Risa and Rama had figured people had lived here before; after all the treehouses had been left behind when they got there. In fact, that was another thing that had always bothered Risa. She never really remembered how they had gotten on the island. Simply awoke one sunny afternoon in a bed. It didn't matter, unanswered questions were meaningless to her. They wouldn't help her leave. Help her escape the island once called home, but now known more as a prison. Nothing new in life, just...

    There was a knock at the door.

    "You ready to go fishing today, Risa?" Rama's voice echo from behind the door. "We still need to get a raft for the boat, too!"

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  2. Austinmdg

    Austinmdg Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:25 AM
    Rama couldn't remember anything of his life before the Island. The day he met Risa, he got butterflies in his stomach that he had never had before, and because he hadn't seen his parents since he was about seven, they never explained what love felt like. He liked Rias a lot, and they spent every day together, almost all day and night. Today they were going to go fishing for some extra fish for dinner. Tomorrow was Rama's birthday, and he thought that he could maybe get a birthday kiss from her. He got up that morning and thought about what she had told him about the dreams she had. He believed her but couldn't make sense of any of them.

    He called to her. "Can I come in Risa? Are you naked?" He asked before grabbing the doorknob waiting for her response.

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