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Terms And Abbreviations

Discussion in 'Member Support System' started by TidalTrick, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. TidalTrick

    TidalTrick mischief afoot Powers That Be

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    8:04 AM
    Welcome to Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying!! Now that you are a part of the community you will undoubtedly run across some abbreviations and terms that are unfamiliar. Sometimes you may already know them but need a refresher. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the most commonly used abbreviations and terms on this site.

    General and Staff Related Terms

    GC = general chat

    GM = Global Moderators. They are the third tier of staff. They have the ability to moderate the entire site. They have the ability to issue warnings and bans. They are the ones to go to if you need a topic moved, locked, deleted, etc. They also handle most, if not all the reports that come in through our report system. They are the muscle of Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying with the dark green names.

    GM = Can also stand for Game Master, which is commonly known as someone who is leading a tabletop game such as DnD or the person organizing a group roleplay.

    GP = Guilty Pleasures

    GPR = Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying

    GPRAs – Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying Awards. This is GP’s very own award show to showcase the hard working members and highlight the best roleplays all year long. Nominations open in mid/late November of each year. Once all nominations are made the rps are put to vote in their respective categories and then open to a public vote. Once the voting period is over, the winners are announced and medals awards. Each GPRA has its unique set of medals.

    PMs = Private messages. A private message is a way to communicate with one another on the forum as well as a private way to roleplay if you prefer not to have your writing public. There are two start a private message with any member.
    1.) Click on the username of the member that you wish to pm and then select start a conversation. The rest is pretty self-explanatory but having a catchy title and an open ended message helps to invite the conversation to continue.
    2.) At the very top of the page in the right hand corner of the top menu, click on where it says inbox or an envelope icon to open the drop down menu and the click start a conversation. In the participant text box typed the name of the member/ members that you like to pm. The maximum number of members that can be included in a pm is 10 including the starter of the pm.

    WC/ WCer = The Welcoming Committee/ the Welcoming Committee Members. They are the fourth tier of staff. They moderate the Introduction forum and help keep an eye on the site, reporting to the appropriate staffer when needed. Their primary goal is to touch base with each and every newcomer that joins the site, showing them around, explaining the goals of the site, offering themselves as mentors, making themselves available for any questions or concerns, and generally making each new member feel welcomed into our community. Because they work more closely with the community, they are considered one of the most important aspects of the site. They are the ones to go to when you have general questions, need assistance or advice, or want someone to talk to. They are the purple names.

    Roleplay Related Terms

    FxF = Female and Female

    FxFuta = Female and Futa (see below)

    FxM = Female and Male

    Futa = Futanari or in simpler terms a female with male genitalia

    OC = Original Character. This is usually used in roleplay that is based off of a fandom such as Harry Potter, Marvel or Fallout

    OOC = Out of character. This refers to the discussion that has to do with the roleplay that is not in character. Most partners have an OOC pm where they can talk plot points or discuss ideas.

    IC = In character. This refers to the state in which you are writing in the perspective of a character.

    MC = My Character. This denotes the character that you want to play.

    Muse A = Muse A, a character that is available to be played in a scenario.

    Muse B = Muse B, a character that is available to be played in a scenario.

    RT – Request Thread. It’s a thread that tells the other members what you are looking for as far as roleplay is concerned

    RP = Roleplay. Either a roleplay itself or the act of roleplaying

    YC = Your Character. This denotes the character that you want your partner to play.
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