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FxF and FxM Take Shelter In My Mind

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by resonance_cascade, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. resonance_cascade

    resonance_cascade Member Member

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    4:09 PM
    Request Thread Skeleton

    Inspiration (open)

    About Me:

    You can call me Cassie or Cas, I'm new to the site, but I roleplayed for years. I took a break and only just decided to give it a shot, so here I am! XD I tend to roleplay scifi, as either male or female, but this is my first time roleplaying on a site that allows sex so my girls will probably be better at that then my guys. I guess you could call me either femdom or an uppity/smart-ass sub (not so good with titles defining XD) , though I'll need more practice to know for sure xP

    Rules and/or Requirements:

    What I Expect: I'd like you to be able to communicate and help plot, more than anything else. If I'm the only one coming up with ideas then it's no fun. I like planning what we'll do next. I don't have much in the terms of limits just nothing to do with pee or poop or anything like that.

    Specifically for this idea I'm looking for something more sweet. It gets a little close to the incest ground with a daddy daughter kink but it's all virtual reality and it's not "really" her dad. Read further for more on that XD

    I'd like you to be able to write a minimum of three paragraphs. With how much I'll be giving you should never do less than that, unless we're doing some sort of quick dialogue or action scene and decide to rapid fire a few quick responses. I suppose some sex scenes may call for shorter posts, I'm not too experienced in that regard to say. I'm really looking forward to learning though ; )


    What I Like: I pretty much exclusively play science fiction. I'm just a lot better at it and I love it. From alien worlds to alternate reality dystopias to time travel and space operas.

    I like dominant men, but understand that doesn't mean I'll play someone meek. It really depends on the story, because I have played shy, impressionable characters and if you'd like that let me know, but my best work is in characters who are forces of nature themselves.

    I like sweet romances, but also rivalries or love-hate relationships. Again, depends on the story. I imagine this one having a bit of a sweet romance that starts off as innocent rivalry. The sex would be slow coming in this one...well, if you have an idea for a more sexual version of this let me know, I might do it! I am trying to learn to be better at smut.


    What I'm Thinking: If you haven't watched the short film Shelter, above, I recommend doing that now. It's the inspiration for this idea. MC's father built a ship to protect me from the destruction of Earth. The nature of that destruction I've long forgotten, existing in a private virtual universe of my own. For years, I fly through space, unaware, locked in a virtual prison. The few memories I have of my father are already fading and only the loneliness remains where he used to be...until...

    ...one day the world I'm in generates a city and a world all on its own. Within this world are people, so unlike the world I felt I remembered. In this strange place, my ability to change the reality around me with my tablet had been limited.

    I find myself being hunted by criminals and nobility alike, all searching for my tablet, and it's only through the timely intervention of YC that I am saved. You're the same age as me, or close to it. What I don't know is that you're a recreation of my father's desire to protect me, like some sort of virtual anti-virus program. But as we spend more time together, I begin to unlock truths hidden in the world. Memories and hints as to what happened to my home, as well as my own clouded memories.

    Closing Remarks:

    Thanks for Reading: If you're interested I'd love to hear from you! I am also willing to do variations of this idea and to flesh it out in different directions. I don't mind it also being f// if anyone has ideas on how to implement that.

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