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Female x Male Some Of My Fantasies

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by LustandPower, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. LustandPower

    LustandPower Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:07 AM
    Hallo and Welcome to my thread.

    First of all I am not a native English speaker, but I believe my English is pretty good. I have been told I write better in English than in my native tongue. Whatever that means.

    So what am I looking for?

    I look for a roleplay that explores the connection of lust and power, as my name says. I actually lean more to the role that has the power, so call me dominant if you feel the need for classification.

    The games I have in mind are mostly set in our contemporary world. I do like to write a bit more and therefore anyone trying to minimize the words he has to write is not a good partner for me and will quickly find my interest going to zero. Nevertheless this is a roleplay and not a novella competition, so no worries.


    My kinks are many, so I won't name them all. So I will simply give you my no-gos.

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I play anything involving a toilet or stuff that belongs there, animals or death. Also incest and playing old men turns me off.

    So what do I play? Below you find a number of fantasies that I need to get out of my head ...

    Involuntary Roommate

    You are broke and got kicked out of your flat. So you ask a guy you had an affair with to crush on his couch for a few days. It actually turns to be his bed you stay most of the time in and he makes good use of your bad situation and tries a few things ...

    The Fugitive

    Your boyfriend talked you into stealing money from the wrong people. You even slept with one of those guys. You were just so in love you would have done anything for a happy and wealthy life with your boy. Problem is, he took the money and left you with all the trouble.

    Now both Cops and the guys you stole from are looking for you and you went into hiding with a guy you knew from school way back. A nice guy, actually. But the only thing you got to offer him in return for hiding you is your body and the power and opportunity bring out his darker appetites ...

    Modern Slavery

    A big company has a very special service for it's high potential recruits. They get young woman from the streets or out of jail and train them to be perfect girlfriends. Then these girls get together with their recruits and equally entertain them and spy on them. If a girl gets dumbed that is called a strike. Because three strikes and you are out! And those who are out you never hear of again.

    YC has two strikes when she is given a brilliant young guy to become her next target. That guy has some very rough appetites though.

    The Heir

    A young woman was basically owned by an elder rich man who therefore supported her family. She was his plaything, his sexual slave ... until he suddenly died.

    And now a young nephew has inherited everything the old man once owned. Which includes her.


    A young and beautiful woman - a real queen bee - is actually more damaged than anybody thinks. To overcome her phobia she allows herself to be hypnotized by a psychiatrist. What she does not know is the wicked nature of this man, who hates woman like her deeply. He induces into her an irresistible attraction for a young man who is also in therapy with him. She would do anything to be with him. The guy does not know what is happening to him, but with every session she takes she shows up with more and more kinkier ideas what he should try with her ...

    The New Sponsor

    A young woman has been living with a rich businessman for many years. She actually completely relied on him. She has no real education and she never learned a job. Basically reading his wishes from his eyes was all she ever had to do. It goes without saying she was pretty used to fulfill every sexual desire he had or wanted to try. Then he dumbed her. Just like that.

    She needs a new sponsor, a new man who finances her life and who she can be with.

    Now two scenarios are possible:

    1. She shows up at the house of Number 2 of the company. The real brain behind the whole money printing machine her Ex ran. She knows he is single and would do anything to become his next girlfriend.
    2. She begins her search and runs through a number of guys and adventures as she is used by men always hoping they will "pick her".

    So, that would be some ideas. If you like any, PM me!
  2. LustandPower

    LustandPower Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:07 AM
  3. LustandPower

    LustandPower Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:07 AM
  4. LustandPower

    LustandPower Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:07 AM

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