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Female x Male Run For Your Life.

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Crystalline Rose, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose Blood or chocolate? Which is sweeter? Member

    Local Time:
    1:27 PM

    Hunter gave a sigh as he shifted from wolf to human. His large black wolf form easily changing into his solid wall of muscle human form. It wasn't always this easy or painless. It used to be intolerable. The pain unimaginable. It took hours to shift. And normally it was out of his control. The beast taking effect whenever it felt like it. Hunter had trained and turned for years and years, perfecting his animal side. Forcing it to become natural and painless.

    Not only was it easy and now comfortable to shift, but he was now able to do it and remain in his clothes. That way he was not naked when he turned human once more. For being naked in public after turning was never a good or safe thing. Hunter had been in trouble for such a thing many times when he was younger. But luckily practice makes perfect and he was nearly there. Nearly perfect at switching between the two forms.

    The werewolf adjusted his black shirt as he popped his back. Readjusting and becoming familiar with himself once more. Once he was looking and feeling normal, he turned and began to head out of the small wooded area and towards his car. After all, he had plans with a close friend of his and thought it would be rude to be late. So with a smirk, he climbed into his car and headed in her direction. Knowing he'd get an ear full for being late..again.
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  2. sirencall

    sirencall GP's Empathic Siren Princess Heart Ambassador

    Local Time:
    8:27 PM

    their place (open)


    River drove over to "their" place, she knew she would be slightly early which probably meant waiting for Hunter to arrive as he as always late...always. She smiled to herself as she pulled into the parking lot, checking on her lipstick before walking into the old bar, a woman smiled at River, "Has it been a month already?", she chuckled, "You look very pretty tonight River", she winked and told River to take a seat. "Thanks Esther", River replied happily.

    River liked it here, it was safe for them, friendly and not many people came here, it had become their place many many years ago, after River had experienced the worst prom night a girl could have, she'd left early but couldn't face going home without her date, Hunter had found her outside crying her and brought her here and it had been their place ever since, as they grew older they found it routine to meet at least once a month here, generally ordering the same thing, drinking the same drinks and chatting and laughing together. River loved it all the more because of how quiet it was it also meant Hunter didn't have a hoard of girls running after him, so she got his undivided attention and he would relax and she'd see that sweet guy who'd rescued her on prom night.

    Esther bought a jug of water over until Hunter arrived and she could take orders, River thanked her, and whilst she waited for Hunter, she swirled the water with her mind, allowing the colours to change and the ice cubes to melt and refreeze, no one noticed because she was in a booth, which was lucky, although Esther was aware of Rivers powers due to River helping out over the years, and having no mother, River looked up to her. She tapped checked her watch and sighed waiting for Hunter to arrive.

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