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Rp As The Man That Falls In Love With Me?

Discussion in 'Open RolePlay' started by Jessyca, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. Jessyca

    Jessyca Member Member

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    2:47 PM
    A small petite woman of 5’0 and 130 lbs, her bright blue eyes shine as her long brown hair fall softly over her shoulders.

    She wears her heart on her sleeve and believes in standing up for herself and others but will gladly give the shirt off of her back.

    She tries to avoid drama and conflict as she sees it only seems to worsen things in life and often times nearly makes matters so much worse no matter what situation seems to arise.

    She tries to make friends with all those that cross her path, and although she understands this isn’t always possible she tries no matter what.

    She reminds herself to remain humble, loving, kind and strong to all of those she crosses paths with throughout her life.

    Having lost both parents at the age of 16 and being an only child she has learned to raise herself and do the right thing, A bright woman with a love for children she graduated Harvard University with a Masters Degree in becoming a Neonatologist, college is something she vowed to achieve and she did so with full honors.

    Life has been anything but easy bouncing from place to place and living in the streets nobody seems willing to give her a chance at life, she vows to keep pushing for herself even if it means doing it all alone.

    She has hopes of one day settling down and finding true love, but her fear of most men in general makes it a little hard to do, due to her past and being beaten and abused by almost every man that has set foot into her life, she still holds out hope that there is still good in the world and true love somewhere out there, until then she’ll just keep pushing and keep fighting wherever life may take her.

    She holds out hope that she will one day find a man that wants to wake up next to her and that will honor her and protect her by all means necessary, a man that knows her worth and will stop at nothing to make her the center of the world for once in her life, a man that will make sure she has no worries or cares in the world as long as he is by her side.

    She dreams of a sweet White House in the country with her husband whomever that might be, she dreams of one day having children and pets, sitting on the front porch of her sweet little house while watching the sun go down safe in the arms of a faithful man that is head over heels for her, but if not...well she’ll somehow figure outnhow to do life alone just as she has since she lost her parents at 16
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  2. Christian De Leon

    Christian De Leon Member Member

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    1:47 PM

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