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Female x Male Realistic Romance And Long Term

Discussion in 'Archived Requests' started by Hamsworth, Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. Hamsworth

    Hamsworth Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 AM
    A Little About Myself
    This is my first request threads. So about myself, i'm a 19 years old female. I'm studying English in university. I have been roleplaying on instagram from 6 years. However, it is not satisfying for me. I tend to do modern and realistic romance. I also like to go in details when doing smut, I will describe every datails, like how my character reacts, her facial ecpression, how she moves, how she sounds like, etc. The roleplayers on instagram are rather young and they cannot write good smut, some of them are not even literate in roleplay.

    What Am I Looking for...​
    Basically, I'm looking for a romantic roleplay with well written smuts but for me, I don't like to begin with smut as it can be boring very quickly. I prefer building chemistry between the character before we take it to the bedroom.

    Talking about partners, I'm looking for a male dominant which has a softer side as well. When people are too harsh or rough all a sudden , it usually freak me out. I would like the male to be experienced and patient aince my character can be very sensitive and timid in bed. I'll explain more in hard limits. I have a character written... (we don't have to use her)

    Olivia Charlie Hamsworth
    ⠀⠀a twenty-two brunette, british, baby blue eyes, petite, five foot seven ; sensitive, outgoing and stubborn
    ⠀⠀an innocent child. when she was a kid, she hugged every old men with white hair whenever she went to the supermarket, because she thought they were santa ; she tried to held her breath to swim to the bottom of the sea, because she believed in mermaids ; she loved horse riding, because in fairy tales every princess ride to her 'happily ever after' with prince charming. ⠀⠀
    ⠀⠀on the night when she turned fourteen, she got a phone call. a call she would never forget. her parents were killed in a plane crush. she cried for days, weeks and months. she wished the tears can build a bridge to heaven, to bring them back. little did she know. after a while, she figured out the only way to see her parents again, to end her own life. ⠀⠀
    ⠀⠀a rich married couple saved her, pulling her back to the land from the sea. they adopted her a week later, calling her their daughter, little sister and golden girl. she was far from the children who born rich. she is strong, mature and independent. however, there are times that the young woman needed a shoulder, a hug and love. ⠀⠀
    she has been modeling since she was seventeen. though, it was not as easy as it looks. she is living in a house on her own in new york city. she suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and flying phobia.

    she is a virgin/very inexperienced in bed, looking for someone who would be patient enough to handle her.

    if you don't have a character, you can use this one. i'm looking to find someone similar to him.

    Vienna Charlie Hamsworth

    age: 27-39

    ⠀⠀height: 6'4

    ⠀⠀weight: 83kg

    ⠀⠀eyes colour: hazel

    ⠀⠀hair colour: dark brown


    ⠀⠀smoking: social smoker

    ⠀⠀drinking: social drinker

    sexuality: straight ⠀⠀

    position: top/dominant

    ⠀ experience: seasoned

    turn ons/his tricks: oral sex, penatration sex, toys, orgasm dential, foreplay, fingering, aftercare, spooning etc

    turn offs/limits: dominat female, blood, rape, age play, ddlg, incest, animals, shaming, violance, toilet play, water play, daddy kink, hardcore bondage, extremely submissive famale.

    he doesn't like it when girls are too demanding in bed or told him what to do, she was supposed to be shy and new to it.

    (optional) vienna's family owned a well-known adult entertainment industry. he and his family works in a building which does shooting, sex designing.. etc. ask if you want to know more.

    Hard Limits
    As I mentioned, my character is inexperienced, so it might take some time for her to take different kinks. Back to hard limit..
    - rape
    -age play/ddlg
    -water play
    - shaming
    -everything belongs to the toilet

    Everything I want is on the right..
    boyfriend x girlfriend
    photographer x model
    entrepreneur x model
    body guard x model
    rich man x maid
    doctor x patient
    family friend x family friend
    personal trainer x trainee

    feel free to tell me if you have other ideas

    How I Write
    i'lmliterate but i'm not saying that i can write 1000 words for every reply, probably 400-500words, more when the roleplay is interesting or when we are doing smut. i'hope that you can do thesame and please do not drop lenght, i hate that. here is a writing sample...

    Olivia just moved in to the city last month to work with her current agency, they were providing opportunities for her to go to different events and castings. Last weekend, she was in that public relation event of one of the big glossy magazines. It went so well and her agent told her that a small company got theirs eyes on her.

    Meanwhile, she was still unfamiliar with the place but she was so glad that her agency gave her a apartment to settle in for now. She would be lying if she said she was not homesick, she was missing her friends and family from her home town, especially her siblings. They were everything to her.

    The next day, Olivia got a direct email from the boss of a small modeling company which was more well-known, probably one of the best in the country. They wanted to meet her, to talk to her face to face. For sure that she was going to say yes, but she could not help feeling nervous.

    “I’m Olivia Hamsworth. I’m here for a meeting with Mr. Stone, at 2pm” the petite woman was standing 5’6, wearing a denim short and denim jacket with a white bralette underneath. The bralette was thin that it revealed the colour of her light pink nipples. “please wait for a second, Mr. Store will be ready to see you soon’’ the secretary said. Olivia nodded politely with a small “thank you”. After a minute or so, “Please follow me, Miss Hamsworth” Olivia didn’t realized how nervous she was, her hand was gripping on her handbag, she was always timid and shy when she met someone new.

    Stepping into the office, she saw the handsome man, middle aged, dark, very attractive. She felt very intimidated by him, she didn’t know if he would like her. She turned to the door when his secretary left the room, she was also with him now. It took her a moment to find her courage to look at the male again. “Olivia Hamsworth, it’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Stone” she introduced herself once again. She tried to pull the chair in front of the desk for herself, but it was rather heavy for her, she let out a small whimper “uh” when she pulled it out.

    She blushed. “so why do you want to see me” she asked, pretending that nothing had happened.

    i'm looking forward to roleplay with you guys, inbox me if interested xx tect me if you have other ideas or question, i don't bite.

    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  2. Hamsworth

    Hamsworth Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 AM
  3. NightTerrors

    NightTerrors Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 PM
    Have you found your 6'4 stallion yet?
  4. Hamsworth

    Hamsworth Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 AM
    No don’t think so
  5. NightTerrors

    NightTerrors Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 PM
    If i was out of basic training and could provide you with the appropiate amount of attention for this particular roleplay. I feel it could be magical but i have 5 weeks left my dear. Although im always down for friends :)
  6. Hamsworth

    Hamsworth Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:11 AM

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