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Poll: Member Tag [ Input Needed]

Discussion in 'Member Support System' started by Kalinda, Jul 31, 2017.


Which of the options below should require an individual @member tag?

Poll closed Monday at 5:01 AM.
  1. New rules (site wide, chat, events, etc)

    124 vote(s)
  2. Open staff and team positions

    71 vote(s)
  3. Events and contests

    78 vote(s)
  4. Challenges WITHIN events (Ex: Challenge 1 of event, Challenge 2 of event)

    40 vote(s)
  5. Site and server issues

    118 vote(s)
  6. Member Support System

    69 vote(s)
  7. There is something else I want to receive an individual tag about (Comment below!)

    6 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Madame Warlock

    Madame Warlock GP's Lady of Fonts Member

    Local Time:
    11:41 AM
    I do think that someone has mentioned this somewhere in here, but I'd like to second it now that I've realized it. I do think that the Weekly Writing Prompt and the Word of the Week could at the very least be consolidated into a single member notification rather than there being two member notifications in one day on whatever day they decided to be posted. It could be set up in such a way that the writing prompt post mentions that "You can view the word of the week here," and then includes a link to the word of the week. I feel like it's really weird to get a notification about the word of the week when it's not a required read and nor is the word of the week specifically something that we can act on. We can use it in the writing prompt, but we can't reply to or comment on the word of the week and it doesn't call for us to do anything so it's weird to have a notification for it.

    Just a thought that came up...
  2. Ninjanerd

    Ninjanerd The God of Fuck Guilty Gold

    Local Time:
    12:41 PM
    I think it would be a wonderful (as well as better) idea to have event notices and reminders in the form of a clickable/hovering banner at the top of the forum screen that randomly updates notifications when you place your cursor over it, one that circulates a different update every 7 seconds. Here's an example of a banner that shows updates when you hover over it with your cursor: http://dreamers.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

    I think something like this gives members the option to delve into the updates at their leisure, yet is VISIBLE and less intrusive.
  3. ViggenBlast

    ViggenBlast Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:41 AM
    Is there a way of not having alerts or tags for all the contests that are run here?
  4. sirencall

    sirencall GP's Targaryen Siren Heart Ambassador

    Local Time:
    5:41 PM
    That's the discussion we are having, what you as members would like tags/ alerts for.
  5. ViggenBlast

    ViggenBlast Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:41 AM
    Rule changes would be useful to be tagged for.
    New PM's I think you get a separate alert anyway.
    Responses to threads and new messages on your profile.

    Everything else I would rather opt out.
  6. Banana Fan

    Banana Fan Unapologetically Phallic Member

    Local Time:
    9:41 AM
    I feel like there should be several tags, some of which there should be the option to toggle out of in your settings, in order to reduce alert spam,

    @Member should ideally be used only for things relevant to all members, such as site/connectivity issues, rule changes, and other important things that the member base would need to be aware of.

    An @Event tag should feasibly be made, considering how the @Member tag gets used very often during events. I've only had the opportunity to take part in one GP event - and the @Member tag was used no less than a dozen times. For someone participating in the events, it's nice to be alerted. But for the majority of GP users who aren't participating, the alerts quickly become irritating when they bury alerts relevant to you.

    I feel like there should also be an additional tag for things such as Word of the Week and Writing Prompts, as well as the monthy medal shop update. The majority of GP users don't care about the alerts. If @Member continues to be used, that amounts to about 9 spam alerts per month.

    Impersonal alerts should be directed to people who find them relevant.
  7. ViggenBlast

    ViggenBlast Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:41 AM
    YES, SO, SO YES!!!

    God I hate those word of the week alerts. The contests.

    I guess another way you can gauge how relevant they are is to look at how many members (out of the total members who are 'alerted' actually participate in these events?

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