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Male x Female Passing Through (pink_silk_glove~elwin Dormin Iii)

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by pink_silk_glove, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. pink_silk_glove

    pink_silk_glove Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:41 PM
    Nobody stayed in Superior Montana. Everybody passed through. Everyone except Chloe Breschiani. At seventeen Chloe had moved there to live with her mother and was stuck there. The city girl never fit in to the tiny mountain town. Of course she had never really fit in the city neither. The Hawk's Nest was a 24-hour truck stop diner on Interstate 90. The parking lot was always full of big rigs making a stop to eat or a rest for the night before moving on. She wondered if all the truckers doubled the population of town. Chloe had been working there for two weeks.

    She had been looking forward to the summer but that all changed when Chase had dumped her just before the end of the school year. Chase lived 30 miles down the freeway in Alberton but he hung out in Superior often where his older brother lived. He used to come pick her up in his four-by-four and go park somewhere secluded in the woods, but that was over now. She had lost him to that bitch Rachel, the skinny blonde. Chase had been Chloe's first, and once he'd had his fun with her he moved on to something better. She looked down at her own plump figure, under tight black clothes. Black was nondescript, and slimming they said. Mostly she felt hidden in it. Her ample chest packed into her top, solid from the bust down but covered in sheer right up to her neck with short sleeves. Her skirt hugged her heavy hips but hung down loose past her knees. Her hair was also black, dyed shiny jet, hanging down long and straight with abrupt bangs. Her face was round with pouty lips. There was a small silver hoop in her right brow and two larger ones in her ears.

    At 11pm there was one hour left on her shift. Even at this late hour the place was busy, with twenty tables and booths, most of them occupied. Most guys liked to sit at the counter, some of them tried to chat up the servers (actually at The Hawk's Nest they were still called waitresses). In her short time there taking these truckers' orders, she already recognized a couple of regulars. Most of them were quite friendly with Viv, the pixie redhead.

    Chloe topped up a couple of coffees at the front counter and went to bus a table.
  2. Elwin Dormin III

    Elwin Dormin III Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:41 PM
    It had been nearly a month since Nick Crane stopped by the Hawk's Nest. His home, aside from the truck he drove which had become a second home by now, was over 2,000 miles away from Superior Montana, but because of his job, he knew the place well enough. He knew that it was quiet, the people generally didn't bother others and in turn, nobody stuck their noses in strangers' businesses. Nick had found that that was usually the case in most places he stopped at. He liked it that way; it wasn't that he did anything shady, but he was a quiet man that liked his space. His wife understood that better than anyone and even when he was home, she didn't pester him for anything - Diana was an amazing woman. He drove every day for ten hours a day and brought home some good money while she stayed home and watched their children.

    Nick was starting to feel old even though he was only forty; most people say that he stopped aging at thirty, but even if that were true, it was only in his face. Even his hair had turned from completely black to mostly gray. His long sleeved black and red shirt was well worn, but comfortable and underneath was an old back nirvana t-shirt that his wife had given him long ago. Coupled with dark blue jeans and boots, it was clear that Nick focused on comfort rather than style.

    He knew a lot of people in the Hawk's Nest, but there was an unfamiliar face in the crowd. She was young, probably about his daughter's age, and a cute face and the body of a real woman already. He watched her pouring drinks and shifting around the place as he sat alone at his table. He liked her more than the other girl, the redhead... she never sat well with him for some reason. But this girl, though she didn't show it, he could see pain in her eyes. Nick had always been good at judging people; unnaturally good, some have said.

    When the girl approached, he looked up at her for a moment and gave the waitress a tiny smile. "You're new..." He stated the obvious. "How about you bring me some coffee and the name of the asshole that broke your heart?" He said.
  3. pink_silk_glove

    pink_silk_glove Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:41 PM
    "You're new."

    Chloe perked up at the comment that was obviously intended for her.

    "How about you bring me some coffee and the name of the asshole that broke your heart?"

    Instinctively she grabbed the carafe at the word coffee but halted short as he finished the line. There was a warmth in his eyes as he looked into her, sending a quiver from her chest down through her core and into her thighs. Before she had even laid eyes on him he had enveloped her. With her arm wanting to reach out to fill his cup but her feet not moving forward to bring her within his range, she stood in a bewildered tizzy as she tried to unravel what he had just said. Her mouth opened to speak but no words came forth. Her heart was broken? Was it showing? Finally her right foot broke free and the other followed.

    "Uh, some coffee?" she said with a tremble in her voice as she began to pour. Chloe would dismiss the rest of his comment. She wasn't ready to face any of that pain, certainly not with a handsome stranger. "Are you ready to order?"

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