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Male x Male My Guilty Pleasure (seeking Roleplays On The Much Darker/kinkier Side!) *with Plots*

Discussion in 'Archived Requests' started by FallIntoDepravity, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. FallIntoDepravity

    FallIntoDepravity Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:34 AM

    Hi everyone! I'm Taylor or Fall and this is my new search thread. First off, I tend to play PHYSICALLY submissive characters, but my characters have dom qualities and can take the lead outside of sex scenes. I'm currently searching for roleplays that will contain some very dark and gritty stuff such as abuse, noncon, blackmail, revenge, etc. so if that's not for you, I might not be the best partner? (Because I do find myself losing interest easily otherwise) I'll also just say I'm not exactly looking for cute fluff or romance unless it slowly happens MUCH later into the story.


    - I enjoy an equal balance smut and story, and I tend to get bored if it's geared too much towards one side.
    - I'll write as much as I feel the scene needs but my average is about 2-3 paragraphs, sometimes more.
    - I don't care for how much you write, or mistakes you may make, just please no one liners.
    - I prefer using ANIME faceclaims or physical descriptions. I don't use real life face claims, sorry!
    - I don't do well with fantasy or sci-fi settings, and I don't enjoy playing whiny/slutty/pushover characters.
    - Also, I prefer to roleplay through private messages, but I might possibly consider threads?
    - If we're doing one of my plots, PLEASE stick to it? If something's supposed to happen, don't just skip the scene!


    Role reversals/Power struggles
    Exhaustion scenes?
    Light bondage situations
    Noncon/Rape (NOTE: This is something I like included in all my roleplays, so if that bothers you, it might be best not to contact me! I don't mean to sound rude or mean, but I don't want to waste your time)


    Show Spoiler

    Popular x Nerd:
    YC used to be a juvenile delinquent, but one day decides to change his ways for whatever reason. He decided to make himself out to be a shy and nerdy person who dislikes attracting attention, so when he transfers schools, MC instantly picks him out to be an easy target and resorts to bullying him. MC is a very popular student who most wouldn't mess with, but one day after having enough of MC's attitude, YC gets MC alone and ends up taking him against his will. Afterwards, YC continues being the shy and meek person on the surface, but MC is the only one who knows how YC really is. How will things play out between the two?

    Host x Host:
    Our characters are both hosts at a club who are competing for the top rank as number one. Since the two are on equal footing, MC begins to go out of his way to make sure that YC fails, but one day YC pretends to give up. After everyone left the club, he offers MC a drink to congratulate him and so the two could end on good terms, and MC accepts it, but the drink was drugged. YC then has his way with him right then and there while recording MC, and uses that as leverage over him. But since MC refuses to give in, YC starts to toy with him, making him wear vibrators under his clothes while interacting with clients, etc. but how far will he go before MC falls to YC?

    Ex friends:
    Our characters were childhood friends who were practically inseparable. But one day, MC betrays yours (we can discuss how) and YC ended their friendship. The two would then go about their usual lives without contacting one another anymore. After some time passed (I'm guessing 10 years?), one day MC returns home only to find out his parents decided to sell him off to pay for a debt. He finds himself in an underground S&M club where he's forced to perform for an audience, but the owner of the club is YC. What will happen once the truth is revealed? And will MC be saved or will he be forced to continue living his new life?

    Doll x "Owner":
    YC used to be a doll that MC used to carry around all the time as a child. MC was never seen without his favorite doll, which he would constantly hug and talk to each and every single day. But as MC grew older, he naturally stopped caring about his favorite toy and decided to get rid it. As time passed, MC forgot all about YC, and somehow, by some miracle, YC becomes gets turned into a human (I don't know how this can happen, maybe if YC wished hard enough or some witchcraft a random stranger did went wrong or something, I really don't know, hahaha, we can figure it out later maybe). YC has all of his memories from the time he was a toy, and he's filled with the bitter resentment of being abandoned. He seeks MC out to get revenge, where the roles are reversed and he ends up making MC his toy instead.

    Thief x Victim:
    YC is a thief who breaks into MC's home one day, and decides to have his way with him before leaving. (Maybe the thief can decide he wants to live there so that the two can be forced to spend time together, or repeatedly keeps breaking in again to have his fun, or maybe the two actually know one another/runs into each other on the street?)

    Criminal x Detective:
    1. MC is a detective who has been assigned a new case. He was sent to investigate YC, and right when MC thought he cornered YC, YC was one step ahead of him and was able to catch MC off guard, holding him at gunpoint instead of the other way around. YC then who decides to have his way with him, but instead of killing him at the end, he kidnaps him and brings him back to his place as a slave. From there, either 1) MC ends up developing feelings for YC and doesn't want to leave or return to his old lifestyle/job even if he gets released. Or 2) MC eventually gets broken down so much it results in a mindbreak. (I would actually really like gunplay to be involved in this plot?)
    2. Our characters were childhood friends, doing everything together, and they made a promise that nothing would change between them. So one day, when MC suddenly disappears out of YC's life, YC is filled with betrayal and resentment, and began going down the wrong road. Eventually he went off to become a criminal, while MC became a detective. MC is assigned to YC's case, and after tracking him down again, what will happen when the two meet?

    Undercover spy x Undercover criminal:
    MC is an undercover detective while YC is an undercover criminal. The two live double lives and end up working together at some point, while concealing their actual identities. Somehow our characters end up becoming closer to one another, and they start to take a liking to each other, but when MC reveals his secret about being an undercover cop (or YC could find out some other way), YC starts having other ideas. After finding out where MC lives, YC breaks into MC's house one night and decides to have his way with him while catching the entire thing on film. Afterwards he uses that to blackmail MC into helping him with his crimes. Will the two ever be able to see eye to eye, or will there continue to be tension between them?

    Molester x Victim:
    MC is a regular person who rides the train to work every morning. YC is a public molester who's had his eye on MC for a while and one day, the train is especially crowded, and YC finds that to be the perfect time to start molesting him. (I feel this might be short term since I don't really know where a plot like this would lead to... I imagine it being just pure smut, unless you would like to think of a way to have it be long term!)

    Rising star x Manager:
    MC is an aspiring idol and YC is his manager for a small agency. Due to his rising popularity, MC starts to become cocky and overconfident, and doesn't listen to what YC says due to believing that the agency wouldn't be able to last without him. But when YC finds a new talent (it could be another character or a random NPC), he threatens MC to let him go unless MC starts listening to YC, and when MC actually does, YC begins having darker ideas to take advantage of MC. (Maybe having him star in porn films, etc.)

    Supervisor x Subordinate:
    1. MC is the manager of a company and YC works under him. But whatever YC does, it's never good enough. Then one day out of pure boredom, MC tells YC that he's about to be fired, and he can only keep his job if YC provides him with "entertainment" involving sexual favors. YC agrees to it, and they agree to meet at a hotel. But once there, YC ends up turning the tables on him and pins MC down/restrains him, proceeding to go through with the "entertainment" for himself. He films the entire thing and uses it to blackmail him into allowing him to keep his job. On the surface at work, MC has all the power, but behind the scenes, YC has complete control. What will happen from there?
    2. MC is the supervising manager of YC, and always gives YC a hard time. One day, YC hears rumors going around of how MC used to sleep around with other people to get what he wanted, which his how he landed his job, and after doing some digging around, YC finds out it's true. YC uses that to his advantage and blackmails MC, knowing that MC will be risking his job and reputation he built up for himself if word gets out.
    3. MC is a well-respected manager while YC is newly employed and was unfortunate enough to work under him. MC would always give unreasonable requests for YC to fulfill and enjoyed using him as a stepping stone heighten his popularity, and YC has always put up with it. One night after work, the two meet at a bar and YC decides it's the perfect chance for revenge. YC drugs MC's drink and from there, YC offers to take MC home. Once they reach the house, YC takes MC against is will while filming it, and then uses that to blackmail him, controlling him both inside and outside of work. Will MC finally submit to yours or will things play out differently?

    Employee x Employee (Coworkers):
    Plot to be edited! (Feel free to suggest your own plots?)

    Ex-Bully x Ex-Victim:
    MC used to torment YC for years when they were younger, leaving YC with severe trauma and an undying hatred for MC. One day YC was finally able to get away (whether he moves away or MC moves away), but YC was never able to forget MC. After years pass, the two finally meet again, and YC decides it's time to get revenge.

    'Best' friend x 'Amnesiac' friend:
    MC and YC were best childhood friends who would do anything and everything together. But one day, when MC had to move away, YC confessed. It turned out MC felt the same way, and made a promise to YC that when they reunite in the future, he will go out with him. But the two end up losing touch with one another afterwards. After several years pass, YC runs into MC again on the street, only to find out that MC changed completely and he doesn't seem to remember YC at all. Despite feeling hurt and betrayed, YC tries to start over from scratch and talk to MC again, but when MC shows no interest in getting to know him, YC is determined to change that, no matter what it takes. Will MC be able to live up to his promise, or will things take a different turn?

    Rancher x Human cattle:
    (*WARNING* I think this plot might be a bit odder/kinkier than the others? At least it's not really the type of rp I would normally play, but I sort of wouldn't mind trying it? XD) A man owns a ranch that contains human cattle, and he gets paid to take some naughty men in for punishment. He collects male sperm which he sells, and the "cattle" could be rented out for other people to "use". Another man gets caught one day and finds himself starting his new life as a human cattle.

    (These plots below were taken from a friend with permission! Yes, we exchanged plots)
    Childhood friends:
    MC and YC were childhood friends where YC had a crush on MC but MC never knew because YC always kept it a secret out of fear of ruining their friendship. As time passed, the two separated, but years later they reunite, only for YC to find out that MC is getting married. Feeling like he has nothing to lose, YC is determined to make MC see only him.

    Student x Teacher:
    YC is from a very rich family and is used to always getting his way, and not many in school are willing to go against him. But MC is YC's teacher and he doesn't care about any of that. He constantly reprimands YC and after failing him on a few tests, YC makes it a goal to get revenge on him. (Maybe YC can have ties to the principle and threatens to get MC fired or something similar?)

    Rival x Rival:
    1. MC and YC had always been rivals (either for a sport, in class, for a certain job, etc.), and one day they decide to play a game together. They make a bet that whoever loses will have to do whatever the other person desires for a certain amount of time. MC loses, only to find out YC had ideas greater than MC ever bargained for. What will happen between the two once the bet is over?
    2. MC and YC were rivals in something, always competing with one another to be the best. But when MC won in the end, YC felt humiliated and swore revenge, but MC moved away. Years pass and they meet again but MC doesn't remember YC and refuses to face YC in whatever it was they were rivals in, so YC finds a different way he can humiliate MC the same way how YC felt humiliated.
    3. MC and YC are rivals in love, fighting over a person's heart, but MC keeps taunting/messing with YC (possibly in the end MC won the person's heart or YC won and MC ended up stealing them away), so YC finally decides it's time to make MC a pay one way or another, even going so far as to imprison MC in his own home so he can't see his boyfriend/girlfriend. But how far will YC go until MC succumbs, and will unexpected feelings develop between the two in the process?

    CEO x Assassin:
    MC is the CEO of a famous company while YC is tasked to assassinate him for whatever reason (whether it's because a rival company wants him out of the way or because MC's company is corrupt, etc.), but instead of killing MC, YC decides to kidnap/imprison him to make him into his personal slave.

    Mafia member x 'Amnesiac' lover:
    MC and YC were best friends ever since childhood. MC never really had anyone he cared for except for YC, so they grew up doing everything together, and eventually they became a couple. But YC's family caught on, and resented the idea. YC is actually the son of a mafia boss, and was supposed to take over at some point, so his family decides this is the perfect chance to test him. They give him the task of breaking MC. When YC confides in MC about everything, MC's feelings for YC never changed. In the end MC decides to take a newly produced drug that could cause a person to lose their memories of people they hold most dear to them. If he does that, his memories of YC should be gone, and it should be easier for YC to pass his test. So without seeing much of a choice, YC reluctantly agrees. Afterwards, MC takes the drug and does in fact forget everything about YC, but the rest of his memories are the same. And then from there YC approaches MC again as if the two were meeting for the first time before he kidnaps MC and takes him back to his place to 'torment' him until YC's family is satisfied or until MC regain his memories.

    Popular x Outcast:
    MC is a seemingly perfect person on the surface while YC is an outcast. MC has an easy life, a great reputation and is well liked by everyone, while YC is down on his luck, and shunned and hated. YC has always admired and envied MC, but MC never gave YC the time of day. When the two actually get some time together, YC finds out that MC isn't the friendly person he makes himself out to be, and after finding out that MC is actually very deceptive, YC sets about ruining his life any way he could.

    King (or Prince) x Prince:
    MC is sent to YC's kingdom in an attempt to form a peace treaty, but instead of things going smoothly, YC uses that opportunity to do whatever he wants to him. With their two kingdoms on the line, what will happen?

    Celebrity x Crazed fan:
    1. MC is a popular celebrity. He earned several fans and admirers, one of which includes YC. MC caught YC's eye even before MC became famous. YC has always watched him perform on the streets has always been a fan of MC even before he became big, but while YC was always in the shadows helping him and cheering him on, YC never caught MC's eye. After MC becomes famous, YC begins to obsess over him, buying every single merchandise and CD album that comes out, anonymously sending fan mail, stalking him on social websites, but when all his attempts go ignored, YC takes it a step further. After figuring out where MC is located, YC begins to stalk him, and after finding out where he lives, YC breaks into his house, takes him against his will, and then films the entire thing to blackmail him into spending more time with him. What will happen from there?
    2. MC is a slightly well known actor, and YC is a fan. One day he finds MC alone somewhere (it could be a random secret spot that MC often visits) and tries to talk to him. When MC isn't interested, YC decides to trick him, knocking him out, only to take him back to his place where he decides to acts out his dark fantasies. (This can lead to YC maybe blackmailing MC to convince his agency to hire YC as a worker/photographer so that the two could spend time together, etc.)
    3. MC is a popular solo musician/singer who has made a name for himself. He earned several fans and admirers, one of which includes YC. MC caught YC's eye even before MC became famous. YC has always watched him perform on the streets has always been a fan of MC even before he became big, but while YC was always in the shadows helping him and cheering him on, YC never caught MC's eye. After MC becomes famous, YC begins to obsess over him, buying every single merchandise and CD album that comes out, anonymously sending fan mail, stalking him on social websites, but when all his attempts go ignored, YC takes it a step further. After figuring out where MC is located, YC begins to stalk him, and after finding out where he lives, YC breaks into his house, takes him, and then imprisons MC in his own home until he admits to love YC back.


    CEO x CEO
    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Parent of Student
    Prisoner x Prisoner
    Prisoner x Guard

    Bounty hunter x Bounty
    Stepfather x Stepson
    Stepbrothers/Half brothers
    Demon x Human
    Military commander x Rival military commander
    Spy x Detective
    Prince x Criminal
    Gang member(s) x Random person passing by


    This will be edited more in depth at another time, but for now you can refer to my f-list in my signature.
    Everything on the 'maybe' list can be discussed, and feel free to ask any questions!

    And that's all. I guess it should be noted that I do double and I tend to enjoy introducing random NPC's if needed to move the story along, but you don't have to do the same. If interested, I would prefer you PM me! Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon!
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2017

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