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Female x Male Looking For Plethora Of Plots.

Discussion in 'Archived Requests' started by Shadow Huntress, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    My greetings to everyone who stumbled upon my little corner of the site.

    I'm a descriptive and active roleplayer (except on my bad hair days, to be exact.) and I tend to keep the entertainment level high. I have decent grammar (Not a grammar Nazi.) and I have about two years of experience in roleplaying. I like to write because... Well, it's sort of like a stress buster mechanism and I have a passion of writing.

    Well. Sort of.

    So anyhow,

    I kind of get bored easily, so I tend to hate slow paced plots, (no offence). Other than that, since I already said that I tend to be descriptive, I DO NOT like one liners. AT ALL. Period.

    Now, I might sound like a complete girl saying this (I mean I am, but I'm sorta tomboyish too), but I have a thing for romance. While I can platonic plots well, I tend to lean more towards the ones with some sort of emotions and such. And I love working with partners who can portray a sometimes cheesy male character. While it depends on the plot, I find it fun. So basically, it depends on what sort of plot we're working on.

    Saying that, I roleplay in third person and story/ novel style and I tend to write a paragraph at least per post but it varies according to my partner. The maximum I've written is about 7 paragraphs or so but I can do more.

    MY F-LIST (finally made it, phew):


    Anyways, so here are the pairings (types of plots) I'd like to begin with:
    • DDlg
    • Werewolf X Human
    • Werewolf X werewolf
    • Guardian angel X Human
    • Lucifer as guardian angel
    • Angel X demon
    • Lucifer X angel
    • Warlock X Human
    • Werewolf X hunter
    • Vampire X hunter
    • Vampire x vampire
    • Dhampir (vampire human hybrid) x werewolf {craving!}
    • Mutant X human
    • zodiac soulmate theme
    • Any crosses between these and more
    • Slice of life settings
    1. High school settings
    2. Roommates
    3. Strangers
    4. In a relationship
    5. Teen parents
    6. Something of the same sort and crosses)
    My fandoms:
    • Divergent
    • Vampire academy
    • Vampire Diaries
    • The Mortal instruments
    • Trylle trilogy
    • Kanin Chronicles

    Mutant x human (open)
    Eleanor Garroway is one of the humans. The pure blooded humans but she doesn't understand what is just that special about it. She is a smooth, A-grade journalist for the kingdom of Atropates making it up the media ladder to fight for Mutant equality rights. Along with that, she also works as a criminal investigator when called upon.
    It was one of the normal days in the Capital City - Agnepolis when the old memorial was blown up. Many were caught and suspected however it got narrowed down to just three people. Three Mutants to be exact. But Eleanor knew they were never the ones who would have been involved even though the trio are the slightconmen. Fighting for justice for these three Mutants, two malesand a female is going to be quite the handful especially when Eleanor can never leave the kingdom due to royal orders.
    Storyline (open)
    All of it changed after the war that destroyed everything and created a weapon hybrid race that were called - The Mutants.Looking exactly like humans, no one knew in the wars when they were getting attacked by one causing a large population of humans to be wiped out. Now years later, humans and Mutants live in peace. As it seems.
    Mutants are considered the creation of the devil and discriminated against in all the kingdoms. Not exactly the loveliest living conditions are provided. Each kingdom hashumans living in the rich, lavish center while Mutants are driven to the outskirts.

    Werewolf x werewolf (open)

    Kaitlene was a normal girl with normal problem. Just ready to shoot out of high school into a prestigious college. Life couldn't get any better for her in her eyes.

    Or so she thought.

    What she didn't know was that she was a Trueblood. A female pure blooded werewolf that hadn't taken birth in centuries . No one in the Downworld had seen something like her being conceived. Everyone knew she would make a great weapon to win against the other races.

    Just like that, a werewolf tracker was supposed to bring her back to the high alpha as a captive. What was unexpected was that she was the tracker's mate and he would do anything to keep her safe. At least that's what the werewolf nature told him to. The tracker was an alpha blood. And an alpha without a territory or a pack was something no one would want to mess with. This part was what he wouldn't really want to show to the world.

    Kaitlene's wolf side had been suppressed by spells. Which had also made her forget who she actually was. The only thing that could bring back her memories and wolf side was being united and mated with her mate. But they didn't have a long time to it. As soon as the silver phase struck, the Trueblood without her wolf would either die or turn into a massive killing machine.

    Zodiac soulmate (open)
    Everyone has zodiac signs and the signs have related element powers. But to complete the puzzle, everyone needs a soulmate. The one they share a soul with. Koral is among the water signs (Pisces) she and it has been way past the average time of finding a soulmate for her. She doesn't care though. Soulmates, as she believes, are what makes you weak. Being a tracker in the royal Aqua army, soulmate for her would be a distraction and nothing else. It is just another ball in the Aqua kingdom where she crosses paths with one of the Earth element princes (zodiac needed: Taurus). Butting heads with a Taurus was never her choice, much less being the soulmate of one.

    Marks (open)

    Everyone is born with two marks. One, that matches their enemy and other matches their soulmate. Usually it is hard to figure which is for which.
    But she knew. Because the marks on both her arms were the same.

    (She = MC).

    Young love (open)

    (Now this is a plot that a partner suggested and it seemed interesting to me. Due to reasons, we couldn't play it out and I'd love to play this one.)

    Growing up in a small town wasn't really eventful. Everyone knew everyone and Alaska (MC) was quite the golden girl of the town. The head cheerleader, Student body president, town welcoming committee, part time fangirl, avid reader and oh, babysitter to a very notorious little sister. That's how everybody knew her. And it remained the same. She was quite the definition of perfection in the one horse town.
    Inside, she was damaged. There was so much she was hiding that it was getting harder each day to hold it in. Till the time he came along....

    It was a usual day but not quite. New residents were quite a big deal, especially one that would be playing as the star player of the high school team. Something that each town member had a deep rooting with. Rumors were running around about him. He possibly had been rusticated from his previous school on grounds of violence. He had a little sister or a niece? She didn't know. But what Alaska saw, was a guy who looked like an array of hope. Someone who'd feel how broken she was and someone who'd mend her. And someone who she could heal.

    Well, that was, before someone else swooped him up...

    So this is pretty much going to be a sort of a love at first sight thing and then on the complications. I thought it'll be a cute plot where Alaska isn't like one of those stuck up snobby Cheerleaders but a town sweetheart who wins heart as soon as someone lays eyes on her. Something like that.

    DD/lg (open)

    This isn't exactly a plot actually but my needs and ideas on this one.

    Now as for what I'm looking for in the Daddy Dom:
    • Alpha male sort of personality.
    • Quite the dominant with a soft heart.
    • Gives rules.
    • Not a super control freak.Let's his princess breathe.
    As for my kinks and such, I'm pretty open and ready to explore. But here are a few likes/turn ons/kinks:
    • Neck kisses
    • Teasing
    • Dirty talk
    • Slight bondage
    • Stern sentences.
    • Angry sex (once in a while)
    • Stubble, whiskers (facial hair - Well groomed)
    • Dark haired men
    • Strong men
    • Kitten play / puppy play/ bunny play (really wanna try this)
    Hard limits:
    • Scat
    • Gore
    • Vote
    • Fire play
    • Sadism
    • Sharing Daddy
    • Abdl
    Shadow Huntress threw 6-faced die for: Total: 6
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  2. bindingeagle

    bindingeagle Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:26 PM
    Hello, are you still looking for a spyxspy partner?
    Shadow Huntress likes this.
  3. Cthulu

    Cthulu Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:26 PM
    I'd love to do Vampire x Human or Vampire x Hunter with you.
    Shadow Huntress likes this.
  4. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Hi! And yeah, I am. Can you message me so that we cab discuss the details?
  5. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Sure thing! Pm me so that we can discuss the details.
  6. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
  7. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Oh well. Here comes the mighty BUMP.

  8. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM

    (Still looking.)
  9. NekoNeedsMistress

    NekoNeedsMistress Submisvie Kitty Banned

    Local Time:
    7:26 PM
    I like to rp with you please message me
  10. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM

    (Edited it out a bit, more ideas up there.)
  11. Justin Cook

    Justin Cook Banned Banned

    Local Time:
    7:26 PM
    Hey is the Zodiac one still open?
    Shadow Huntress likes this.
  12. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Yeah sure! It's still up for grabs. PM me. We can talk out the details.
  13. HarryPotner

    HarryPotner Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:26 PM
    Hi, I'd love to start that werewolf x human plot. I've had an urge for a red riding hood rp if you're interested
    Shadow Huntress likes this.
  14. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Bumpity bump.

    Always looking.
    HarryPotner likes this.
  15. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Made an edit. Check it out puh lease?
  16. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Updated up there!

  17. ForgottenSin

    ForgottenSin Life Is An Insanity People Choose To Go Along With Member

    Local Time:
    4:26 PM
    Rule on post length
  18. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Well, could you please rephrase?
    If you're asking what my rules are in terms of length of posts, I expect a paragraph and up from my partner.
  19. Shadow Huntress

    Shadow Huntress Tim Hortons Addict Member

    Local Time:
    4:56 AM
    Still gonna say. Always looking. Here comes

    Super BUMP
  20. Death Angel

    Death Angel the Taker of life Guilty Gold

    Local Time:
    7:26 PM
    You said your craving student teacher but I have an amusing twist I have in mind. Ready for it?

    Make the teacher a warlock.
    Shadow Huntress likes this.

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