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Male x Female Looking For New Female Partners

Discussion in 'Requests by Males' started by Ajay Rathee, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
    Okay So this is my First Ever Request thread. It's funny, I should’ve posted it sooner considering the amount of time I've already spent on this Website. But as they say, Better late then never.

    Okay let's begin with an Introduction. You can call me Ajay. I'm 19 year old male working his way through College. So It's been quite sometime since I had a decent Roleplay started. I haven't been able to Roleplay for a whole month because of my exams but I'm free now so I was hoping for some juicy roleplays. Now I've had a little more than an Year of experience in roleplaying on this site. I still need a lot more experience but I believe I can be a fun partner to have. I do roleplays because I like to write stories and this is the best method to showcase my writing skill without any embarrassment. I prefer Story-driven Roleplays which have a nice juicy plot. My Roleplays are mostly Long-Term.


    PLOT:Now this is very important and I
    take this very seriously. The Plot of a story must be very detailed and It should have no loopholes. It should be clear as to how our characters got to a certain point in the story, Why they got to that point, and where will they go from that point? It is my firm belief that for a decent roleplay, both the partners should have a clear image of the Plot and the direction is going to take and how their characters are involved. Therefore, We MUST discuss plot and character
    profiles in detail before starting an rp

    • POST LENGTH: I'm going to be brutally honest here. I hate one-liners. They spoil any rp like curd spoils milk. There should be some sort of law against them. I can easily write long detailed paragraphical posts ranging from 2-3 Paragraps (400-500 words) to 2500+ word posts (Full essays if I have to). I can deal with short replies but I would like my partner to do her share of work in the Rp. I don't want to be the only person working on the roleplay so rack that brain of yours and make some of your own twists and additio.ns to the plot making it more fun. I LOVE unpredictability in an Rp. So if you are roleplaying with me then by all means, SURPRISE ME!!

    POST FREQUENCY : I always put up my post within 24 hours of my partner's latest post. I don't expect the same speed but I don't like waiting for more than 3 days.

    • GRAMMAR: I don't have an absolutely prefect grammar and I have to check my posts for Spelling-Mistakes and such at a regular basis before posting my reply. So I don't expect my partners to be absolutely perfect either. Just try lower them as much as you can and we're good.

    • KINKS AND TURN-OFFS: I’ve watched enough porn to be comfortable with any and all kinds of sex. However, I have a big NO to anything that belongs in a toilet, Extreme Gore, Character death (Unless its been discussed before with the consent of both the Roleplayers), Non-consensual sex and heavy rape scenes, Anything else that makes people nauseous in General etc.

    PREFERENCES AND PAIRINGS: I am a Straight male interested only in M×F pairings.I prefer story-driven plots with some Romance in them between the characters.

    PLOTS: Now lets get to a more fun part, i.e. the plots. I have at the moment, 2 Original plots and 1 Naruto Fandom plot. I’ll post them here

    Lastly, I want to say only two more things.

    First, I know everyone has a real life so If that comes up and you have to leave immediately then please let me know okay.

    Second, please don't reply to this thread. Send me a PM if you are interested in an rp. And don't just give something like 'I want to roleplay with you'. USE that keyboard damn ir and introduce yourselves.!!!! HAPPY ROLEPLAYING TO YOU ALL
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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  2. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
    Plot #1


    Xeria is an Different Version of Our world, A magical world consisting of 2 Supercontinents, namely Ishgar of the Eastern Hemisphere and Arakitashia of the Western Hemisphere. Both continents are composed of multiple state like Countries. One of them in Ishgar is Aragor, The oldest and the most powerful Human Kingdom in Ishgar. Its King, David Magnus, a Wise and Just King, had a certain habit which was quite peculiar for someone of his status. To know the true image of him that his people hold in their hearts and to know the true state of their Lives, King David would often Disguise himself and a few of his trusted men as commoners and would walk through his cities to observe things that were not shown to the King.

    One day, He was again disguised as a Commoner walking among the streets of the Main Market of a Trading City called Nasaf. A large crowd was gathered in the city square and the commotion that occured due to the said crowd got his attention. So he and his General Uther went to see what the matter was. What they found was a bunch of Royal Knights preparing to Publicly execute a Little boy with blue hair, barely 8 years old. The King was a Just and Kind man and would not see injustice like this on his soil. He immediately stopped the Knights and revealed his true Identity to them. The Knights and every single citizen in the area bowed to him except that little boy who was kneeling uptill now and only starting to get back on his feet. He looked up at The King who was asking the Senior most of the Knights to explain why they were about to execute a boy so young in front of such a crowd. Apparently the boy had no parents and had been attacking merchants, stealing food for himself and some other kids for the past few months. The boy was very clever and the Soldiers were unable to catch him until today when the boy finally got cornered. The King looked at the boy who stood barely 6 feet away from him, not scared or intimidated by him. He asked for his name and the Boy Replied "Kael. My name is Kael"

    Very few people know what transpired that day and all we know is that the King saw something in the boy and therefore decided to adopt him as his heir and son. And so this young ruffian and public menace, Kael, became the Prince of Aragor. King David was scorned by many for taking this ruffian as his child but he paid no heed to them. Kael soon showed talent and interest in Magical Arts and was willing to work hard to make his father proud, The one man who believed in him. Kael trained for several years under the Tutelage of Uther Lightwind, one of most Renowned Wizards and Warriors in Ishgar.

    As Kael matured and his prowess grew stronger, The People who once thought of him as a useless runt were now looking upto him. When Kael turned 12, The Queen gave birth to a Daughter, A sister Kael dearly loved. At the age of 15, Kael mastered an Ancient Magic known as The Heavenly Body Magic. This Magic gave him immense power and soon Kael was deployed in a Trade War with a neighbouring Nation under the command of Uther.

    With his power, Aragor managed to Subdue and conquer that country. Over the years, They expanded the Aragorian Territory by taking over several Kingdoms. A lot of Nations were euther Allied to Aragoror Forcefully taken over. Kael felt it to be a bit suspicious, It seemed like his father was trying to unite all of Ishgar with Any measures necessary. David Magnus did not hunger for power so when Kael confronted him about it, He learned of a grave truth that shook him to the core. A Giant Military Superpower was growing in Arakitashia. A Man Named Deviluke, King of the Alvarez Empire had been conquering one nation after another abd strengthening his forces for the previous hundred years. David's Father, Balthazaar Magnus, discovered this nearly 40 years ago. He also found evidence which oroved that Alvarez intends to Invade and Conquer Ishgar. Deviluke's true intentions were unclear but it was pretty clear that they could not let him have his way. That is why his Father and Grandfather had been trying to unite Ishgar so as to fend off Alvarez when the Time comes.

    Years passed and Kael turned 20 while his father passed away due to a sickness. 2 years later, The Queen passed as well. Kael held himself strong and took over the Throne of Aragor. Kael ruled his Kingdom peacefully for two years, Secretly preparing his forces and combining the last of the Free states. Only a few remained One of which was Eluxia, A very Strong Military Nation which shared borders with Aragor. Eluxia refused to ally themselves with Aragor. Kael was unaware of the Fact that Deviluke had covertly approached the King of Eluxia and made a deal with him, offering him power and wealth. The Greedy King gave into his demands and to Gather information, He Kidnapped Kael's Little Sister who was now 12 years of age. However, the Girl wasn't aware of anything related to what he wanted. Karl always kept her distant from his professional life. As such, The King of Eluxia, brutally murdered the girl in cold blood. To avenge his Little Sister, Kael invaded Eluxia, conquered it, Killed the King and his Sons, and forced his daughter to marry him so as to unite Aragor and Eluxia.


    Ta da. Basically, The Princess is the Main Female Character who is, against her wishes, Married to Kael so as to unite Eluxia and Aragor.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017 at 1:29 PM
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  3. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
    Plot #2

    This is a Modern Timeline Plot set in London, England. Here Goes

    My Character is a Freelance Assassin out to hire for anyone with a decent wallet. His specific skill set earned him the Name 'Black Reaper' in the Underworld. A Security and Research Company called the 'Gilman Corporation' which takes high-value Top-Secret Defence contracts for The British Government and the MI6, hires him for a peculiar assignment. Rather than killing or kidnapping his target which is his speciality, My Character is promised a heavy sum of money to extract a supposed prisoner from a highly secure facility built on an island and safely 'deliver' the target to a given location.

    Since its all business, My Character does think too much of it and goes in disguise to find and extract his target. However, He later on learns that the Supposed Prison is actually a facility used for Ilegal and inhuman experimentation on the prisoners and funded by the British Government. He reaslises that his target is a particular female who he knows went missing in his past. This Girl developed Supernatural powers due to the experiments carried out on her. She is of high value to the Gilman Corporation because she was the most Successful Experiment in the Facility.

    Nonetheless, The Black Reaper keeps his professionalism about this and does his job. However he gets suspicious when he learns that this facility is actually funded by the Government. If they wanted this target so badly, why would they go behind the back of the Government and hire him for this Operation. With these questions in mind, and the fact that she was once an Aquaintance of his, My Character breaks her out of the prison and then goes off the grid, refusing to hand her over to the Gilman Corporation.

    Basically, They slowly come to cherish each other and all while running for their freedom.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017 at 1:29 PM
  4. Karma200

    Karma200 Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:39 AM
    I'm definitely interested in both plots! x]
  5. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
    How about you send me a PM along with your introduction and we can talk there?
  6. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
  7. Ajay Rathee

    Ajay Rathee Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:09 PM
    Plot #3 ((CRAVING))

    Now this one is a little different than any of my previous plots

    This is a Naruto Fandom plot. So yeah, This one's a bit limited because only those who have watched the Anime 'Naruto' could possibly roleplay it.

    What if Naruto was placed on a different team when he graduated? A team with a more responsible and caring Jonin ( My Character) than Kakashi. And instead of Sakura and Sasuke, we see Hinata and Haku Yuki. What would be the impact in the Naruto universe if something like this were to happen?

    If you reached all the way down here and wish to roleplay with me or simply chat a little then please shoot me that PM. If not, Then thank you for reading.

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