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Male x Male Looking For A Buddy For Some Gay Rp (*≧▽≦)

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Angeljurassic, May 21, 2018.

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  1. Angeljurassic

    Angeljurassic What up, Bruh!? No, Seriously. What's going on? Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    About Me:

    Yo! Go ahead and call me Angel! I've been RPing for about ten years now. I started on Gaia Online. Forgive me for my past sins, but I have found salvation.

    I'm a great universal RP buddy because I'm very relaxed and good at adapting to my partner's style. I'm down for anything and ready to make some stories with y'all!

    Rules and/or Requirements:

    Yaaaaay! Boring stuff! Yep time for me to tell you what I'm not into. Don't you worry it isn't much. I don't do:
    • Furry
    • M-Preg
    • Incest
    • Bestiality
    • Snuff
    • Necrophilia
    That's about it. I'll let you know if I'm uncomfortable with simmering, but it's not an easy tas.


    I prefer to play the submissive role of the mxm. The "catcher" if you will. Again, I'm not too picky so if you have any ideas where I'd play the Dom or that are MxF then just go ahead and ask me.


    *Sassy guyxSalty guy
    *Super nerdxFree Sprit
    *Guy pisses of his crushxPissed off crush
    *From a bad areaxGrew up filthy rich
    *Cat personxDog person (not furry)
    *funny guyxserious guy


    DemonxHuman(no longer available) (open)

    The Demon (you) is your average hell raising, blood loving, human hunting demon. He's always had a fascination with humans though. One day he is summoned by a very down looking human. Sad thing is barely worth his time, but he is mighty fun to look at. He wasn't at all expecting the human to request having his own life ended. No, no, no. That's not how it works. Demons are summoned by humans to torment others and in return the demon gets to feed on that hatred and spite until their host agrees the job is done or dies while having his life energy sucked away. Now, he's stuck to this sad little human until the man can come up with an actual request. The summoning that binds him to the human is too strong to allow him to leave and there isn't any hatred to feed off in him. Only thing to do is to help him and hope he makes something to eat along the way. Stuck to the human's side he enjoys teasing and making passes at him. What if things get a bit carried away.

    The Human (me) is going through life trying to live happily. But when his last relative dies after a long string of tragic passings in his family his life feels empty. Given the home of his passed loved one he begins to rummage through old things in the house. In the attic he finds a book. A silly spell book, probably purchased as a joke and forgotten in the attic. Bored and with nothing to lose he tries a summoning spell on a human hunting demon. Perhaps a demon could help end it all since he was too scared to do it himself. When an actual demon appears he just about vomits in fear and when asked who he wants dead he has no answer but himself. Stuck with a demon attached to him until he can think of something for it to do has him terrified. The flirty nature of the demon is also unsettling... So why does he blush and enjoy the company so much?

    A Twist on BeautyxBeast (open)

    Person A (you) is a beast. He's adopted son of a crime boss and is constantly getting into trouble, but he's not the beast of this story. He's kind at heart and helps those that deserve helping. He punishes those that deserve to be punished. Unlike his "father" he doesn't though his weight around just to hurt others. He tries to do good. Living in a place no better than prison he does what he can to do good. One day he's jumped and kidnapped only to wake up in a beautiful mansion. He's confronted by the most beautiful man in the city and given the option die or become his slave.
    (The background isn't too detailed because that's for you to create! You can make up what ever you want about him. Justremember to stick with the beautiful heart theme~)

    Peron B(me) is known for his looks far and wide. No one can see him and not be enthralled. Not that he cares though. In his heart. He is our beast. He would mangle his looks if it meant escaping his cursed home.
    Years ago our beast stole fairy magic to kill his parents. The Fae wouldn't stand for their magic being used in such a way. They bound person B to his home where he committed the crime. He would only be released if he were able to fall in love with someone. well, he isn't loving type so he gave up on that instantly of course. But just bored he heard of a do good, mob boss son that sounds like he might just be able to provide some entertainment.

    Taken In (open)

    Person A(you) has always been told that he's too nice. He donates every week to charity, visits his mother ever Sunday, volunteers in his free time, but its never actually led him into trouble... Until Person B (me). When person A sees a man dressed in rags fall over on the sidewalk, of course he can't just stand by! Rushing over to him he's met with the most beautiful man he's ever been confronted with. Seriously, he's way too pretty to be in the streets. When he tries to call an ambulance, he's told by person B "no hospitals" Well, now his only option is to care for the man himself and that's exactly what he'll do! Or try to do... Person B doesn't exactly made things easy..

    Person B (me) hasn't had the best life. The details are unimportant to the story really. Just know that its landed him cold and alone in the streets. The streets are his home. Its where he grew up and the only life he knows. So when he gets more sick than he's ever been and collapses on the street, he's not too happy with his options being either go to the hospital or with a strange man playing hero. Not that he's given a choice as whisked away faster than his brain will even let him think. Too ill to argue, but too untrusting to accept, he'll just have to sneak out when he gets a chance.. But does he really want to leave?

    Old BullyxBullied (open)

    Some people have it all. And when person A (you) was in highschool that really pissed him off. Because while he worked a part-time job after school only to give all his money away to his bum of a father while he himself went hungry, Person B (me) was sitting pretty in a mansion with two parents, butlers, and probably meals beyond what person A could even imagine. So why shouldn't person B have a little grief too? Well, that was highschool. He bullied person B and was irritated by the way he always turned up his nose like he was better. Now, Person A is an adult. He's regretful of what happened and of the things he did.
    Now he's got a pretty decent life of his own in a pretty large apartment, a nice car, and the icing on the cake was the fact that he was being promoted. It was HUGE and he was going to be getting paid more than double his salary... But he might not feel so lucky once he starts.

    When person B (me) was in high school he was not detoured by the fact he was shorter than the other guys. In fact, he kind of liked looking at the taller men, especially the jocks. Though, he'd never admit that at the time. He was too busy acting above everyone. Be cause he was a (last name) and that's how it was. His family was rich and powerful. So that's how he had to be. He never expected anyone to be brave enough to bully him. He definitely wasn't going to tell his parents. He was annoyed and angry, but he didn't want person A dead. So he took it like a man. Dealt with it. Let his anger bubble. Then they graduated and it was over. Simple as that.
    Now, running a company he is constantly battered by his parents to find a husband. They don't care that he's gay. They just don't want him dying alone. Given a list of "fine men" to chose from he could hire anyone of them to try and find a fiance. He told his parents that's sexual harassment and was going to call it off until one name caught his eye. Person A. He didn't realize that he still had bitter feelings until that moment. Maybe a little harassment was in order after all.

    First Love (open)

    Person A(you) has had a rough time lately. He can't seem to find a relationship and every date is a train wreck. One night after being with someone who was off their rocker he decides its time to give it a rest and focus on his career. On his way home his decision shatters down around him as he spots his highschool sweetheart crying on the side of the road.

    Person b(me) has been hard at work on starting his business. He's strong and thoughtful and was prepared to marry a man that he thought was perfect. Only to find out that he was being cheated on in his own home. Finding not just one but two men in their bed tore Person B's heart to shreds and burned his world to ash. He stormed out of the apartment and ended up alone and crying with no where to go. At his lowest point, the man who once was the center of his everything is there to comfort him

    DeathxHuman (open)

    Death (you) is tired if his work. Wandering through the same routine for thousands of years ever since his mentor passed the job onto him. All he ever got to do was watch humans feel then die, feel then die. Over and over and over again. This intrigued death. What's were feelings like? He was sure he could get ahold of some if he asked around. But how to act like a human? Dumping the death job on his assistant for a while he went to find a human who would teach him about these new feelings and human emotions. Teach him about being human. Finally finding a poor sap about to be killed, he offers the dying man a deal. Teach him to be human and keep his life.

    The human, personA(me), is a homicide detective. Not the strongest or the biggest, but he was the smartest and the quickest. The brave, openly gay man didn't get any shit from the other officers out of pure respect.. But his bravery seemed so always bring him closer and closer to death. Apparently more than he ever expected. Captured by a mob and left to die by slowly sinking to the bottom of the river, person A figured this was it. Until a man dressed like a Grammy award winner saves him and offers him a deal that he's going to have to take.
    Closer to death indeed..

    Abilities (open)

    Person A(you) has have special powers or abilities his whole life. He likes to keep them on the down low, but uses them every day in his private life despite having his mother argue with him about it. He's an adult. Not a child.
    When he was younger using his abilities made him I'll, but as he got older his body got used to it and he is now able to sure them freely and with easy.
    He had always suspected that there were others like him, but he had never met anyone. Until he sees a man do something impossible then vomit blood after. Fascinated and scared he helps the man home and tries to learn more.
    Can he help the man control his powers without getting himself or his new "friend" hurt?

    Person B(me) has lived a normal life. Divorced parents, his own apartment, student loans, and a cat. Like anyone else he had his ups and downs and he was content with that.
    One day things start to change. He noticed that he is able to do things, but feels faint after. What's worse is that these new abilities seem to be manifesting without his trying. Like they have their own will. As he's taking a short cut home after a series of his new power malfunctions made him feel ill the ability does something its never done before so a degree its never reached before. Feeling like an organ had been ripped from inside him he Begins to vomit blood. What's worse is that someone saw the event.
    Lucky the man who a saw helps him.. And has abilities of his own! Can he help him control these new abilities before they kill him?

    Closing Remarks:

    Go ahead and PM me with anything you want! I'm always interested in new ideas and input! I'm looking forward to finding more buddies!
    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  2. Angeljurassic

    Angeljurassic What up, Bruh!? No, Seriously. What's going on? Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    Still taking buddies!
  3. TheRaven

    TheRaven Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:12 AM
    Am I too late?
  4. Angeljurassic

    Angeljurassic What up, Bruh!? No, Seriously. What's going on? Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
  5. Princessmossy

    Princessmossy Red Herring Member

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    Hey you send a message on my thread! Was there any rp you had in mind that you wanted to try?

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