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Male x Male Lookin For Something Long-term (updated Plots)

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by whensaturnrings, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. whensaturnrings

    whensaturnrings void emissary Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
    hey there!
    im a veteran roleplayer looking for some new outlets and possibly some new friends! i consider myself literate and typically respond with three or four well-written responses, sometimes more depending on what the situation requires. more often than not, i'll match your length. i love to get inside of my character's heads and explore their thoughts and feelings.

    as far as how active i am, i do have a job and responsibilities at home, as well as having to deal with bouts of depression, but i can respond at least once a week, sometimes more if i'm really feeling it. i love to talk to my partners and plan out story details, so i'd prefer someone who enjoys doing that too! i'd like to be on friendly, communicative terms. and don't be afraid to tell me that you'd like to stop, or if you have boundaries. i'd like us to have open, honest communication!
    i'm an adult so i want to write with someone who is ok with exploring adult themes, including sexual!

    here's some stuff im currently into! asterisks indicate how deeply i'm into it right now!
    -science fiction*****
    -ancient history
    -supernatural noir or any setting with supernatural leanings (magic, arcane, werewolves, witches, etc.)**
    -gods/demons/angels interacting with humans***
    -overwatch* (i will only ever write hanzo probably)

    and here's some general plot ideas + specific character roles to give us a start! but i am absolutely open to figure something out from scratch or to take one of these ideas and do a spin on it! bold indicates the character i'd like to play (typically a character that i already have ideas for and would like to use), but if nothing is bolded, i'll play either role

    PLOT 1 - Pirate/Merman (open)
    a deep sea merman is captured, injured, and forced to help a pirate or pirate captain in his search for a mystical treasure rumored to grant any three wishes. along the way, they encounter sea witches and monsters hell-bent on preventing anyone from finding it. though at first the merman and pirate deeply dislike one another, they grow to get along as feelings develop.

    PLOT 2 - Demon/Summoner (open)
    someone in a precarious powerful position (mafia boss, king, emperor, high priest, etc.) summons a demon to protect himself from a tumultuous political climate and the threats to his life. the deal would end with the eventual consumption of the summoner's soul by the demon, but things start to change when the demon and summoner develop legitimate feelings for one another.

    PLOT 3 - Android/Human (open)
    in a war where androids are cutting edge weapons, two soldiers (one android and one human) get trapped behind enemy lines when their squadron is wiped out in an ambush. the two have to find their way back to friendly lines before they're found and killed. androids aren't known to have self-awareness... but this one has been self-aware for some time and has been hiding it. the two of them rough it in the wild, the human more obviously fragile than the android as they struggle to stay warm and avoid detection. at some point they're given a choice to keep running or to stop a force from enacting some nefarious plot that the friendlies aren't aware of.

    PLOT 4 - Private Detective/Criminal Client (open)
    in a city ripe with organized crime, shady organizations, vampires and werewolves, reminiscent of a 1930's noir, an escaped felon convicted of a massacre he didn't commit finds himself coming to a private detective for help. either because he feels sorry for him or he's curious about the case, the detective agrees to try and help clear the felon's name. the two grow close as they discover a plot to take over the city and purge certain inhabitants from its borders.

    PLOT 5 - Mercenary/Prince (open)
    in the aftermath of a coup, a space prince (the last remaining royal of the overthrown kingdom) is handed over to a mercenary who is put in charge of delivering the "package" across the galaxy. on the way, they discover that the delivery will be more difficult than they initially bargained for. some groups want the prince for their own bids for power, while others want him dead entirely. the mercenary makes a choice to keep the prince for his own reasons--first and foremost to figure out the way that will be most profitable for himself and his crew. things become more complicated when the two develop feelings and the mercenary has to make the choice to deliver the prince to a certain death, or keep him and run the risk of killing himself and his crew.

    this list is bound to change as i come up with more ideas but this is where it sits! feel free to throw other ideas at me too!

    some examples of my writing: here
    i like writing roleplays through email, google docs, and if need be i'll do it on here.

    as far as kinks go, i'm down for whatever EXCEPT scat, waterworks, lolicon, incest, age play, and furries. for the most part, my limits are yours! i like angst a bunch, with moments of gentle intimacy or fluff to lighten the load.

    hmu if you're interested! : )
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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  2. whensaturnrings

    whensaturnrings void emissary Member

    Local Time:
    6:32 AM
    i updated and expanded upon some of the plot ideas i had!

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