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Graphics Join Our Official Guilty Pleasures Polyvore Group!

Discussion in 'Personal Art Showcase' started by Ninjanerd, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Hello, hello to you all!

    I'm Wes aka Ninjanerd, and I am extending an invitation to all Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying Community members, staff and special teams to come and JOIN our brand new group on POLYVORE:


    Everyone can apply for membership.

    I have had several members ask me what Polyvore is! For all those who aren't familiar with what POLYVORE is, here is some information about it :

    What Is Polyvore?

    Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home decor.

    Democratizing Style
    Polyvore disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by giving everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today's trends and influencing purchases. Our global community of stylists share tips on how to mix and match looks to make the most of your closet and predict trends before they hit the mainstream.

    Personalized Shopping
    Polyvore simplifies online shopping by bringing together all the stores in one convenient place. Then we curate it all into a personalized boutique just for you, making it even easier to discover and shop for looks you love.

    Social Commerce
    We're a social site that drives sales to retailers. Our average basket size across retail partners is over $383, which is higher than other leading social networks combined.

    What does Polyvore mean to me as a GP Member?

    Shopping is one perk about Polyvore but for a GP Member, you can also use Polyvore to make sets. Sets can have anything in them that is relatable to your character's fashion style, including clothing, food, home decor and surroundings. You can make signatures (like the ones I have below), avatars, and create artistic visuals that elevate your plot and give your writing partners a 3-D image of what your character's life is all about. You can also add their relationships into the mix, by adding face claims of your writing partners into your sets!

    Here are some of the things I created while using Polyvore for my plots and characters:



    Joining the GP Polyvore group allows you a place to create, store, and compete in contests that are held on a monthly basis and helps give your artistic endeavors an appreciative audience! Come and register for Polyvore, and join our Guilty Pleasures Polyvore group! If you have questions on how to get your Polyvore sets up and running, I am the community moderator and I am a pro at building sets and helping new members out with design issues!

    I look forward to meeting you, and seeing you there!

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