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Medieval Fantasy Institute For The Magically Inclined

Discussion in 'Open RolePlay' started by Shaye, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Shaye

    Shaye Rubber duck duchess Member

    Local Time:
    5:40 PM
    The institute for the magically inclined, or IMI, is a non profit organization seeking to enable the magically inclined to further their knowledge and create breakthroughs in the mystic sciences.

    Character classes:

    Headmaster: the headmaster is the administrator of the institute
    Professor: the headmaster's helpers, sort of like deans for the institute
    Scholar: a mage dedicated to researching the manipulation of magical energies
    Battle mage: a mage dedicated to protecting the institute and those in need
    Mundane Mage: a magically inclined person seeking to increase their knowledge of the arts

    Schools of magic:
    Destruction: magics designed to harm or break down matter
    Conjuration: the summoning and manipulation of matter through magic
    Divination: the seeing of matter through magic
    Restoration: the art of healing through magic
    Illusion: the art of altering perception through magic
    Alchemy: not actually magic, but the institute has alchemy labs and specialists

    This is a fantasy roleplay, no guns or anything like that. You may have your character create a magical equivalent, though.

    Smut goes to PMS or whatever

    Swearing is fine

    No God modding

    No time manipulation
  2. Shaye

    Shaye Rubber duck duchess Member

    Local Time:
    5:40 PM

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