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Male x Female If In Need Of Amazing Partner, Click Here.

Discussion in 'Requests by Males' started by BlissfulSerenade, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. BlissfulSerenade

    BlissfulSerenade Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 AM

    Greetings and salutations fellow people of GP, as you can see I'm blissful serenade but I usually just go by Darrow. I've been around for quite some time, mainly on and off due to personal reasons but now that I've settled into life I feel like it's high time I made one of these. While I haven't ever made one I've read a ton of them and I found a lot of them started off the same so I'll skip over some stuff. I'm a student right now, blah blah blah, I've been role playing for most of my life, yada yada yada. You get the point. If you really do want to get to know me I'm more than happy with OOC so long as it doesn't replace our roleplay.

    Expectations and Promises
    My expectations and my promises go hand in hand. You don't give me one liners and I won't give you any, you write me a novel and I'll write one back. You use bad grammar I will too, you get what you put into the roleplay. This being said I only want people truly want to create this new world we make together. I am mainly interested in long term partners but I will have some short term ones as well I just ask that if you start a roleplay with me you either finish it or tell me you want to drop it so I'm not left here waiting for a response. I feel like this section was pretty straight forward but ask me if you have any questions.

    Cravings and Fandoms
    Now on to one of the most talked about sections in most threads, plot vs smut. Most people have both evened out but I can go either way. If you want mainly smut with little or no plot I'm your guy, at the same time if you want heaps of plot with some or no smut on the side i'm your guy as well. Or maybe you are somewhere in between and you like a nice balance, that's perfectly fine with me too. Just tell me what you are looking for.

    With all that done now we can get onto the fun stuff!

    My kinks are many and my cravings are rather simple. I don't have an F list complete as of right now but I'm working on it and will have it in my signature as soon as it's finished. So for now we will just discuss kinks in pm so just let me know while we plan. What I'm super duper mega craving in terms of kinks is a harem, A majority of my role playing career it has always been a one on one kind of situation and I'd love to change it up. I'm not asking for you to play 157,256,432 characters, three or four would be perfect! Now of course we don't have to do this at all but if you'd want to try something I'd love you forever. plot wise I play a lot of fantasy and sci-fi as well. Dragons, robots, the whole lot. Slice of life is cool too but the plot would have to be good to keep me interested so if you have plots, not just onslice of life but on anything let me know!

    On a side note I have to mention this! I've noticed that 99% of the girls here just want to get dominated and there's nothing wrong with it but it's just not what gets me off. I hate being controlling and forceful in bed. If anything I'd prefer a girl to dominate me, something about me just finds it super attractive. In person I am a very alpha person but it turns me on to be taken control of in bed. But if you aren't a very dominant girl that's completely fine I just ask that there is no real dominant or submissive role and that we both contribute to the smut evenly.

    Now I know this is getting rather lengthy so please stick with me here. I'm almost done I promise.

    I am interested in playing a few different fandoms and such. I'll list a few here. I obviously have many more so if you are interested let me know!


    Percy Jackson/Heros of Olympus
    Red rising trilogy
    Hunger games


    The last of us
    Stardew valley
    The division

    TV shows
    The walking dead

    Sword Art Online
    High School of The Dead

    I prefer playing an OC on all these fandoms but you can play a cannon or OC either is fine with me and on some I'd prefer you to play cannon anyway. I do ask that if you choose and of these role know what the thing is about and stay true to it, the same goes for playing a cannon charecter.

    Okay think I should be done know, I hope this wasn't too long. If you are still awake definetly PM me so we can talk! Until our next communion *bows*
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017 at 4:05 PM
  2. BlissfulSerenade

    BlissfulSerenade Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 AM
  3. BlissfulSerenade

    BlissfulSerenade Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 AM
    Bump 2?!?!?
  4. BlissfulSerenade

    BlissfulSerenade Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:08 AM
  5. Angelina_Kookie

    Angelina_Kookie Damsel in Distress Member

    Local Time:
    8:08 AM
    Hi there! I would be really interested in starting a roleplay with you, preferably a fantasy setting would be best. I find it can just be so wonderful. If you are interest go ahead an PM me. We can figure out the details there!

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