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Suggestions Help For One Liner Rpers

Discussion in 'Suggestions, Questions and Tech Support' started by Emery Wynter, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. Emery Wynter

    Emery Wynter Are you real? Doesn't seem possible. Silver Sinner

    Local Time:
    5:24 PM
    I don't have a problem with this. I can write as much as needed to make my partner happy, but I have found that there are a lot of one liner people out there, and they have a very hard time finding and keeping partners.

    I know that Roleplaying with these people can be frustrating but imagine what it is like for them to keep getting ghosted because their writing skills are not as advanced as others.

    I think their should be a place for these people who are just learning, or just not as seasoned, to be able to find similar partners or people who are willing to work with them and teach them how to improve.

    By just saying we don't want one liner partners, we are not exactly encouraging them, just brushing them off. And encouraging them to improve is far more positive for both them and the craft in general.

    If these people want to write, let's see what we can do to help instead of telling them they are not good enough to be our partner.
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  2. Exocat

    Exocat Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:24 PM
    It might be worthwhile to ask one liner responders what they want. If some one liner responders want to improve, then something like a mentorship program might help them reach their goals. Those one liner responders who are comfortable with what they're doing or who aren't willing to put in the effort to improve won't benefit from such a suggestion.

    Writing with a partner is a cooperative effort, and it has to be worth the time and effort of both partners. It is not fair to expect people to write with partners who don't meet their requirements for whatever reason.
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  3. Emery Wynter

    Emery Wynter Are you real? Doesn't seem possible. Silver Sinner

    Local Time:
    5:24 PM
    I agree that would only help those that are looking to improve, and I am not suggesting that everyone should feel they need to work with one liner writers, but it would be useful to have a place for similar writers to find partners, or if members are willing to help, offering a place for them to connect would be useful.
  4. ozakyl

    ozakyl GP's Flopping Pika Chat Mod

    Local Time:
    11:24 PM
    For finding partners that are likeminded or have a similar one liner style of writing, you would have to either go through the request threads and try to find someone in there, or give our matchmakers a go as they always try to find the best possible writing partners for you.

    That being said I do think that it is important to talk to your partner before starting a RP when writing with one-liners. It can be rather dissapointing when you write a long post and only get a line back. If it has been discussed beforhand, you know what to expect from your partner. And I'm pretty sure that there are people out there willing to give you a few pointers when asked ^-^
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  5. Tiger Dragon

    Tiger Dragon Insanity's Puurrfect Wifu Welcoming Committee

    Local Time:
    7:24 AM
    As an Intentional One-Liner Roleplayer... I'd like to give my 2 cents. I also wrote an article about this not long ago: Click Here.

    Now please take everything worth as my opinion. I'm not out to attack, berate or debate. I just simply wish to speak up as a one-liner roleplayer.

    I use to write massive paragraphs of detail and enjoy it, but it was long and painstaking for me. After a while, writing a ton of information no longer became enjoyable and I quickly lost interest in my roleplays and partners. After a bit of time, I found a roleplayer that changed my whole perspective on roleplaying. I enjoy one-liners. They are faster, take less time. I LOVE minimal details. If there was anything I learned in all of my creative writing classes for my minor, it was that less is sometimes better.

    I wish I could find more people who are interested in writing one-liners. I would love to connect with people who enjoy the short, sweet but still chock full of world-building.

    For the suggestion, there are a lot of people who write all kinds of ways who would love help in their writing! Not just one-liner roleplayers. Although as a one-liner roleplayer, I believe my writing is very strong. I am a sociologist and write papers on papers for research and my jobs. I've written short stories on short stories and started submitting them to publishers. I've even started writing my first book. There are things I know I am weak at, and so for this suggestion, I am sure I would enjoy someone who could help me with my books and short stories. As far as my roleplay though, I am happy as I am.

    TL;DR: I write one-liners because I like too.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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