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General Announcement Guilty Pleasures Rules And Regulations

Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Kissy, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. Kissy

    Kissy Powers that Be Powers That Be

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM
    Guilty Pleasures Site Rules, Regulations, and Consequence Policies

    Guilty Pleasures is a home designated for a broad range of writers. We welcome brand new and seasoned writers, writers who enjoy all kinds of genres, those that prefer more orthodox or tame roleplays, and those that prefer a bit of steam in their story. All in the name of free expression and the ability to bond and write with like-minded individuals.

    However, in order to keep this a safe, nurturing environment for our many different talents, we have to have house rules. Below are what is expected of you as a member of Guilty Pleasures. Failure to follow these rules can result in anywhere from a verbal warning up to a ban from the site permanently. If you are interested in joining our home, please read through these CAREFULLY, as you will be expected to follow them from the moment you sign up.

    Verbal Reminder Offenses - The following rules fall under our verbal reminder offenses, which means that breaking them once will result in a verbal reminder. However, please keep in mind that you will receive only ONE reminder per offense before warning points will start to be issued:

    • Discussion of politics or religion in a public forum (including blogs, chat, and statuses)
    • Multiple Accounts - Each individual on Guilty Pleasures is allowed only one (1) account. There is also no sharing of accounts. Additional accounts will be banned.
    • Inappropriate Thread Placement - Placing your thread in the incorrect area. If done by accident and you know about it, please just ask for a Global Mod (green usernames), Ambassador (gold usernames), or Admin (red usernames) to move it for you.
    • Posting in others roleplay threads
    • Disrespect toward other members or their ideas - It is fine to have differing opinions, however, there is a way to be respectful about it. For example, "I don't care for MxM pairings," versus "I think MxM pairings are gross!" Obviously the latter is very disrespectful. Major violations of this could be constituted as bullying.
    • Passive aggressive and/or inappropriate statuses
    • Minor harassment - Minor harassment could be considered as repeatedly asking for RPs or replies or asking for personal information after being told no. Any major violation of this rule could get you banned instantly.
    • Image Violations - Please visit the Image Rule thread HERE for more information on our image rules.
    • Abuse of the report system- We have a report system here on Guilty Pleasures to allow you, the members, to report anything that you feel may be against the rules, or find harassing in some manner. PLEASE, do not report something for no reason. It floods the system and makes us take that much longer to handle real issues on the site.
    Warning Point Offenses - The following rules are considered severe enough to receive more than just a verbal reminder, but not enough to be banned. Warning points will follow you for a time span of one-hundred, eighty (180) days from the time that you were given the point itself. After that time, they will automatically fall off your record. If you receive three (3) warning points within the one-hundred, eighty (180) days, you will be banned from Guilty Pleasures.

    • Bullying - Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among members that involves a real or perceived power imbalance, whether it be physical, verbal, or social. Multiple bullying offenses may receive harsher punishments.
    • Cybering / Self Insertion - Cybering by definition is the act of sexual gratifications by means of a instant messenger, chat room, or forum. Cybering is more smut than plot and is just to use a masturbatory fodder. Using yourself as your character is strictly prohibited.
    • Godmodding/Power Playing- Taking over and controlling another player's character.
    • Failure to listen to staff - If you feel you are being singled out, or have questions or concerns about what a staff member is asking you, please feel free to ask anyone on our admin team (red usernames)
    • Pornography - Linking pornographic images, videos, gifs, or sites. All images uploaded to Guilty Pleasures will fall under this rule.
    • Multiple violations of verbal warning rules
    Instant Ban Offenses - These are rules that are not to be broken under any circumstances on Guilty Pleasures. If one of these rules are broken you could permanently be banned from the community.

    • Harassment - Any form of severe harassment, such as sexual harassment, will not be tolerated on Guilty Pleasures. Repeated minor harassment offenses could also lead to a ban.
    • Blatant Advertisement - We do not allow advertisement to other sites without prior approval from an Admin.
    • Underage Members and Characters - You must be eighteen (18) years old to be a member of Guilty Pleasures. This is due to the adult content that we do allow on the site. We also do not allow any characters physically or mentally below the age of sixteen (16) to be involved in any adult situations, including but not limited to sexual encounters and gore.
    • Soliciting money
    • Impersonating staff
    • Offsite roleplaying - We do not allow members to take roleplays off of Guilty Pleasures. This includes but is not limited to other sites, outside chat forums (Skype, Discord, etc.), email, and Google docs.
    • Poaching- Encouraging members to join other roleplaying sites and/or bad mouthing the site in efforts for them to leave.
    • Communicating messages from banned-members. (EX. Member who was banned approaches you and say hey I was this partner of yours but I was banned want to start our RP again and you fail to report or communicate on their behalf, unless you're communicating to staff)
    • Necrophilia
    • Bestiality
    We do not allow members to give out their personal contact information (Skype, Discord, emails, etc.) via status or public posting on-site. If you wish to give out this information for plotting or chatting purposes with your friends or partners it must be done privately on site. This is to protect our members from the possibility of harassment or unwanted contact.

    ***We, the staff of Guilty Pleasures, do reserve the right to change, add, remove, or edit the rules at any time as we see fit.***
  2. Kissy

    Kissy Powers that Be Powers That Be

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM
    Multiple Request Threads:
    What is a request thread? A request thread is a thread that you can post to let other members on Guilty Pleasures know what your current cravings or ideas for roleplays are. They can be as simple or as complex as you'd like to make them. For a complete guide on how to create a request thread, please click on the following link: https://guiltypleasuresroleplaying.com/xenforo/index.php?threads/guide-to-request-threads.12350/

    How many request threads may I have? Each member is allowed to have one (1) request thread per section. That means one in the Requests by Males, Requests by Females, and Request by Other. That is a total of up to three (3) on the entire site. Please do not post a thread in "Requests by Males" or "Request by Other" if you only play female characters.If you find that you want to create a new request thread in a section you already have one, simply ask a global mod (green usernames), ambassador (yellow usernames), or admin (red usernames) to archive it for you. WE DO NOT DELETE THREADS.

    How often can I bump my request threads? You are allowed to bump your request threads once every three days or with any MAJOR edit to your thread.
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  3. TidalTrick

    TidalTrick mischief afoot Silver Sinner

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM
    @Member Please review these as there have been some small updates recently
  4. Kissy

    Kissy Powers that Be Powers That Be

    Local Time:
    5:08 PM

    It has been a while since we have requested people to look at the rules, and since there has been quite a bit of breaching going on a refresher course might not hurt. More specifically taking roleplays off of site and onto Discord, this is not allowed and is more for the safety and security of our users then anything.
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