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Fresh Meat, And Ready To Be Yours!

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Skye Bliss, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. Skye Bliss

    Skye Bliss Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:31 AM
    So this is the second thread I'm putting up next to my introductions thread... you all know me as Skye or you may even know me as miss Bliss. I don't have much of a big kink list or no list because I'm just starting to make one out, but they will be listed here.

    I dont have many plots either but as soon as I think one up I will be placing it here in color for you to choose from. I write both in PMS and threads, so I welcome both. I write in third person as if I were writing a story, and my length tends to range from long, super long, and short... basically I mirror whatever you give me, but if you give me something that I can not seem to work with for the life of me, I will end our rp and inform you of what I've done.

    My kinks: I like dark themes, and taboo themes. My favorite is brother and sister pairing, or father and daughter sometimes even both. Another yes of mine is bondage, being tied up is sort of a fetish. Having clothes torn, or cut off of mc is always a plus. Being forced, and dominated since I tend to play the sub.

    My do not's: I will not tolerate "bathroom play" and by that what I mean is things like golden showers so on and so forth. You get the picture. I do not like my character to be killed, unless she's being given new life but if its to end the rp and move on then yes.

    Basically, I don't have many things that turn me off, or things that you can't do in an rp with me. I'm open minded and like to push myself, so when you play with me think of it as a "free range rp" I do demand though that there be a background story, I'm not here just for the smut. Oh though that is a big one. I like fantasy and modern, I'm very diverse and have the acting capabilities to play any character really.

    First idea:
    A mother gets remarried and so her daughter comes to visit for the wedding, she is to be in it along with her slightly older and slightly annoying older step brother. (Her new step dad's kid) When she gets there, this is the first time the step father and brother meet her, only seeing pictures of her they're impressed and both are a little attracted to her. She arrives the day before the wedding so when night falls, the women go off and have a bachelorette party and the guys go have a bachelor party. Both parties get wasted and doing things they end up regretting... since my character, the daughter and her step brother are of legal age 18 their parents decide to let them join the party and they get drunk as well. They all go back to the hotel sloppy drunk, since the step brother knows the room number he goes to find his step sister to give her a piece of his mind about how he doesnt like her snobbish attitude and since they are to be siblings she best start being nicer to him. When she let's him inside, and he begins to tell her off, things get heated and in a sexualized way. They end up sleeping together.. we can either stop there or make this a long term and go a little farther where she ends up liking it and they start up a secret relationship, and tells her mother that she wants to go live with her instead of her father. She stays instead of going back and about four months or so later the son and father are out on the beach since they live in California. (the wedding takes place somewhere exotic; so when they go back to the states instead of going home to her father mc just goes home with her mother) They get so drunk that the son let's it slip out that he has a new girlfriend and that it's his wife's daughter. Now being that they are both sloppy drunk, shes a catch, and the father also had an attraction to her, he jokingly tells his son that he wants a taste of that forbidden fruit. So the son, goes back home and gets his girlfriend/step sister to come out with him telling her it's going to be fun. She thinks hes going to deliver since she smells the liquor on him and goes back to the private beach that's connected to their backyard. They walk down the beach a little ways until they come to the tent his father has set up and tells her to go inside he has a surprise waiting for her. The surprise would be her step father waiting in there with some rope, this is where he ties her up and rapes her before they both take turns doing things to her and fucking her at the same time. OR if that is too dark for you, she could be into it. Letting them both fuck her and use her body...

    Second Idea:
    My character is new to this exotic place, she had just been promoted which took her to the Bahamas where she would be working for a young CEO for this major company. Once she gets there though, she feels as if she's being targeted for his hatred. He has her doing things that are below her pay grade and something more like an assistant would be doing, like going to fetch his coffee and dry cleaning. One night he's there later than usual, and everyone notices this, but no one says a word. Everyone is about to clock out and yet he gives her a task to go and fetch his dry cleaning for him. Even though when she returns it will be past time for her to clock out and no one else would be there, since she doesnt want to lose her job she goes. When she comes back, its dark and almost like a ghost town with no one but the boss's light on in the office. She walks into his office and he is on the phone ordering take out, he ordered them both some and is just getting off the phone when she walks in with his clothes. He tells her to sit that he just ordered a little food and that he had a few things he wanted to speak with her about her performance at the company. He tells her how well she's been doing, but she has to do more if shes expected to make it there and that's when he slides his hand down her shirt (hes standing behind her when he is telling her all these things) since she doesnt want to lose her job she let's him touch her and make her his sex toy. We can leave it at that or make it into a longer rp where they start to date secretly; they fuck in the office during working hours risking getting caught by other employees but it wouldn't matter if they did get caught because it's his company.

    Third idea:
    My character moves to a new city, the city of New Orleans where its rich in not only character but history as well. She moves into this old plantation on an old farm and at first she loves it but as soon as she starts to renovate it that's when things get a little crazy. She begins hearing and seeing spirits, but the most craziest of things that happens is that she is visited by a vampire that was attracted by all the supernatural going on in her house (your choice) He is attracted to her not only for her body but maybe because she reminds him of someone that he used to know and she becomes the target of his lust. He gets her to let him in and once she does that he begins to visit her every night. We could leave it at that or we can go farther by they eventually get into a relationship and after a while he turns her.

    Fourth idea:
    your character is a big powerful young guy, which is pretty unique to have a guy this powerful and be this young... and not to mention HOT! Perhaps my character is his play thing, and he keeps her for only the purposes of fucking and filling his desires of touching a womans body, and or giving her pleasure. Perhaps there's a party and he wants to impress his investors so he takes her, there he takes off her clothes and bounds and gags her up and plays with her body while she is on display for the others to watch. Perhaps he let's them touch and fuck her with toys, maybe he even let's them stick their dicks in her as well? Maybe in order to get more money out of them for his company?
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  2. jarexjarez

    jarexjarez Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:31 AM
    my eyes :eek:

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