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Female x Male For all to see...

Discussion in 'Archived Requests' started by Blossoms and Love, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. Blossoms and Love

    Blossoms and Love Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:23 PM
    Hi! I was on this site for a while, but ended up having to take a break because of life. But I'm back. Alright, so I am open to just winging it and seeing how a story plays out. I also have a few plot ideas and cravings at the moment.

    Underline= roles I prefer to play
    *Stars= most desired

    Current Cravings:
    Vampire and Human*
    God(dess) and Human*
    God and Goddess
    Princess and Prince
    Princess and Enemy Prince*
    Boss and Employee
    Teacher and Student
    Bartender and Patron
    Master and Slave
    Captured Princess and Kidnapper
    Professor and Student
    Arranged Marriage
    Hero and Villain
    Demon and Human
    Demon and Angel
    Devil (or Deadly Sins) and Human
    Werewolf and Human
    Werewolf and Werewolf
    Elf and Human
    Elf and other species
    Elf and Elf
    Kidnapper and Victim
    Mage and Human
    King and servant
    King and enemy princess
    General and enemy princess

    Legend of Zelda
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    The Play of the Gods
    True Blood
    Game of Thrones
    Seraph of the End
    Tales of series
    Avatar/Legend of Korra
    Fallout 4
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Guild Wars 2

    Plot Ideas:

    Vampire and Human
    In this universe, the existence of vampires is well known, and both species live side by side. They share animosity against each other, and humans have been fearing their predators longer than they know. There's two different ideas for this universe. In one, a human makes a deal with a vampire to live as their servant in exchange for protection for their family. In another, the human and vampire meet in a night class and start becoming friends. Despite the looks they get in public, they still enjoy each other's company. Their relationship is taboo, and for that reason they haven't acted upon their feelings.
    In another universe, vampires are not a known existence. They hide themselves in the night because it's simply easier to do their hunts. I also have two plots for this idea. There's a particular nightclub run by a vampire simply for the sake of vampires finding humans to feast upon. Only once and a while will humans not return from the nightclub. Still, a young hopeful journalist has listened to the rumors and went to investigate. Seeing that this journalist is snooping more than dancing, the owner decides to take matter into their own hands. In another plot, a duke decides to hold a masquerade. What people don't know, is this duke is a vampire hoping to keep appearances and drown out suspicion. One of the guests catches the duke's eye and they dance and talk for rest of the night even as the other guests begin to leave.

    God and Human
    For this one, I have a few different ideas. Recently I have been watching The Play of the Gods. Basically Zeus summons a human and Gods that have lost touch with humanity so that the human may teach the god about human emotions. They go to school together and must live out day to day life. So, a similar thing would happen here. A God must relearn what it means to feel human emotions and the human helps teach them by living average days with them. In another idea, a God is living among humans to hide from other Gods because they did something that got them in trouble. While on Earth, a human accidentally stumble upon them using their powers, and to make sure the human does not say anything, the God has been sticking to them like glue. In the last one, a God is looking for a spouse and has chosen a human.

    Dragon Age
    In this one, my character who accepted a demon for blood magic is on the run and moving from town to town. They are being hunted and can never really stay in one place long. Basically when her circle was being slaughtered, she made a hasty deal and killed most of the templar attackers. In the last minute she decided to spare the remaining ones and flee. Now, she goes from town to town trying to do good for the bad she has done. There's a few ways your character can fit into this. Shoot me with an idea and I might go for it.

    The Deadly Sins
    In this roleplay, one of the deadly sins (YC) was summoned by MC, after they decided to experiment with demonic circles out of curiosity. The deal was supposed to be that the summoned demon would give the individual one thing they desired in exchange for something just as precious. However, MC refuses to make any sort of wish out of fear that her soul may be devoured. Now, YC can't return to the demon world and must wait for MC to give in. So, YC either has to make MC's world a complete hell, seduce them so they drop their guard, or simply wait them out.

    These are things I won't go for.
    Any sort of toilet play
    One liners. I need at least a good paragraph or two.

    If you have questions feel free to ask. I'll probably add to this in the future. Don't be afraid to send me a PM.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
  2. Paul Stand

    Paul Stand Officially GP's Cuddle-Monster! - Alone - ღ Guilty Gold

    Local Time:
    12:23 AM
    Hey, take a look at my request thread, we have a Vampire one in common and some scifi things too. If you like any of mine just say failing that Vampire one could work if you like.
  3. Blossoms and Love

    Blossoms and Love Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:23 PM
  4. Lord Darkshayde

    Lord Darkshayde GP's Literary Artist Member

    Local Time:
    7:23 PM
    I would be interested in potentially exploring the Goddess/Human idea with you. It seems like an interesting plotline to be a part of and I have always enjoyed plots that can evolve into a romantic setting if that is something you wish to delve into together.
  5. Blossoms and Love

    Blossoms and Love Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    4:23 PM

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