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Male x Male Fandoms And Oc's Galore

Discussion in 'Requests by Males' started by Dark demon, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. Dark demon

    Dark demon Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:37 PM
    Personal message me instead Thank you <3

    Hello and welcome, To my one to one search thread.

    My name is Dark Demon, you can go ahead and call me Demon. I'm a female that lives in the UK. I work full time as a Pizza delivery Driver, which is a blessing because it means I have more time to role play but, the catch is Weekends the pace may be slow so I apologise in advanced but business would resume as normal.

    What can I give you as a partner?
    • I am a seme, seke, Uke, if you'd like me to top for you please know that you will be expected to do the same. As I prefer doubles or seke x seke action.
    • I am a long lengthy writer, I enjoy length, Quality over quantity and all that Jazz.
    • I am a team player, you'd get active amount of ideas throughout the planning and throughout the plot. I will check things with you just in case it's okay to do so I will get your consent if it's a major game change. Or involves your character's future.
    • Fandom cannon characters or OC's I'm completely fine with. Or just using there world concept.
    What Do I expect from you? (Rules and requirements)
    • At the moment I am specifically looking for those that can play Tops or switches that lean more to Top.
    • I am currently looking for active posters, if you can just post either twice a week I'd be more than happy the more active you are the better.
    • Good at communication, let me know if the RP is either getting boring or something you see you don't like, the more honest you are the better reaction I'd be.
    • Anything longer than 3+ weeks without a word, I'd assume the RP is dead and will probably decline future role play offerings only if you have a good valid reason as all events aren't foreseen.
    • I will not hound you for a response, that is up to you. It's not my job to prod you if you forget.
    Weight gain RPs [Your character will gain weight]
    Male pregnancy
    Black dagger brotherhood J.R.ward

    Assassination classroom,
    Black butler I & II & III
    D.n. Angel
    Death note
    Free!- Iwatobi Swim Club
    Free!- Eternal Summer
    Full Metal al
    Ouran Host club
    Yuri on ice

    Black dagger brotherhood J.R.ward
    Dark series by Christine Feehan
    Midnight breed series Lara Adrian
    Dragon Fury Novels by Coreene Callahan
    Alpha pack series J.R.Tyler
    Guardians Dianne Duvall

    Sherlock Holmes BBC version
    Lord of the Rings
    Harry potter

    Assassins creed

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017 at 7:38 AM
  2. Dark demon

    Dark demon Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:37 PM


    Turn ons
    A/B/Omega universe
    Age play
    Chubby characters
    Character disabilities
    Character deaths
    Dominant partners
    Food play,
    Pre-existing partners
    Male pregnancy,
    Weight gaining,
    Story Driven

    Turn offs:
    Slave and master role plays
    Short posts, 3 lines ect
    Writers not contributing to the RP




    Ichigo x OC
    Ichigo x Renji
    Ichigo x Byakuya
    Byakuya x Rengi
    Kenpachi x Ichigo
    Kisuke x Isshin Kurosaki
    Gin Ichimaru x Ichigo
    Grimjow x Ichigo

    Free Iwatobi Swim Club!*****

    Rin Matsuoka x Haruka Nanase
    Rei Ryugazaki x Haru
    Seijuro Mikoshiba x Rin Matusoka
    Makoto Tachibana x Rin
    Makoto Tachibana X Haru
    Makoto Tachibana x OC
    Sosuke Yamazaki X Rin Matsuoka

    Ouran host club

    Tamaki suoh x Kyoya Ootori

    Yuri on ice

    Yuuri x Viktor
    Yuuri x OC
    Yuuri x Yurio
    Viktor x OC

    Sherlock Holmes BBC version

    Sherlock Holmes x Dr. John watson
    Mycroft Holmes x Dr. John watson
    Mycroft Holmes x Greg
    Mycroft x OC
    Sherlock x OC


    Saitou Hajime x Okita Souji.
    Harada Sanosuke x Nagakura Shinpach
    Saitou Hajime x OC
    Okita Souji x OC

    Black butler

    Sebastian x Claude
    Sebastian x Older Ciel

    Assassins creed
    Black dagger brotherhood J.R ward
    Midnight breed series
    Dragonfury novels,
    Lord of the Rings
    Harry potter
    Fruits basket **


    Original Pairings

    Thanks for Free! anime, I am so craving a sports Anime Theme RP.

    Athlete x Athlete
    Athlete x Ex Athlete
    Rival Athlete x Rival Athlete
    Delinquent student x School council
    Delinquent Ice skater x Photographer nerd
    Jock x Nerd
    Popular student x Anti-social
    Handsome x Nerd

    Married man x Single man
    Married man x Baby sitter
    Married man x House keeper (old fling)
    Married man x Brother in law
    Married man x Next door neighbour

    Celebrity music artist x Celebrity music artist (Rivals)
    Body guard x Celebrity
    Old friend x Celebrity
    Non-fan x Celebrity (Who doesn't recognise him)

    Alpha x Ex Alpha
    Alpha x Alpha (Rivals)
    Omega x Alpha
    Dragon shifter x Dragon shifter
    Dragon shifter x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Demon x Archangel
    Archangel x Archangel Demon
    Hybrid Angel/Demon x Human
    God x God
    God x Worshipper
    Angel x Human
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017 at 10:18 AM

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