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Fantasy Dragons!

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Otaku Dragon, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Otaku Dragon

    Otaku Dragon The versatile Writer Member

    Local Time:
    4:23 AM
    Hello and welcome to the deluxe Dragon Role play! In this Rp you will get a variety of plots and special details you can have incorporated into our Rp. There are three Rp plots to pick from. Dragon War, Dragon Adoption and Forbidden Love. Not to worry the last one will not have the beast dragon as a romantic partner. It'd be a monster girl only sorta partner thing.

    Dragon War plot: The dragon guardian has passed away due to old age. A new guardian must be named or else the world will plummet to eternal darkness. Many Dragons now fight one another to the death to decide whom will rise to the position of Dragon Guardian. There are several Dragon species can can qualify for the position. The Fire Drakes, Frost Dragons, Demon Dragons, Earth Dragons and Sea Dragons. Each have their own unique powers, abilities and traits that define their being. You are among the Dragons who seek to take the position of Guardian Dragon. Those who take that position are given divine power which will last until the time of the Dragon Guardian's death.

    Dragon Adoption plot: There once was a farmer who's been falling on hard times. One day while searching for new ingredients for mulch you find an abandoned dragon egg. Feeling bad for it the farmer takes the egg home with (him or her). It would be difficult to rase a Dragon but it might prove useful in the long run. Some dragons are very loyal. The local town's folk are very against the idea of a Dragon living within their lands. The farmer would have to prove to them that a Dragon can be good. (You can play as the dragon or the farmer. additional players would have to play as either the farmer's family members or townsfolk.)

    Forbidden Love plot: You are a member of a dragon slayer family and your family is the best at what they do. Your mother is the most skilled of the family. One day while hiking in the mountains with friends you discover what looks like a ruin carved into the side of the mountain you are hiking on. Within the ruins lives a lone Dragon girl who is rather elusive but she gets curious about you and your friends since she's never seen humans up close. It was love at first sight and the two of you would have an unbreakable bond. Your mother eventually finds out and will try to stop you. She wants the dragon girl dead which would mean you'd have to take her and run away.

    Customizable features: You may choose a timeline to use (example modern times or middle ages), you can choose for there to be either the beast Dragons or the monster girl dragons, you may choose a setting for the Rp ( example: a Japan or an apocalyptic future) and you may choose to be a Dragon or a human.

    Rules: no god mode, no being overly powerful, no making up new powers for a Dragon character that's not possible for the dragon Species you picked, human characters can have powers or gadgets that aren't too powerful or would force others to do what you want, no trolling and no one liners.
  2. Leopon

    Leopon vkelli Member

    Local Time:
    5:23 AM
    Greetings, im taking a liking to the plot Forbidden Love. I think it would suit the roleplay if we did it in like Medieval Times.
    Also I would like to play the Dragon girl if you wouldn't mind.
    DM me if you would like to discuss this further.
  3. Onyx.Anicks

    Onyx.Anicks Average PNW cowgirl-hippie-artist chick Member

    Local Time:
    2:23 AM
    I’m interested in dragon war. Though curious about more details. Would those details be worked out as we plot or have you something in mind already?

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