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Long Term D&d Anyone?

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Malthiel, Jul 13, 2018 at 7:57 PM.

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  1. Malthiel

    Malthiel Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:08 PM
    So, I’ve recently found that I enjoy creating OC’s with the assistance of the Dungeons and Dragons format. Being able to build your ideal RPG character, and immerse yourself in the storyline you or the leading individual has created, is so exciting! Especially amongst friends that greatly enjoy the immersion of roleplay in general.

    I have been a Dungeons and Dragons player for a long time (not excessively, only really about five years), and am fairly well-versed in helping others to build their ideal RPG OC, as far as 3.5 edition is concerned (5th is a bit too tame, but I know how to run it as well).

    I’m rambling. My point is, DnD as a basis for rp mechanics is amazing. You have everything from nailing down exactly what your character looks like to an exact number to designate the capability of your particular OC. We all love and appreciate the ability to just say “My character looks like a model, but is also God in terms of power level, f*** me.” but, if you apply a measurable, comparable number to the individual stats of a character, decide alignment, pick the things your character is good at, it leaves a lot of room for a well balanced character, with less “God Mode” and more immersive role play.

    I’m considering starting a campaign, those familiar with the format are very welcome to join me in a PM to discuss, and I’d also love to see new players with little to no experience shoot me a message and ask me questions.

    Anyone interested can reply to this feed or send me a personal message, zero preference for gender or sexual...preference, literally anyone is welcome.

    Let’s keep it here, though, this isn’t intended to pull people away from this forum by any means.
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  2. Malthiel

    Malthiel Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:08 PM
    Also! Just because we would be using game mechanics, there’s no reason to think the more risqué elements of roleplay are foresaken! I enjoy roleplaying anything, smut or otherwise. In that regard, I am particularly straight, but that shouldn’t be a limitation to those that aren’t.

    Questions, comments, concerns? PM or reply to the thread directly :)

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