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Female x Female Come Play With Me Said The Spider To The Fly

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Sarah Stone, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Sarah Stone

    Sarah Stone Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:50 AM

    Thanks for taking a look at my request page, I have tried to answer all your questions below, but always feel free to ask, I dont bite and am quite friendly.

    I enjoy long term role plays with other females and do play select story lines with males, but depends on the story line and character requirements.

    Below, I have tried to list my likes, dislikes and general observations, most have come from years of playing with many different partners. I work very hard to try and not be too restrictive but what I share are things I have found that I both like and those I will not attempt.

    If you are interested in playing, I always enjoy new challenges and I am certainly not limited to new roles and not just to those listed below.

    If you dont see something that interests you, please message me and we can talk about a play. I will be happy to try help you meet your cravings.

    - I enjoy long term, involved, and detailed role plays with a foreplay build up to the crescendo. (IMPORTANT) - I tend to see the role play as a movie playing in my mind and write what action I see taking place. This makes a very detailed response to paint a picture of the action. It can lead to multiple story lines occurring at the same time running through the story line, flashbacks, strategic thought and I try to emphasis the unknown's that add mystery, and drama to make the story very exciting.

    -My play likes lean towards the dark, sexually erotic with some violence. Just like a good foreplay, the setup, seduction, trap and follow through is important. I tend to be a Sci-Fi nut and most of my stories and ideas involve the unknown, un-explainable mixed with as much fantasy and reality as possible. Lets face it, the build up always appears to present an impossible situation and the challenge to overcome that impossible is makes a good story.

    -I tend to play a human mortal type of character as a villain and my heroine tends to be borderline villain bounded by morals. (Sorry, I cut my teeth on being a villain so that vein turns through me). I enjoy going up against the more powerful and to chip away at their powers to weaken them until they are on a level I can deal with to defeat or trap them, or I am seduced or trapped by my adversary to succumb to the wishes.
    I am not a sub by any means, but do enjoy a forced submission by ruthless means and reaching the point of succumbing will take a great deal of planning, combined mixture of sex and violence.

    -Overcoming my adversaries can be physically violent if required, but is more geared towards the finer concept of seduction, sex, and slowly tearing apart their emotional and mental as well. One cannot truly defeat someone without breaking all three areas of the mind, emotion and physical.

    -I tend to use non-playing characters to help move the story lines along and to give insight, direction or more information to my partner and add depth to the story. I enjoy and expect the same from my partner.
    Like a movie or real life, I expect the thread to change with each decision and post and expect that unexpected circumstances that may arise and like real life, will cause the need to adapt and change the strategy flow of the story. Just because one comes up with a adorable plan, doesnt mean that it will succeed the way it was conceived. Most planned things in life do not come out exactly the way it was planned and the challenge to adapt, regroup and try a different tact is a challenging part of the play.

    -I fight, love, sex, in winning as hard as I do in losing a battle. I will give intricate damage detail to any wound, blow, shot, knife or any other attack on my body, but I limit the right to kill off my character (this is something discussed before that path is taken, normally, if its a good death, then I am usually ok with it) and I respect the same to my partner's character. (see god moding below)

    I dont do minor children, kids, animals (unless they are changelings) , toilet sports , Futa's, smut for smut sake, anal or anything unseemly (we can discuss this one to make sure what unseemly is =:) ), and God modding, I will not write how something my character does affects my partners character, that is up for them to decide and write. I will write the plan or action and leave open the results of that plan or action for them.

    <Types of role play>

    Vampires, Werewolfs, etc.
    Modern Day
    Super Heroines

    <Some Role Play Suggestions>

    Below are some story line's ideas I came up as ideas for play and welcome ideas. This is not a complete package but some ideas rolling around in Sara's mind.

    NEW PLOT (FXF Only)

    A very happy, young, devout, moral, plain, and upstanding wife and mother of 6 children who has never done anything wild, rebellious or even had an unassuming thought and possibly a bit naive, going about her normal daily soccor mom activities a week after returning from her brothers funeral who died in a violent car crash, comes home to find a plain ordinary box on her doorstep. Attached to the outside of the box is an ornate envelope with a piece of paper inside stating she must make a choice. Open the box or choose to give it away to a close family member. If she chooses to give it away, that person will live, but someone else in her family, will meet a sudden and viloent death. If she opens it, she will find 6 envelopes, numbered 1 to 7. One envelope for each of her children and her husband. The instructions state that she must only open one envelope at a time in numerical order. Inside each she will find a challenge she must complete or one of her children or husband will die. If she stops the game or tells anyone about the game at any point before done, all of her family will die. Challenges must performed in public places and it's up to her to plan and carry them out. The challenges can be everything from sexual nature, to violence or anything in between.

    **NEW** The Seduction (Modern) (FXF only)
    Her husband just won a new contract worth millions. His wife, a very conservative woman with a strong will and dedicated family values meets the CEO of the other company and the very social savy, ruthless wife. She sets her sights on the new conquest and just enjoys the task of breaking her will little by little until she has new playmate.

    Hunting Grounds (succubus/human)
    -A detective, tracking a killer that drains the blood from their victims stumbles upon an age old being that has adapted to the new age and hunts their prey at local night clubs and bars.

    Falling Skies (humans, aliens)
    Based loosely on the theme of the TV show (very loosely). Two different teams of post invasion survivors battle to not only stay alive, but to mount a resistance against an enemy they do not clearly understand.

    The Killing Fields (Super Heroine/Assassin)
    A young heroine is stranded on Earth and finds she has Super Powers, while struggling to find a ride back home, she more or less stumbles onto being a Super Heroine and because of that, a Hit by the combined Cartels is ordered which must overcome her unique capabilities and terminate her short rise to stardom.

    The Human Rock Garden (Fantasy)
    A group of Amazon's are called forth by their Queen to journey, find and bring back the Golden Fleece from Medusa's lair across the river Styx. It's power must used to stop the "Dark One's" who threaten to overcome and enslave the Amazon warriors to strip an amazing power from the Amazon blood that will give them eternal power.
  2. Byebyebirdie

    Byebyebirdie Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:50 AM
    Hello, I believe we would write extremely well together. Would you mind inboxing me, or I'll inbox you so that we can discuss things further?
  3. Christina

    Christina Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:50 AM
    I would really enjoy doing some role plays with you. I hope we can get together some time and play.
  4. GenXTwilight

    GenXTwilight Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:50 AM
    I am intrigued with your plot lines and character ideas. I would love the opportunity to role play with you. Please inbox me so we can set up a time to explore the possibilities.
  5. Sarah Stone

    Sarah Stone Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:50 AM
    Bump after the hiatus

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