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Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Silence, Nov 20, 2016.

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  1. Chat Rules:

    Sensitive Topics:
    There are a variety of topics that you and other people in the chat with you might consider sensitive topics. Some people are upset by things that you yourself might find totally appropriate to discuss amongst a large public group of people. People are entitled to the right to freedom of speech and so we are trying to limit the number of things that are not discussed in the chat to allow as free and open a chat as is physically possible. The following topics are not permitted in the general chat due to the fact that people are often very emotional involved and have a difficult time having civil conversations about them due to this. We are trying to keep things friendly and the chat on topics that most people do not have a problem discussing at length. You are, if you are interested in discussing more controversial or emotionally charged issues you are welcome to set up a private room in the chat for those who wish to join you in the discussion or to create a thread in the Heavy Debates/Topics forum section.

    The following topics are not permitted to be discussed in the general public chat:

    Neither the criticism nor the proselytizing of any given religion is permitted.

    Politics: State of whatever elections might be going on, opinions on countries, scandals, criticism of candidates regardless of political position or party, or foreign policy. In short, anything that relates to politics or commenting on political figures or anything to do with political figures. THIS INCLUDES MILITARY ACTION, SUSPECTED MILITARY ACTION, THE BEHAVIOR OF FOREIGN DICTATORS, HOW TO DEAL WITH FOREIGN DICTATORS AND THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THOSE COUNTRIES AS WELL AS WARS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN.

    Social Issues: Rape, Domestic Violence, Racism, or anything related to Social Justice or Issues whether it be support or criticism.

    Enforcement: Those found to be participating in these discussions will be warned once to cease the discussion and take it to the appropriate areas where those discussions are welcome and encouraged. Failure to cease the discussion after that point will result in being removed from chat.

    1st. 24 Hour Chat Kick
    2nd. 3 Day Chat Kick
    3rd. 7 Day Chat Ban

    General Conduct: All members of the site are adults and are expected to act as such. General rules regarding social interaction are fairly universal across cultures.

    Treat everyone with the respect that you demand of others for yourself.

    Do not gossip.

    Do not harass others.

    If someone is not giving you proper respect take screenshots, place the person in question on ignore immediately and contact a chat moderator via PM or whisper and inform them of what is going on. Do not attempt to engage the person in question or argue with them. http://guiltypleasuresroleplaying.c...ectations-and-explanations.10779/#post-270834

    Failure to abide by these rules will result in the same response as discussing the nonpermitted topics. The person engaging in harassment or gossip about other members will receive one warning to stop and if the user does not stop the following actions will occur.

    1st. 24 Hour Chat Kick
    2nd. 3 Day Chat Kick
    3rd. 7 Day Chat Ban

    Cybering: Cybering is not permitted on the site, nor is it permitted in the chat whether it be public or private. The full site definition of cybering can be found at the following thread: http://guiltypleasuresroleplaying.c...ectations-and-explanations.10779/#post-270837

    Enforcement: Cybering is an instant removal from chat offense. If you are caught cybering in a private room you will lose the ability to make private rooms for 7 day. The second offense will result in you being permanently unable to make private chat rooms.

    1st. 24 Hour Chat Kick
    2nd. 3 Day Chat Kick
    3rd. 7 Day Chat Ban

    Role Playing: Role playing in the general chat is not permitted due to the fact that it can cause confusion in the chat and make it difficult for people to have their own conversations and for moderators to do their jobs. Small things like hugs or similar short actions often surrounded by * are acceptable but no long drawn out posts that go on for one than one to two posts. You are allowed and encouraged to create a private room where you and anyone you wish can chat RP if you so desire.

    Enforcement: The same methodology applies in this situation. If the user fails to after being warned to stop the following progression will take place.

    1st. 24 Hour Chat Kick
    2nd. 3 Day Chat Kick
    3rd. 7 Day Chat Ban

    Staff Interactions: If a chat moderator, ambassador or admin tells you to cease an argument, discussion or any activity that you are doing, comply immediately. If you feel that you have been dealt with incorrectly or the staff member in question has treated you unfairly comply with what you were told to do, take screenshots of the entire encounter and send them via PM to another chat moderator, admin or ambassador and they will do their best to assist you in such a case. If you see a staff member correcting another member in public, do not comment or add to what the staff member is saying. Allow the staff member to do their job.


    RT Etiquette: There will be no advertising of your or anyone else's request threads in the general chat.


    HEY COME LOOK AT MY RT: (Insert url here) = Bad

    You: Who wants to do an RP?
    Them: Me!
    You: Cool! *sends RT in a whisper* = Good

    Image Etiquette: All images and videos will be placed in spoilers and all rules regarding what is permitted in an image on the site will be followed on chat both public and private. Spamming of images, videos or chat is not permitted.

    Enforcement: The user will be told once to stop and if they fail to comply the following escalation will take place.

    1st. 24 Hour Chat Kick
    2nd. 3 Day Chat Kick
    3rd. 7 Day Chat Ban

    Generally speaking, all rules excepting those that are instant kick violations, you will recieve a warning one time prior to being ejected from chat.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017 at 1:01 PM
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  2. @Member

    Please find small updates to the chat rules mainly in the area of how long people are penalized for misconduct. The extensions are there in order to solve the problem of being able to deal with those when we catch misbehavior after it has already happened. Thank you.
  3. @Member

    Please find the updates to the discussion of political topics and read over them. Nothing new, just trying to make certain things more clear.

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