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Master/Slave Boss By Day, Bitch By Night ( Dom F Looking For Sub F)

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Farfetched, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. Farfetched

    Farfetched Queen of Colors Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    A more modern plot this time- I wanted to pitch a classic boss/employee pairing, but with a minor twist: The boss is the sub.


    MC is an ex-felon with little to their name. MC was hired for no other reason than to get YC’s company a tax break. However, MC does know their way around computers. Using that knowledge, They have discovered that YC is embezzling money from the company to fuel their opulent lifestyle.

    MC uses this blackmail as leverage to take over YC’s life. YC is reluctant but in no place to protest. Worst of all, they find themselves uncomfortably aroused by the humiliation and loss of control they are forced to endure.

    Over the course of the RP, YC would be coerced and trained into being MC’s plaything 24/7- even at work.

    The main kinks I have in mind could include Exhibitionism,
    Predicament Bondage,
    Body Worship,
    Drugging/Forced Arousal,
    Pleasure Denial,
    and Light to Moderate torture
    However, I am very flexible when it comes to planning out an RP and game for discussing darn near anything.

    Who I’m looking for:
    The only thing I really desire in a partner is an ability to make 2 paragraph+ posts at a rhythm of at least 1 per week. A Good grasp of grammar is a must, and I don't have any issue with partners going back and fixing their errors after posting (I do it myself very often).

    As for a character’s physical features, my preferences are pretty standard. I like younger subs with a slender body and good-sized breasts that I intend to play with!

    *Pop!*-went the bubble of Natasha's nicotine gum. The woman stared blankly ahead at her computer screen. Unlike a certain CEO, Natasha didn't get in at 10 am in the morning. She got in at 6:30, left an hour after her employers did, and every morning she arrived at a monotony. Her regular work day was nothing- absolutely nothing- besides crunching numbers like a calculator. It was exhausting.

    But today, she wasn't. For the first time in a long time, she was waiting out her morning. A spreadsheet wasn't on her laptop- it was a terminal. This was the culmination tireless work. Natasha had been tracking down a weird rounding issue for months, now. There was so much red tape: admin passwords to overhear, programs to search through, processes to monitor, the list went onz Sifting through a bunch of nerd garbage is what it was. Eventually, she managed to find an executable that didn't have any source code for it. Something that ran often. And wouldn’t you know it, whenever it was ran, the discrepancy showed up.

    About a month ago, Natasha recognized this straight off. She could tell immediately that someone was stealing from the company, and who ever they were, they were rookies when it came to coding. An actual developer would have just slipped this program into their code, where no one would be the wiser. That alone was interesting enough for her to not tell anyone. Instead, she bided her time. She began spending time during her workday monitoring the usage of the file, and stayed late after work to make up for the lost time. It was a grueling addition to her average workday, but it was worth it.

    She managed to track down the User processing the file, the IP address, where the money was going… The culprit was clearly laid out to her. The first week into her research, she figured out the CEO of the company was behind it. However... just confronting the woman about it was too easy. Instead, she let the embezzlement continue, spending a full month of carefully monitoring and fleshing out every detail of the operation. This was more than just a scandal, this would ruin that bitch’s career.

    But... where was the fun in that? Natasha knew that her job was never going anywhere. Reporting the CEO to the government was the right thing to do, but where would Natasha be after that? Still a 9-5 wage slave. No, Natasha had no inclination being trapped like this a third time. She had better ideas. Bigger ideas.

    This was going to be one hell of a gamble.

    Feel free to send me a PM if interested. I'm very flexible, and would love to hear about any character you might have in mind for this story.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018 at 4:13 PM
  2. Farfetched

    Farfetched Queen of Colors Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    TAKEN: The Taverness’s Recycled Slave (open)

    Hi all. This is Farfetched, coming to you for a story pitch I've always wanted to do in depth.

    Who I am looking for:
    The only thing I really desire in a partner is an ability to make 2 paragraph+ posts at a rhythm of at least 1 per week. A Good grasp of grammar is a must, and I don't have any issue with partners going back and fixing their errors after posting (I do it myself very often).

    General Setting and Content:
    The RP takes place in a high fantasy environment with few constraints. Your character could be of any race and personality that suits your desire, though if you'd like to just use a race I'm craving I have a list below. Due to the nature of the setting, this RP will likely be sex oriented in accordance to an underlying story. Most kinks in this story will be centered around consensual BDSM, and may include public exposure, sexual conditioning, punishment, pet-play, chastity-play and good, old fashioned mistress-worshipping.

    The general theme of this story would be focused on YC's and MC's relationship as they delve deeper into eachother's histories, wants and desires.

    The Plot:
    The slave was taken only days after turning eighteen; unwillingly chained and sold like mere property in an underground auction. Her buyer, a boundlessly sadistic Mistress, had no pity for the slave's sort. The violent woman wasted no time in thoroughly breaking the slave's mind and body without mercy. The torture and humiliation was an endless torrent, arriving time and time again, even after there was simply nothing left for the cruel psychopath to break. After seven years in bondage little memory remained of the slave's old life. There was only her mistress, whose whims directed every breath she drew- every step she made. Her owner's approval was the only thing that still held value in her life.

    Then, as with all things, she was robbed of even that. One fateful night, her Mistress decided to abandon her entirely. The unlucky slave was led by a leash into a nearby city, crawling over the rough cobblestone on her hands and knees. In a dark alleyway, her Mistress removed her collar. She declaring that the slave was no better than garbage littering the ground around them, and that garbage was only fit to live with garbage. The slave's mistress ordered her to stay there, and walked off into the night. She never returned.

    Returning to normal life wouldn't be easy- perhaps involving the help of many charitable souls along the way. The city she was abandoned in was prosperous and had laws that prohibited forced slavery. She was a free woman. And with a past like hers, she'd find pity an easy thing to come by. However, there was one thing she couldn't admit to her new benefactors; something that she could never say aloud, for fear of ridicule.

    The girl missed being owned.

    She missed having her actions judged, directed and corrected. She longed to hang on to an Owner's every word. There was structure in a life like that, mixed with an unspeakably strong lust. Though she was beaten and scarred, somehow, the girl was left begging for more. Those years of training had their claws in her for good.

    It is here that the real story begins. Recounting her tale of servitude in a tavern one evening, her story is overheard by the inn's owner; a regally attired woman with strong pull in city's wine trade. Finding the story interesting, she invites the girl to her table, where the Taverness coaxes out what the slave truly wants. As it turns out, she happens to be just the kind of woman the Taverness is looking for...

    ((Essentially, your character is a slave that has been broken once by a cruel mistress and discarded without thought. Who that Mistress was is entirely up to you. However, despite their awful treatment, your character longs to be dominated. The Taverness is that someone. The story starts when the Taverness overhears your character telling their story to someone else in her inn.))

    The Wealthy Taverness
    ~Lady Elysia Belmont~
    "There is a fruit that grows south of Carthage. When it is green, it is poisonous.
    Only when it has fully ripened may it be safely eaten. I sampled it once in my younger days.
    There was a heady sense of danger in it. Once I'd eaten it, I craved more.
    She is like that fruit." - Ptolomy Solon, Kushiel's Dart

    What I'm craving to dominate (NSFW)
    (Not required to use; merely potential options)
    Lagomorphs (Bunny Girls)
    High Elves
    ...and the similarly exotic!
    Bonus points for developed breasts and piercings!​
  3. Farfetched

    Farfetched Queen of Colors Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
  4. Sammi93

    Sammi93 Member Member

    Local Time:
    7:12 PM
    I'm interested if you would like to try this with me
  5. Farfetched

    Farfetched Queen of Colors Member

    Local Time:
    6:12 PM
    We’ll see!
    I sent you a PM to discuss it.

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