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Female x Male Blue Ain't Your Color (open)

Discussion in 'Open RolePlay' started by Wicked2889, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Wicked2889

    Wicked2889 Princess Member

    Local Time:
    5:22 AM
    Oh the Holiday Season, it was upon her once again. Abby caught a case of seasonal depression every year. Typically she was a good woman, in the general sense of the idea. She worked, paid her bills, helped take care of sick family, and when she loved, she loved with everything she had.

    Her job kept her busy most days, her long brown hair thrown into a messy bun, legal past to the right of her laptop and pen usually held sideways in her mouth as she researched whatever topic she was currently doing a story on. She was a freelance journalist, although she had started out writing a short column for her hometown paper several years ago.

    Tonight she should be working on a piece that was due Monday morning, but she had decided against working late on a Friday night. She needed a drink after the days events had unfolded. She had been with Lee for 2 years, but she was now embarking on her journey back into the singles world. She didn't want to, but Lee had not given her a choice. She had walked into their apartment in downtown Atlanta to find him in bed with what she thought was her best friend. Well, she now had an ex old man and an ex best girlfriend.

    She had ran out of the apartment as if she were running for her life, not stopping until she found herself standing outside her favorite pub. She had spent many evenings in her sipping a whiskey on the rocks and writing furiously. She didn't consider herself an Edgar Allen Poe grade writer, but damn she felt like she could write better with a few tumblers of whiskey burning through her.

    She had been sitting at the bar with her drink in hand for an hour now, and she had finally stopped trembling. Being in Atlanta it wasn't unusual that country music was playing through the pub's speakers, but it was typically her least favorite music. Her southern friends would be appalled had they heard her say that, but another song began and it was as if it were speaking straight to her.

    I can see you over there staring at your drink, watching that ice sink all alone tonight, and chances are you're sitting here in this bar cause he ain't gonna treat you right.

    She felt a tear slide down her cheek as the music played. God what was she going to do with herself!
  2. Falkea

    Falkea Stressed out college student Member

    Local Time:
    11:22 AM
    Connor stood behind the bar drying off the glasses with Kathrine the other bartender, to make ready for the evening costumers, the holiday ornaments making the pub look like a winter wonderland, with festoons and paper hearts hanging from the ceiling. All the staff wearing Christmas hats. “is all of this really necessary?” he grinned at Kathrine, who raised a brow at him “we don’t only sell drinks, hot shot, the atmosphere is imperative, perhaps you could grow your beard out further, color it white and we can call you santa”. Looking at her in mock outrage, he used his hands to cover his dark blond facial hair protectively, “oh you are evil, that shit is impossible to get out”.

    A smile played over his lips, as Abby a regular, walked in through the door. Often sitting with her laptop, playing with that infuriating pen, always leaving him curios about which stories formed in that pretty head of hers.

    The smile dissipated however as she came in, out of breath and with a lost expression on her face, her whole body shaking, sitting down by the bar. Her tangled brown hair falling out of her messy bun.

    Placing her drink of choice in front of her, telling Kathrine to keep an eye on her, as the early evening customers trickled in, mostly keeping to themselves, others sitting down by the bar to chat.

    Abby’s demeanor asked for being left alone so he did what he could for her, diverting some of the more touchy customers away from her. Giving her the privacy she seemed like she needed, providing her with the drink she wanted, while making sure she didn’t go overboard.

    "you need to stop that frown from taking over your face" Kathrine elbowed Conner as another patron took their drink and moved away from the bar. Connor pulled off his hat to run a hand through his hair. "if you're that concerned about her, talk to her, call her boyfriend, just don't keep this up, or I'll send you home" he nodded, as she took the hat and stuffed it onto his head again "back to work soldier"

    An hour in and she had still not said a word, her facial expression continuing to worsen as she looked into her drink. The tear ending his resolve to stay quiet. Pouring a cup of coffee, he pushed it toward her leaning over the bar “you look like you could use something warm, Abby, do you need me to call Lee?” he asked softly, concern apparent on his face.

    (hope it's okay I'm pitching in:happy:)

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