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Female x Male Attack On Titan Or Durarara!! Search

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by malfortuna, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. malfortuna

    malfortuna Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    6:33 AM
    Hi there! The name is Mal or Mallie. I'm craving a AOT or Durarara!! rp like nobody's business right now. If it matters to know, I am 27 year old graphic design who works a weird shift. I post whenever I can and usually try to get at least one post out per day as my partner replies. I will ignore those who come to me with vague details about what they want. Be ready to tell me what and who you want to play. I can also tell if anyone has not read my guidelines.

    What I can Do
    → M//F Pairings
    → Doubling!
    → Canon/OC, Canon/Canon, OC/OC. Bring me your pairing ideas.
    → Sharing of minor characters to move plot along
    → A lot of OOC chat to plot and get to know each other
    → Smut is fine. Doesn't have to be the core of a RP, though.

    What I hope from You
    → Doubling. This is a must if you wish me to play a male character.
    → Willing to help things along
    → OOC chat. I usually assume interest is lost when the OOC chat stops.
    → Don't just plot and leave. I have had many instances of this and it's plenty discouraging.
    → Life gets busy as does mine. Just tell me if you are going to be busy or if you don't want to rp anymore. I can understand that it happens!
    → Don't blatantly ignore me if you lose interest. It's pretty rude. Be honest. We can either work something out or not!

    * = The more of these, the more I crave it!
    Arrow indicates number of plot ideas I have for a specific pairing

    I ask for people to play Eren to my OC in AOT and I ask for Izaya to be played against my OC in Durarara!!. I will play many characters for you in return. I like AUs and the original setting alike!

    Feel free to contact me here, e-mail me at meganjewelelliott@gmail.com or hit me up on discord at fluxarmageddon#9238 Happy hunting!

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