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MxM and MxF A Few Ideas Of Mine

Discussion in 'Requests by Males' started by Cowboy Jack, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. Cowboy Jack

    Cowboy Jack Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:34 PM
    New here, Hope I'm doing this right.

    About me: I'm from Arizona, but don't let the name fool you, I'm not here just to do westerns. I'm a big fan of old pulp fiction. Robert E Howard and HP Lovecraft are some of my favorite authors. I'm more a fan of short stories than full length novels. I love all things History, Fantasy and Sci Fi. I like big ideas. I'm not really interested in Slice of Life. We can do a regular modern setting if you like, but in any case I'd prefer it to include extraordinary circumstances.

    I'm not terribly picky. After all, we're both here just to have fun in the end. I however, want us both to be creative and original. I don't want to play from an existing universe or fandom, and to be honest I'd prefer we avoid directly roleplaying any existing movie, tv show, video game or book series (With some exceptions, but even then, only original characters). I only really care that you don't sidetrack the idea too much and put in at least a paragraph. I don't mind ooc comments, feel free to leave them whenever if you have any suggestions or questions about where the roleplay is going. One thing I do prefer at least for now is that the RP take place only in PMs. Whatever we talk about, just keep it between us and I'll do the same. I do sexual and non-sexual roleplays. Some non-sexual roleplays CAN turn sexual but don't necessarily have to. The only rule is well, I'm straight, I'll roleplay with a guy, but if I am, it won't turn sexual. I don't care if you're playing a female character, but I don't feel comfortable doing anything sexual unless you're actually a girl. Likewise, even if you're a girl in real life, I don't want sexual roleplay with your male character.

    Types of RP: Like I said I prefer a setting other than just modern western civilization. Also please, no Gangs, Werewolves or Vampires, I've done too many of those already. I'll go into more detail as to what I like down below, but just, realism is fine, if we're going to go over the top with the setting, let's fucking do it.

    These can contain anywhere between no smut and a lot

    Westerns: Hey, are you surprised? I grew up on westerns. I'm a western connoisseur. The genre's evolved more than just Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid. I like everything from Treasure of Sierra Madre to Cowboy Bebop. A role can take place in a particular place and period or just be some general western setting. They don't even have to be America, they could be a surreal or Sci-Fi plot like Westworld. They can be as adventurous and lighthearted or dark and gritty as you like. We can discuss the details.

    Pirates: Who doesn't love pirates? Let's sail to the Caribbean.

    Science Fiction: I'm more a fan of science fantasy than hard sci fi. Think of things like Chronicles of Riddick and Dune rather than Star trek or Babylon 5. If you're a fan of Frank Herbert hit me up.

    Medieval and Medieval Fantasy: I'm pretty sure everyone on here has done this and does this. Doesn't need much explaining. I'm cool with generic Tolkienesque or DnD fantasy if you just want a fun laid back roleplay. And honestly a more fantastic setting would work better if this was sexual. If it's not sexual, I prefer to stick to something gritty and realistic from a historical setting. Some periods of interest for me are the Viking era, The hundred years war, and the Thirty Years war. The characters and plot can be as big or small as we choose.

    I like to play around with high concepts. That sounds highfalutin (The word Highfalutin is Highfalutin) but think of it like a twilight zone episode. Or that show Black Mirror just to give you an idea of the kind of plots and ideas I like. I'm just starting out on this website, so I'll add more over time, but here's one idea I've had.

    The Lonely Tower: This an idea I've played with based on a dream I keep having. There's a small island. It's a rocky cliff that can't be more than 300 paces across. It's surrounded on all sides by dark, tumultous waters that extend to the horizon in every direction. The sky is always filled with storm-clouds. In the center of the island, sits a tall tower, well, sometimes it appears to me as a lighthouse and other times like a castle, but the inside is the same. There's a single staircase, and multiple levels of square rooms, even a few basement levels. There's everything one would need to live there, a bedroom on one floor, a full kitchen setup on another floor, a bathroom with a shower in another, a library on one, even a small gym with a treadmill. There is electricity and water, but no evidence where it comes from.When I leave a room, it resets. When I leave the kitchen and come back, the fridge is restocked, when I leave the bedroom and come back, the bed is made, when I leave the bathroom and come back, it is dry, the soap unused. And so on. There is a single wharf just outside, but boats never arrive, there are no ships on the horizon, no vegetation, no animals, just isolation. The direction I wanted to take with this is there would be two characters, yours and mine, trapped here with no indication or memory of how they got there. We could be strangers, friends, acquaintances, or even relatives. We could start at the moment of arrival, but I thought it would be interesting if had been weeks, months, or several years. It'd be interesting to see how that would affect our relationship, how we deal with the routine, how we react when all we have is each other.

    I play around with being sub sometimes, but I prefer to be the dominant one. Some ideas which center around this are

    -Victorian Gentleman/Maid

    If we do one of these, I want you to be the sub. I'm like being dom, but I'm not into strict non-con. You can be shy, nervous or innocent, I like that. I'm fine if you want us to start off a little rough or for me to initiate things, I'm just not into straight up rape. In fact, I would even enjoy it if you were eager, grew to enjoy yourself after a while.

    Edit: Not doin incest no more.

    Other than that, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I hope I have a few good interactions here.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  2. Cowboy Jack

    Cowboy Jack Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:34 PM
  3. mistressxo

    mistressxo Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:34 PM
    I am very interested in incest. I'm a F 18
  4. Cowboy Jack

    Cowboy Jack Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:34 PM
    It's been a long-ass time, I know. Sorry I up and disappeared on ya'll. I can't really go into much more detail besides that.

    I know I left a few ladies hangin', If you wanna pick up: shoot me a PM. If you're a little angry at me and don't wanna, I understand.

    Just lettin' you know I'm back.

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