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Female x Male The Love

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Theseus of Endara, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. Theseus of Endara

    Theseus of Endara Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:35 AM
    Without warning, I walked into her presence.

    As though a bolt of lightning had struck me, I was paralyzed and blinded.

    Blinded but for her beauty.

    My life, my eyes, my heart, every part of me that hoped to move and live, stopped.

    There was nothing more than her. And a supernatural radiance emanating in all directions from her. I was blind, but for her brilliant eyes, her glowing hair, her dismembering beauty.

    Dismembering... Every portion of her face cut into my being. Every portion of my being craved to touch her face in infinitely fine details. I was, for just a moment, lost to this earth, my mind and my soul loving and kissing and craving ever smaller portions of her until she vanished and I was left a fool; a gasping ghost attempting to coral my love and recover my humanity before I tripped and fell unto the floor.

    "Sam?" someone said.

    Who was Sam? Who was talking to me? Why couldn't I breathe?

    "Sam?" he said again.

    There were tables and chairs and a bar with bar-stools. I wasn't sure that I had legs to walk on, but I moved towards the bar and sat down.


    "What?" I had managed to breathe just enough to enunciate one word. I tried to calm my racing heart. My face must have flushed because my hands were moist with sweat all over.

    "Do you want to stay or go to another bar?"

    It was Craig. I guess he was my best friend. I guess we had entered the bar together. Slowly he emerged from a blinding white light. How many times had we played together? How many times had he saved me from being alone in the games of schoolboys? How little could he possibly matter when my entire future was within my vision?

    I kept myself from falling to the ground.

    I grabbed the bar with both hands while trying to pretend that I didn't need it.

    "Let's have a drink," I said.

    She came near. She asked something. My ears were ringing and my eyes were twirling as though the world had been spun around me.

    Craig ordered for me. And for him. I grabbed his shoulder to keep myself from falling, all the while pretending that I was fine. "Let's stay a while," I said.

    My angel came to listen to my friend ask for drinks. She returned and gave us each a beer. I couldn't contain myself and twice let out unnecessary words of thanks. Craig was wise enough to ask for the name of this unfathomable beauty.

    How could he talk? How could he breathe? I was glad that I was not alone because on my own I would have been incomprehensible.

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