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Female x Male I Always Get What I Want.

Discussion in 'General Original RolePlays' started by Crystalline Rose, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose Blood or chocolate? Which is sweeter? Member

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    6:35 AM
    Adalyn or Addie as some called her, gave a sigh as she closed the scroll in front of her. Bad news, why was it always bad news? She never received a happy letter, or a piece of good news. It was always awful, was her karma really so bad? Was she just that unlucky?

    The beautiful redhead was taken out of her negative thoughts when a servant of her's entered the room. "My lady, I am sorry to bother you. But there is a wounded man outside begging for your help. He looks gravely injured." Addie was known as the medicine woman in this town, others called her the magic work, some knew her as the witch. Whatever name you used or title you gave her. One thing was for sure, the woman had a talent at first aid. Most sick and injured people coming to her for aid.

    She gave a sigh as she climbed from her chair. "Allow him in." She then turned and walked over to a cot in the room, for her house was one big open room. A desk at the back wall with a bookcase. A mirror above a bowl of water and a simple cot. Her not exactly rich or wealthy. or if she was, it obvious she did not spend it on her housing.

    The servant disappeared out of sight as Addie began to make the bed and get the medical equipment ready.

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