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Important! Discord Chat Rules : Revised & Reborn

Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Charm, Jun 3, 2018.

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  1. Charm

    Charm ✧ GP's Purple Glittery Unicorn Princess ✩ Chat Mod

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    9:42 AM

    • This little rule guide will be used to help you get a better understanding of the chat system, how it works and if the time comes to file a report to show you how to properly go about it!

    • First off, the actual report system. While we do not have one on the site right now since the chat is mostly in Discord at this point in time, how to report an actual offense is as simple as a quick message to one of your neighborhood chat mods. (or regular mods in the Discord if one is not present) describing the incident and providing proof is possible.

    • The following are discussions that are by no means allowed to take place in the official Discord as a whole : Politics, Religion, Social Issues (rape, abuse, racism and military affiliated occurrences) If anyone is found to be partaking in such, they will be promptly warned to stop and if they do not heed or cause too much of a disruption then they will be banned from the chat as a whole.
    • We always encourage people to feel safe while they are with us, and want to provide as comfortable an atmosphere as possible. So that means that if any sort of Cybering or personal information is taking place outside of the Discord chat itself then that is all on the people involved. Take a bit of caution with someone you just met, and ere on only giving out information to someone you trust.

    • The Tavern channel is a place where those who wish to partake in actual roleplaying outside of the site itself can mingle and make new friends, stop on by and partake in the fun! The more the merrier.

    • The Venting channel is pretty self explanatory, used for people to go in and get rid of any due stress about a topic that might be aggravating them. Just be kind about your words when it comes to your fellow members, after all you never know just when they might provide a sympathetic ear in your hour of need. (Anyone that starts any sort of argument in the channel will be promptly removed, after all the chat is a privilege and by no means a right and will be treated as such.)

    • Any issues that are brought up with a staff member are to be kept in private between yourself and that specific person, so please do not resort to bringing the dirty laundry into the general chat or you will be warned and after a three strike rule promptly banned from the chat as a whole.

    • Be kind to your fellow members as well as the staff, after all the staff volunteer their free time and efforts to create this place of refuge. Failure to comply with a member of staff will be dealt with as we deem fit. (depending on the severity)

    • All of the site rules apply in the Discord itself, so anything that is a warning or even insta-ban offense will not be tolerated there either. Keep this in mind at all times. (This includes the imagery, media, and anything else that you post within the official chat as a whole.)
    • You are allowed to advertise your RT in the chat itself, but please be mindful to not spam it. After all, the bumping method is best used to find new partners!
    • The username on the Discord must correspond with the one you have on GP, otherwise you will not be granted access.

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