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The Staff and Special GP Teams

Guilty Pleasures


Staff and Special Teams


The Staff Code


Here at GP, we take pride in the community we have built. We focus on the fun side of roleplaying. Building worlds, developing characters and plots, creating stories, etc., all while maintaining a friendly and safe community. Our goal is to protect YOU, the member. We take pride in being friendly and approachable. We are here to help you in anything you may need while keeping our moral code intact. When need be, we will be firm and tough, but we are understanding. We are not here to be ban-happy, internet famous, or in way to be "superior " to anyone else on this site. To us, the members are the most important on GP.


As a Staff Member, we promise to:


Be Respectful: As a staff member, I vow to be approachable and treat each member and fellow staff member with respect and never put myself above them.

Be Responsible: I promise to make sure to think about each decision fully and review all sides before taking action and keep the best in mind for the community.

Be a Role Model: I will lead by example. I will be a leader and be someone that everyone can look up to and be proud of my position on staff.

Be Professional: I will conduct myself in the most professional of manners despite whatever real life issues I may be dealing with. If I cannot do so, I will pass the situation on to a member of staff that can.


The Staffers



Administrators are the highest tier of the staff. They are the ones that ensure the success of the site, by handling approvals, making site changes when necessary, keeping the rest of staff full of active and dedicated participants, and generally drive the site. They are the ones to go to when a rule has been broken, or if someone is threatening your well-being. In addition if you feel that any staff member is not living up to what is expected of them, come forward to an Admin even if the person in question is another Admin. We are here for you always.


Administrator Lead: xWickedBlackLace

Administrators: Angel Tears, Stars, Malum, Kissy, Law




Ambassadors are the second tier of staff. They have the ability to moderate the entire site. They have the ability to issue warnings and bans. They are the ones to go to if you need a topic locked--that means that no replies can be added to a thread. But the Ambassadors, are more than just people who lock threads, they are representatives of the six important aspects of Guilty Pleasures. Each Ambassador works on a specific areas of expertise but together they are the the bloodline of Guilty Pleasures.



Heart Ambassador: Shōta Aizawa

Soul Ambassador: StarsAura

Style Ambassador: Kissy

Writing Ambassador: Moonflower3



Global Moderators are the third tier of staff. They have the ability to moderate the entire site. They have the ability to issue warnings and bans. They are the ones to go to if you need a topic moved, locked, deleted, etc. They also handle most, if not all the reports that come in through our report system. They are the muscle of Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying.


Global Moderator Lead: Law

Global Moderators: Fluffy: Futa Queen of RWBY, Kag, Remnants



Welcoming Committee members are the fourth tier of staff. They moderate the Introduction forum and help keep an eye on the site, reporting to the appropriate staffer when needed. Their primary goal is to touch base with each and every newcomer that joins the site, showing them around, explaining the goals of the site, offering themselves as mentors, making themselves available for any questions or concerns, and generally making each new member feel welcomed into our community. Because they work more closely with the community, they are considered one of the most important aspects of the site. They are the ones to go to when you have general questions, need assistance or advice, or want someone to talk to.


Welcoming Committee Lead: Angel Tears

Welcoming Committee Members: Elena Clarke,Broadway Bound, AvedaN, Bryce, Flutterby Lorefiend



Chat Moderators are the ones who watch over our chat to ensure that it remains fun for all members, while enforcing rules to keep the community safe.


Chat Moderator Lead: Kissy

Chat Moderators: Kaldor_Drago










Special Teams


Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying has grown tremendously over the 7 years that we have been online! That right we have been around for 7 wonderful years. Our community prides itself on being warm, welcoming, and overall an actual community where every member helps out as they can and that is exactly what these special teams are. They are individual members among the community that are not necessary staff remembers who have gone above and beyond and have also lend their talents and skill to better GP for the future.



The Couriers (GP Newsletter Team) are GP members who have been selected to work on the brand new GP Newsletter that will showcase the activities and members of our wonderful site. Some of them are experts in journalism and together they will provided us all with excitement and entertainment. You'll notice that they all have a box around their names, except for the few staff members.


Courier Lead: Mawdrin

Couriers:, Stars



The Style Team is a group of hand picked artists and enthusiasts who are in charge of making sure that GP stays up to date in creativity as well as a certain flair. Be it from themes to medals and referral banners, this band of excellent minds consisting of the following individuals listed below. They are helpers to the Style Ambassador to keep our site as appealing to the eyes as it is to the very soul.


Style Team Lead: Kissy
Style Team Members: None



 The Matchmakers who assist members to find potential writing partners that they might not have considered otherwise as well as help members who have a specific request find a writing partner.


Matchmaker Lead: Stars
Matchmakers: Shōta Aizawa, ThePurplePriestess



The Community Mods are members with the skills to bring more new members to the site and therefore giving us all more writing partners. These people are those that shine bright with the ability to interact with anyone they come across.


Community Mod Leads: None
Community Mods: silentbeauty

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